When do kids start wiping themselves?

What age do you stop wiping your child after they go to the bathroom?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When do kids start wiping themselves?

It depends. My daughter, I stopped cleaning her when she was about 3, my son took a little longer, I think 5

F my daughter is 3 and we are trying this but proving a tad difficult

My 2 sons were 3. My daughter is 8 and has anxiety about getting poo on her and she still asks me to wipe her! Idk how to get her to do it herself

Show them & let them try…if they’re leaving skid marks in their unders…they ain’t there yet.:laughing:


My daughter is 5 and has been wiping herself since she was 3 but I still help out sometimes

When they became school aged

Well mine are 8 and 10 and still don’t know how to f**king do it


Mine is 4 and if she just pees she can wipe but I still wipe her for number 2

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She was like 5 but it was my fault bc I wasn’t clear and graphic enough about how the TP needs to touch your bumhole, not just little credit card swipes at the crack :rofl::rofl:


It’s actually impossible for a child under 5 to physically reach to wipe properly. My daughter is 6 and I still help sometimes.


My son when he started the 3s at Prek. My daughter still prefers we do it at almost 6. We give her a wipe if needed (trash not toilet) and she can do it.

About school age… when their little arms can reach around and not fall of the toilet


We started having my oldest do it at 3. He’s 4 now and can do it by himself that way he can do it when he start pre school this fall

My boy is 6 and as long as it’s not a messy one he does it himself if it is a messy one he calls me from the bathroom to wipe him lol

During the 5th year…they should be doing it properly.

They can’t wipe them in school so ideally by 4 if you want them to go to preschool.


I started my little right away

About 3/4. She’s 6 now.

Ummm,give your child a wipe and let them do it when they potty train. I checked mine till they were about 4ish.

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3/4…my kids were all about 3 and 4

My 5 year old does it himself but I check to make sure it was done well… my 4 year old refuses to even try unless he’s at daycare… his booty always hurts cause he doesn’t do it good enough

My son is 6 and has wiped himself for almost a year. He does need help occasionally.

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Start letting them try after they are potty trained…

Let them do it first then follow behind for clean up.


We had to get practicing asap so he could do it himself at preschool


When they can so son without leaving a mess. Lol
By age 6, mine were good but I’d still check bc they’d get in a hurry. Flushable wipes helps. Lol

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My daughter needed help up til about 4.5. Is 6 now and doesn’t need help anymore

About 3/4 then I had to check it was Done properly after a few time it was done properly away he went

Never had to… potty training.

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My 4 yr old boy does I make sure he got everything but he does pretty well

Mines 5 and he refused to try so we made him sit til he tried. Only took him 10 min and he tried. I still follow up to make sure he’s clean but he does most of it now.

Depends on child but definitely before school.


It varies from kid to kid. You have to teach them and keep after them to do it. It might help to provide wipes at first. Get the flushable kind in case they forget to put them in the trash.

you need to teach them, but when they are ready, let them

During potty training

They can start trying while potty training, so they can do it properly when they start school


My daughter has been wiping since she’s been potty trained, but even at 5 I still have to check sometimes.


Mine were 3. I bought flushable wipes to make it easier for them.

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When they’re potty training and you teach them too. They aren’t potty trained if you’re wiping their butts. All mine could wipe their butts and other part by age three.

By 3 but you definitely want to make sure they got it figured out by 5 because school teachers are not allowed to be in the bathroom with students


My 8 & 6 yr boys can do it and my 4 yr old boy is learning now

When they have figured out how to do it on their own


My 4yr old still has me wipe his butt when he poops

So my sons 5 and doesn’t poop all day at school because he won’t wipe his butt

2.5-3… well my kids. So times I make sure they are wiping correctly tho at 4 and 5 yrs old

Mine was way too old. Not a mistake I will make if there’s ever a 2nd time!

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I stopped wiping my son around 5 years old it waz teaching him how to wipe with toilet paper and then with wet wipes was a task in itself lol

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My son potty trained at 2 and we started teaching him immediately. He was about 3 when he picked it up and started doing it. We still had to help him to make sure he was clean but by 3 and a half he had it down. We also have him use both toilet paper and wet wipes so we know he’s getting clean.

There is no answer that will fit every child and every situation.


First they have to go on the potty then number 2 which could be age 5. Not set age and i wouldnt expect it soon or for a while- its really hard because they can see or reach back there- id say they are good when you notice you are wiping less poo off their bums

My mum wiped my brothers bum until he was 6 lol :joy:

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They are all different…as long as them babies need you!!