When do stretch marks appear in pregnancy?

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I’m just wondering around when you started seeing stretch marks appear

I didnt get any with my daughter but I got some with my son toward the last couple weeks for being pregnant with him.

The very last month of my pregnancy! I thought i was in the clear because i oiled up, lotioned up two to three times a day and i still got them😒

At the very end probably like 7 1/2- 8 months. Really thought I made it through without any and then BOOM!

The last couple weeks

honestly i didn’t notice them until after i had my son

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The last 2 weeks preggo

Around 3 weeks before I was due. They r hereditary or something.

When you feel the itch. Don’t scratch!

week 39 stg. then he came out 4 days later lol

I’m 33 week’s with my third baby and I’ve not one stretch mark… I’ve used this every pregnancy… :grinning:

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I went my whole pregnancy without them & didnt get any until 38 weeks…

I didnt have any stretch marks through out my pregnancy and still none but I think its towards the very end

With both of my girls at the end with this one at 17 weeks got more

I “thought” I only had one with my last pregnancy… Had an emergency c section when I looked in the mirror getting into the shower… I was covered :sob: like ones I’d never ever seen before were all over. :woman_shrugging:

Never got any with both of my sons!

Dont wait start putting cream on stomach now skin needs to stretch

I’m 35 weeks and only have stretch marks on My thighs and boobs I started getting them around 18 weeks but the tummy butter above I put on my tummy and have yet to have a stretch mark there

I’m 12 days until my due date an don’t have any yet

I’m ibe of the lucky few that never got any

Right at 30 weeks… I went in not early labor and they pumped me FULL of fluid to stop contractions… it worked but I was so swollen after that I got all my stretch marks in the span of a couple days… I felt like the hulk bursting out of his shirt :joy:

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36weeks, born at 38weeks. I was so devastated they could wait just two more weeks before showing up lol.

Gosh I got them so early and so severe 16-20 weeks I think? I was so self conscious at ultra sounds and the birth. I found them humiliating. Nothing worked for me, vitamin E cream, baby oil, bio oil, moisturiser, you name it, I still went stripier than a tiger! But then I remembered that my journey wasn’t like anybody else’s, my husband and family loved me just the way I was, perhaps even more because I was able to give them another precious life to love. Just remember, tigers are beautiful creatures, and each of them must earn their stripes x

With my first, I woke up one morning and bam stretch mark mark city at like 8 months. No warning. No signs. With my second, there was none

everyone is different

Never if your lucky. I had five pregnancies with hardly any