When do toddlers start talking?

Is it normal for an almost 20 month old to not talk yet? Or at least real words, he uses his own language.


Yes completely normal

Everyone around me says it’s normal that my 2 year old doesn’t talk , he waves, says hi, bye, no, mom, dad, gives high fives but the rest is gibberish
You can always do speech therapy if you’re worried, that’s what I’m looking into just to make sure my son is on track

I wouldn’t worry yet. My son is 2 1/2 and only said a a few understandable words. Give it some more time before you worry.

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Mine started talking at 2.

Get speach eval!!! I thought no big deal and the Dr was like wait til he is 2. Well he is almost 3 now has been in speech for a couple months but is still very behind and uses his own language

Some babies just take a little longer :heart:

My 4 year old had no words at the age of 2. We had him evaluated and he was diagnosed with childhood apraxia of speech. His brain doesn’t send the signals to his mouth correctly to form the words. Hes been in speech therapy for 2 years and a lot of work at home too. Hes now up to about 100 words.

My son did that til almost 3

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Now talks in full sentences

My daughter was 2 and holding complete
Conversations with multiple sentences

They are all different but I won’t hurt just to get it checked

My middle son didn’t start talking until he was 3. They put him in speech therapy and he caught on in 3 months.

Not 100% talk to the doctor and see what they say but that usually means they need Speech therapy my son’s on it

My 63 month old is on the spectrum and has a severe speech delay
All my other kids started talking at their own pace and since then they’ve never shut up lol


Yes! Same with my son & daughter.
Her pediatrician said she needed speech therapy because she isnt saying sentences but shes still young…

Yep mine was almost 24 months said mama dada that’s understandable

he is fine. my daughter was like that and then all of sudden she was speaking in full sentences. her dr at the time said that as long as she was communicating there was nothing to worry about.

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My cousins had his own little language until he was 3

My son turns 2 in 2 days. He says “yeah” “hi” bye. And that’s basically it. It’s normal.

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It’s normal my ped says as long as baby is babbling it’s fine

My daughter is 26mn and all her words sounds like no

If you are concerned bring it up to your Dr they might refer u to speak therapy

Children develope at thier own pace…he will get there


6 yr old didn’t talk to much till almost 2 1/2 yrs then started more words after preschool. She still doesn’t say some words clear but I do know what she saying.

Its ok. Mine didnt talk properly u til 2 and a half. Now all he does it talk. All…day…long. Lol. Keep him learning. Ask him things…he will talk when he is ready.

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My second son didn’t talk until he was 3. His brother always talked for him. One day he said tell Jed to give me that. It’s mine & I want it. He could talk, just didn’t want to


Yes. It’s normal. Each child is different. My niece didn’t say more than “yeah” until she was 2. She’ll be 3 in a few months and is saying 10 new words a day.


I do home child care. They should at least be trying to communicate at that age. The rule is they should be putting 2 words together by age 2. So “want milk”, “more please”, etc… I currently have 2 - 15 month olds in my daycare. 1 is my own baby. My baby says “muh” (milk), “mah” (more), “huh” (help), “puh” (puzzle), Bubba (for her brother), sheeee (her sissy), Dada, “za” for pizza, “rah” (our dog Rocksy) at least but I work with her all the time on using words… The other baby says “no”, “Dada”, “mama” regularly. There are probably more, but that’s off the top of my head.

My oldest child (now 15) had a speech delay. We didn’t realize it, my father in law did, I asked our pediatrician and without any evaluation, I got the “some kids say nothing and then one day they’ll just start talking in sentences” answer. My FIL convinced me to take him to a free developmental screening that the county did, I went to prove him wrong and learned our 2 year old was actually a year behind in several areas including speech and language!

If there is a delay, the sooner you find out, the sooner your child can begin to get therapy and the less impact it will have on them later. A developmental screening is so quick and easy and you’ll know either way. If there’s not a delay, you have peace of mind. Good luck!

I had the same concern around that age and for a while after… now shell be 3 in 2 months and never shuts up lol

Got nothing to say to you and no baby taking helps to

My daughter was like that and now I can’t shut her up just be patient

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Don’t encourage them to speak so early it will come and before you know it. It will be like what was I thinking can you please be quiet. Lol. No joke.

I would try reading to them a lot. I read to my baby and hes 2 1/2 and hes been saying complete sentences since he was I think 18 months. Now I cant get him to be quiet lol

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Um, not normal thats red flags actually. They should be able to say at least 50 or more words by the age of two.


My son turns 3 next month, he talks but still a lot of gibberish. Should I be worried?

My daughter sometime talk sometime none at all at that ages but time went on she speaks more and more on whatever she hear and learn.

It can be normal and sometimes it’s not. My friend was being mom shamed for her daughter’s speech delays and other issues and it turns out her daughter had a softball sized tumor causing her delays. Not trying to scare anyone but their primary missed it at first but after a ton of tests they found it and shes going to be 8 this year.

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Talk with pediatrician

My son is almost 2 a d hrs still it saying mama and baba. That’s it

I have a grandson that is 3. And he says hardly any word. But they have him going to Kenosha to help him. And now they say it’s not that he can’t talk. That he just won’t open his mouth to talk. But now he says cow ABC and tag. At least is saying about 3 words now.

Yes just keep talking to them like you would anyone else and they will catch on. My 19 month old says a lot but we talk to him all day everyday lol and just say everything were doing…now he even says what’s up to his dad lol

I’ve worked with toddlers for 34 years and it’s definitely different with each child. I’ve seen 2nd and 3rd siblings not talk much because their older sibling communicates for them. Also baby talking to a child can be a hindrance to real words. Try and relax. Certainly talk to your pediatrician about your concerns.

Very. Relax. I remember telling my wife how I couldn’t WAIT for our son Noah to start talking so that we could have conversations and I could start to get to know him. Then, I remember telling her about 6 months later that I wish he’d take a breath and stop talking for a second. Now…??? Hes an expert on everything and wont shut the hell up. :rofl::rofl: enjoy the quiet while it still exists. Your baby is fine.

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The best person to ask is your baby’s pediatrician! Not Facebook. Every kid is different. Every child is different and goes their own pace. You said he/she has their own language :smiley: that should be good enough for the time being :hugs: my best advice is try teaching sign language. It’s the easiest for babies and toddlers to learn and can communicate extremely well with it. Just my thoughts :slightly_smiling_face: