When do you feel baby kick?

Anyone here 20-21 weeks pregnant and still haven’t felt baby move? My first pregnancy I remember feeling her like 17 weeks or so? Is it normal? Just curious


I think you are putting to much into it. Maybe relax a little. With my 1st I felt him move about 16 weeks and my 2nd prolly closer to 20 weeks. I was stressed out with #2 and working.

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I didn’t feel movement this pregnancy until 20 weeks first pregnancy I felt around 15-16weeks

I had the same worry and I started to feel her move. I found out at my 20 weeks scan I have a anterior placenta. So that can make it harder sometimes to start feeling the movements. It will come soon I’m sure of it! I know it’s hard waiting I was super impatient.


Third baby here and 19w. Barely ever feel anything and I can’t even consider them movement cause it feels like faint gas.
My other two kids loved to kick up a storm but this one doesn’t.
I’ve went in to be checked and she’s fine in there. Just stubborn.
Make sure to get an OBGYN opinion on it though. :heartpulse:

I would check with a Dr.

With my third i didnt feel him until much later bcuz i had an anterior placenta. So it was at the front of my belly and cushioned all of his movements.

Depends on where your placenta is! I had an anterior placanta and didnt feel movement till 26weeks.


It’s not uncommon to not even feel any movement for up to 30-32 weeks. Every pregnancy is different, but there’s no need to worry unless you’re having pain or bleeding.

I didn’t feel my baby move til 28 weeks or so. I was carrying her high so it took a lil longer to feel her

A big factor is where the placenta is. It can cushion you from feeling the baby until much later than if it were placed elsewhere.

I’m 23 weeks and I have to sit still to feel her or I don’t feel her she does small jabs still

I didn’t feel too much until further on in the pregnancy. If you get too concerned call your midwife to have a check up and ease your mind. Sometimes I use to have a really cold glass of water or juice and I’d almost instantly get movement

My first she didnt move till almost 26 weeks. With this one she was moving at 16 weeks. It all depends on the baby.

Im pregnant with my second, I felt flutters inside very early and movement around 20 weeks but because my placenta is located in the front we were unable to feel kicks externally until about 28 weeks

You might have an anterior placenta it can make it a lot harder to feel baby move

You feel nothing but ultrasound will show backflips. I was very thankful. I feel my baby on my sides more.

I had a csection first one n second one I didn’t feel move til ab 25-27 weeks I literally have no feeling below my belly button

I didn’t feel mine until 24-26 weeks. Every pregnancy is different give it time mama!

I’ll be 21 weeks Wednesday and I’ve barely felt mine… This is my 3rd and I remember feeling the other two much more at this point
She’s constantly moving during all sonograms though :woman_shrugging:t2:

I had more fluid with second baby so hardly ever felt her.

Its normal :slight_smile: you could also have the placenta sitting in the front it can move.

Yes i was 25 weeks when i felt a little move.

I’m only 14 weeks and all mine does is push and stretch. I can definitely feel it. Maybe your baby just isn’t as active? Mine isn’t when it’s raining or the weather is muggy.

I didn’t feel mine until 24-26 weeks. Every pregnancy is different give it time mama!

I felt mine at 16 weeks

I’ve been feeling baby flutters and jolts for a couple weeks now. I’m 15 weeks.

depends on how you are carrying. Sometimes when you carry further back you can’t feel them as much.

It depends on the pregnancy. If your placenta is on the front of your uterus, it may take longer to feel baby. If it’s on the back, you usually feel baby sooner. I knew someone who claims she never felt her baby kick. He was healthy at birth.


I didn’t feel my son for ages and it was because my placenta was a the front when he did kick was more to the sides of my belly

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I’m 22 weeks on my third. He’s been moving since 7 weeks. I’m very active and drink plenty of water

All I feel is a achy feeling on my lower left side. I’m 16 weeks pregnant oh and GAS lots of gas :joy_cat: but I can’t wait to feel him or her I think lol just hope it doesn’t hurt.

You could have anterior placenta which can restrict the feeling of movement from the baby or some other factor could be involved. Don’t worry too much.


I didn’t feel this baby (my fifth) move until I was around 24-25 weeks.

I was 19 weeks or so when I felt my son move

I’m very tall and the doctor said it would be later in my pregnancy because where the baby was
It was about 24 weeks

I felt movement at 22/23 weeks. Full kicks at 25

I was about 19 weeks. Now she won’t stop wriggling.

Totally normal! My first I felt at 11 weeks. Second I didn’t feel really until 20-21 weeks then it was like crazy movement

Its could be due to an anterior placenta…this is my 6th pregnancy but only the 4th that made past the first trimester…but my first time with an anterior placenta…i couldnt feel movemnt and due to the last being a miscarriage i was EXTREMELY nervous but went in for my 18 week ultrasound and was told it was due to the placenta infront that it could move and i could feel movements later on or i could feel nothing the entire time…it depended. I was able to feel movements about 24 weeks and was relieved that i got to feel her movements and now at 34 weeks she is deff wiggly and deff lets me know she is there…

I’m almost 21 weeks and I still haven’t felt my baby move. With my first and second pregnancy I felt them move around 16 weeks. Every pregnancy is different.