When do you start feeling baby kick?

Hey moms 10 weeks 6 days today 11weeks on Sunday Is it too soon to feel like very very tiny kicks every now and then starting yesterday I’ve been feeling tiny pokes like really tiny pokes in my lower stomach Is it normal it don’t feel like bubbles it feels like tiny poke and I just keep feeling it over and over every other hour


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When do you start feeling baby kick?

I think I started feeling my baby around 18 weeks

I started feeling flutters around 12 weeks.

It’s pretty unlikely, but maybe, could also be a gas bubble, they feel so similar, I guess if you’re super tiny in your frame, but at that age they’re still pretty small so they have loads of room to wiggle

I started feeling in my 18th week. Its the best.

I’ve felt very faint movement since 12 weeks. But this is my 4th baby so I’m well versed on the difference between bubbles and baby. I had an ultrasound done and felt baby move while actually seeing her on screen wiggling. She wasn’t a fan of being poked at!

What you’re feeling isn’t actually “kicks” but it is very likely that you’re just feeling things getting bigger and moving. I think the baby’s arms and legs are sprouting around 9-12 weeks.
But the baby still isn’t fully formed yet


Depends what baby number you’re on.

I’m on baby #1. I only felt him kicking at about 19 weeks.

I’m 12 weeks and feel movements around my belly button, which has to be gas. The womb is still inside the pelvic area. My baby is definitely active, kicking the placenta wall and jumping around. I hope to feel movements within a month. This is my second

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I was 18 weeks with my 1st and 16 weeks with my 2nd x

You can typically start feeling flutters around 16 to 20 weeks, some feel them sooner around 12/13… so its not impossible, but those early on sensations do feel like gas and are often times just that the earlier you are in your pregnancy.

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12-16 weeks,each is diferant

13 weeks with my first and about 10 with my second

Most likely gas, but who knows? Maybe?

If you are a FTM it’s not the baby you are feeling as you uterus doesn’t even move above your pelvic bone until around 12-13 weeks. If this is your 2nd+ pregnancy it could be that your feeling quickening. With my second child I felt quickening around 13 weeks full kicks at 16 weeks, with my first it was more around 15-16 weeks for quickening and 18 weeks for full kicks.

I think it was around 14 weeks for me but it’s kind of hard to tell, especially if it’s your first pregnancy. Later on I could feel him hiccuping though, it was crazy, I didn’t know babies could get the hiccups before they were born but apparently it happens.

It’s possible but could also be gas.

My 2nd pregnancy I starTed feeling her move at 7 weeks. I had a ultrasound at 9 weeks and I pointed to the spot and said this is where the baby is, I can feel it move. He humored me and put the thingy right where I told him and there should was. He couldn’t believe that knew where she was. My first I didn’t feel till about 20 weeks.


I was 11 weeks when I felt my first 14 weeks with my second and now my third I felt her at 12 weeks

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It’s just gas, girl!

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I didn’t feel it until I was about 5-5.5 months.

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Way too early to feel, they do start moving around that time, but it’s more than likely gas. Your uterus isn’t even above the public bone until around 12 weeks. I didn’t feel movement until around 5 months with my first, currently 12 weeks with my second and have SEEN movement during ultrasound but not feeling it and not showing yet

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I felt definite flutters by 12 weeks with both my kids. If you are very in tune with your body it’s definitely possible to be feeling some movement. Especially if the baby is bigger than average. Or it’s always possible you are slightly further along than you think and 12 weeks is well within the range to start feeling movement

I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant with baby #5 and I just recently started to feel movement, but with the others I felt them move around at different weeks. Each pregnancy is different, my last one it was 12 weeks and you could physically see my stomach move. So it is quite possible you’re feeling it move.

My 5th and I started to feel her at 10 weeks. Little flutters and movements… not much has changed and im 18 weeks and I still haven’t felt a kick.

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I had a 9-10 week ultrasound and when I felt what I thought was gas bubbles for me was actually baby moving. So honestly I wouldn’t discount it but I would also not go around telling everyone that’s what you’re feeling as some women don’t feel baby until much later. With my second I think I was 15-16 weeks

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With my first closer to 18 weeks probably but my second a lot sooner, maybe around 12-13 weeks

I was 12 weeks when i felt my daughter…no one believed me till i went to get another ultrasound and they said something about how the baby needs to be awake and i said oh they are awake and moving around alot right now! And they said you can feel it? I said yep and sure enough they put the wand on my belly and she was going crazy in there! The ultrasound tech said if your baby is extremely active you have a better chance feeling them earlier in the pregnancy :blush:

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All I felt was bubbles popping around 12/13 weeks. Also depends on your weight too.

First pregnancy I was 22 weeks

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Have you had an ultrasound? If you are carrying multiples you will feel movement earlier.

Baby moves then but there’s absolutely no way you can feel it, earliest is around 16 weeks but even then unlikely to feel anything big. 22 weeks with my first baby, and 18 weeks with my second.
At 10 weeks your baby is the size of a prune and only around 3cm long. No way you can feel that.

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I think those might be hiccups lol… not to sure but I think that’s what I was told work my baby girl 10 years ago lol

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I could feel flutters at 12 weeks.
baby is about the size of a plum right now.

There’s a great book called “Your Pregnancy week by Week”. It’s written in very simple terms and tells and shows you in pictures what happening each week, like when the baby is getting fingernails, developing its heart, etc. I loved it and I’m a maternal child nurse. You’ll learn a lot and feel cone to your little one.

Starts as little flutters and slowly turns into karate kicks lol