When does babies eye color change?

When did your babies eye color change from blue to other color ?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When does babies eye color change?

My daughter was about 3 months old

11.5 months is when my baby’s eyes changed from a deep blue to straight brown. Though she’s just about 9 now and she has a deep blue-ish ring around the outside… it’s. . Interesting.


What ever eye color they are after 18m is the eye color they will remain.

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My son had blue very blue eyes till 3 now they are green


Didn’t take long for the first but a couple years for the second

My middle went from blue to brown at around 2 yrs, with a greenish transition that started around a year. My youngest’s eyes are starting to look green and she is 3. My oldest’s eyes are still blue, but got lighter (almost grey) at around 4.

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Yes I had four blue eyed newborns. Two stayed blue and one turned hazel eyed… Then one turned brown eyed.

Babies eyes can change for up to 5 years I believe

Usually within the first six months but sometimes as long as three years

Never…11 yrs and I’m still waiting for her not to look like her daddy​:rofl::rofl:


4 months my son had blue eyes when born then they turned dark brown black after that time frame

My baby had colored then turned to Brown

My sons turned by 1 yr. Turned hazel but they change with his mood or clothes he wears. Sometimes they are really green and sometimes grey blue. Like steel. My daughters eye went pale blue after a year. But ,when she’s angry they are green. Pale green like her father’s. Her daughters turned hazel after 2 yrs.

Cant remember how long, but I don’t think it was long after birth. A few days I would say for my daughter. She come out with bright blue/green eyes, I wish they had stuck lol. Coz my brother and I have hazel eyes and dad has green/blue eyes

My girls were born with blue at 4 months turned green and they changed some more but still a different shade of green They’re now 5, 4, 2 I think after like 2 they don’t change much

All depends. My oldest son had blue eyes until between ages 2 and 3.

My son’s eyes stayed crystal blue and my daughters eyes were always dark almost brown blue and became a stunning hazel around 3 months.

My oldest was born with eyes that were almost black,by the time he was 4months old his eyes were the piercing icy blue they are now,my middle was born with blue eyes and they just got more blue,my youngest is my only brown eyed baby and his eyes changed by the time he was 6months

My son was born with blues eyes and he 12 and still have blue eyes.

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My son has Grey eyes and has four going on 11 yrs

My son had blue eyes till 4 and a half, then they went grey

Never lol, both mine have blue eyes like their parents

I’m not sure. Maybe a couple weeks. My youngest’s eyes never changed. He was born with BROWN eyes & they stayed brown.

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My eldests changed around 5months and my son’s changed bout 3 months

By one year she went from blue to green to brown

My son hasn’t changed. Still have the same blue eyes just like me and his father. Now mine will change back in forth between blue and blue green

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My girl has always had blue eyes.

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They say they will change by 6ms but my oldest had baby blues until about 10 then they started to change to green and I think my daughter was about the same age. My youngest still has very light blue eyes and he’s 11.

2 of mine changed around 6 months and my 3rd was born with grey eyes that never changed.

Usually by the time they’re two is the colour they will always have

Usually change by 3yrs old

My son’s eyes changed from blue to brown around 3 years old. Hair color went from blond to brown around the same time.

It can take up to 3 years for kids to get their permanent eye color. My son was born with blue eyes and they slowly turned a lighter blue to a green/hazel

All of my girls were born with brown eyes, so they stayed. My boy was born with blue eyes. They stayed blue until he was about 2, then turned to a blue-grey color and by the time he was 4, his eyes looked like the do now, which is like hazelish color.

Daughters never changed and sons was always brown never any other color
Daughter was born with teeth they told me would fall out but never did until she lost them and the adult teeth came in so guess they could all be different

usually within the first year if they’re going to change at all

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Depends on the baby. I’ve seen them change anywhere from a few months to 3 years. My kids who’s eyes changed did so around age 2½-3, from blue to green

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My son was over a year old when his changed I wanna say 14 months or so from blue to brownish/green

My daughter is 5 months and right now her eyes are green, I think they’re going to be brown by the time she’s one.

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Myself and my oldest had blue eyes until we were 14 and bam like overnight our eyes turned what we call “cat eye green”.

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It depends, but by 2 they are usually the color they will stay. They usually say by 1, but my daughter’s changed from blue to brown starting at 12 months.

My kids eyes lightened from black and dark purple to bright blue over the first 6 months of life. But I’ve read it can happen as late as 2-4 years old usually

One of mu relatives babies changed after a year ,before year was grey now brown

My son has had blue eyes since birth. He’s 5 now. Sometimes their eyes don’t change and sometimes they do.

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All 4 of my babies were born with brown eyes and they have stayed brown the last ones eyes were kind of blue brown for awhile but changed brown pretty quick.

My daughters eyes changed from blue to green when she was 3

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I would say around or by 6 months

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Our hazel baby went to full brown at about 6 months

Anytime upto few years old

My daughters didn’t change until she was almost 3 Blue to green

My son’s stayed blue. He’s 6.

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