When does babies hair start growing in?

My little girl was born at 35weeks+2 and she will be two months old on the 25th and I was wondering when her hair would really start to grow in. Also any preemie moms when did your baby start responding with a smile?

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My daughter was born at 36 weeks I felt like it would never grow. She has the shortest curls for so long. I wasn’t until after she turned 2 that it really started to grow out. As far as smiling she was doing that before we left the hospital.

My niece was bald until 1 year. It will come in eventually

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My first was bald until she was almost a year old, she was born at 37 weeks but my youngest was born at 38 weeks with a full head of hair,

The hair really just depends on the baby. They do the gassy smiles really early lol. I can’t even remember now I’d have to look through baby books on actual smile. I would guess the first 2-4 months. Mine is now 16 years old :flushed::joy:

Hair is genetics in my opinion. I don’t think it has anything to do with gestation. My two year old son has hair to the middle of his back. But some 3 year old girls are bald, all the babies I know are full term and there hair growth is all different.

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My niece born full term didn’t get hair till four both of mine born at 36 weeks had a head full.

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My baby was born at 35 weeks 5 days. Her first smiles were right around her 2 month mark. She now smiles and coos all the time!
But every baby grows differently, and it’s even more up in the air with preemies. Give her time.
Also, my little ones hair is just barely starting to grow, not much yet. Takes awhile!

Mine was 34 weeks and 5 days and born with a full head of hair but my granddaughter was born just 3 months later with it any hair and it took more than a year before she had enough to really do anything and my premium smiled around 1.5 months

I had my daughter at 36 weeks and she started smiling after 3 months. Idk about the hair growth though… Mine had a thick head full of hair. :slight_smile:

One daughter was born at 32 weeks head full of hair my other was over due barely had hair until she was 3 it just depends on baby

Just like every other milestone each baby is different…don’t compare yours to others cuz you’ll end up freaking yourself out…

My baby girl was bald or very short hair until forever!!!

My daughter was bald until she was close to a year…even then it was short and couldn’t do anything to it. She’s 2.5 now and we can finally get it into a TINY pony tail with all hair up lol. Blonde hair is usually slower to grow vs dark hair. As far as smiles go…my daughter started around 2 months. But she was a 38 week 6 day gestation at birth. You’ll have to figure in adjusted age considering your baby was a premie