When does postpartum hair loss stop?

Can I get some guidance on post partum hair loss? My son is 6 months old and my hair finally stopped falling out but it is so thin and gross and my baby hairs are out of control! How can I save my hair? Products? Vitamins? Tips??


I take biotin capsules


I was told to take biotin. But, when i stopped taking it the hair fell out again.

Continue prenatals that will help


Collagen I heard works wonders & biotin

Aveda shampoo and conditioner and reviatalizer. Keep in mind the issue is from the inside. U need to rebalance hormones so products are simply a bandaid. Avoid dairy sugar and soy and things will progress faster. Oh Cel also make a good bandaid product

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Hair skin nails vitamins! I get them at Walmart and my curls fill in so nicely!


And used this on my scalp left it on overnight night (I used a shower cap ) washed it out in the morning , I used it a minimum of once a week , twice when it fit in my schedule .


I use the hair skin and nails through itworks, it was the only thing that helped me. Plus even after I stopped taking them I didnt lose any hair

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I took biotin. . But when I stopped the pp shed came back and worse. .

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If you have any prenatal vitamins left they work wonders

Prenatal vitamins are the best.