When does pregnancy start to show?

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Depends on sooo many factors, everyone is different and literally every pregnancy is different. My first I didn’t really show til about 6 months and my fourth maybe around 4 months…

Currently pregnant. I started to show at 15 weeks. It all depends on your body structure.


Depends on what number baby you’re on


Depends on your body and what number kid it is. My first kid i didnt start to show till 5 to 6 months. My second kid i started showing after my first trimester.

Some people also never show when pregnant.

Depends really for me I started to show early about 2 months but just really goes from there but most ppl dont show til closer to 4 months sometimes even 6

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I was 6 months for my first and about 4 with my 2nd.

Depends, i have 4 kids and all my pregnancies started showing around 5 months

Everyones different, but I started showing around 3 months.

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My first one I starting showing at 7 months. My second one 6 months. I had hyperemesis gravidarum so I lost a ton of weight during the pregnancies. Everyone’s different.

Depends on your body and how you carry.

Depends on the woman … height weight and the amount of stomach muscle all are factors but in my experience it’s anywhere from 3-6 months …

I didn’t look pregnant I just looked like I had gained allot of weight in my stomach

Jenny Patch why do you keep laughing at ppls answers? Whats so funny…


Depends on your body. No one can tell you that.

Depends on where your uterus sits.

I started to show at 12 weeks

Everyone is different, I didnt show until I was 6 months


depends usually 14-22 weeks

First not until 6 months and second was 15 weeks x

My first I was showing by 2 months (I am kinda shaped like a stick figure- flat everywhere​:joy::joy:) with my second I didnt really show until closer to 5/6 months along.
I was high risk and less active in my first pregnancy, and I maintained an 80hr work week during my second pregnancy.
One of my sister in laws didnt really show she was pregnant until almost 7 months along in her first pregnancy too.
Some women dont show at all. The body adjusts inwards and upwards instead of outwards as well.
Every body is different therefore every pregnancy is different.

It all depends…#of baby, your body shape, if multiples. I started showing at 12 weeks but my niece didn’t ahow until 30 weeks. I had baby weight and she didn’t.

I was showing by 3 month with all 4 of my pregnancies. But I know some people who didn’t show until 25 to 30 weeks along. Really just depends I guess.

From my mother it was when she started walking into walls…

This is my first…didn’t start showing until 21 weeks!

I didn’t show till the end with my Daughter…
Ran 6 miles the day before my Son was born, everyone is different…

Everyone is different

I started showing around 13 weeks. Some women don’t show at all

I was about four months along I started to show a bit

I started showing at 6 months

I started showing the day of conception, 36 years later still showing. Haha, sending happy thoughts your way.