When does your stomach go away?

When does the belly get smaller? I’m 11 weeks postpartum and I still have a belly. I lost weight in general but the stomach is still there.


It takes time and for some it never goes away


It depends on your body, everyone is different, I couldn’t lose my belly and couldn’t lose weight after my second baby, then after my 3rd baby I had lost all belly and now struggle to put on weight,

There is a saying that goes around “it took 9 months to grow a baby, let your body heal for 9 months” or something like that.

2 kids and 3 yrs later, I’m still getting mine back to how it was before I had babies (or at least close to, cos it’ll never be the same again)

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5 years. Still here but I have hormone problems so its harder to loose weight even when I do crossfit 5 days a week.

3 kids later and 6 years later it’s still there :frowning:


Takes time. You just carried a life for 9 months and things stretched, moved and realigned.

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Don’t stress yourself out over your body. You just created life! Not everything returns to normal love!!


Look up postpartum safe belly loss exercises. It’ll give you ideas of ways to help tighten the tummy back safely!

Every body is different. For some, it takes time & for others, it never goes away.

Tie ur stomach it does help.
Here in south Africa the black people do it it part of their culture and I swear by it

I’ll let you know…19 years and counting so far

Depends on your body type and genetics. Show yourself grace and that you created life! For me it was 2 weeks. For others it could be months, years or never. I read awhile back that in order to get rid of the extra skin you’ll have to get it surgically removed even if you lose a lot of wait, it remains. You’ll have to try different things to see why.

After each one of my four kids I always wear a panty girdle. It holds your stomach muscles in and any exercise you get will help along with it. I never had a stomach until I reached my 50s. Now I am in my 70s and still not bad after having four children

Takes time. Try wearing a belly binder to help the process. Also walk, drink water n give it time!

If you start watching your sugar intake it will start to go down I’m at 40lbs and counting.

After baby starts walking and you have to chase them everywhere. The weight comes off real quick then :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I got rid of mine doing the post natal belly excersises, walking baby in carriage abt an hour a day and swimming once a week. Took abt 6 mo.

30 years later, 5 kids total. Still there

Mine did when my baby turned 2 yo

Balance hormones
And take belly dance classes
Also far burning cream maëlys

Once everything is where it should be and you do exercise