When is it normal for kids to talk about boyfriends/girlfriends?

How old are kids supposed to be when they start talking about boyfriends/girlfriends my son is 6 and a half and he just told me he thinks hes gonna ask his best friend (a little girl up the street) if she wants to be his girlfriend I was like yikes that might mess up your friendship if you break up… like at this age I dont even know if that’s true lmao what would you do here?? He asked what he should do if she wants to kiss him. I was like you tell her no. He asked why, I said “you tell her no because your mama said no and you listen to your mama!”


It can start at daycare tbh lol. Just remember kids that young don’t really know what boyfriend/girlfriend is, they just know they really like/love and want to be around that person but in a innocent way usually depending on what the child has been exposed too. ( some kids have been exposed to things the shouldn’t by older kids or adults or both)

Just ask him what is a boyfriend ?
Suggestion Plz teach him how to open the door for you when you go
Grocery shopping or when y’all leave the house ,

My personal opinion only as a mom: I feel at this age (with my daughter turning 6 next month) that they don’t truly understand what being a boyfriend/girlfriend is. If my daughter says she has a “boyfriend” from the boy down the street, that is super nice and has a great family THAT I KNOW, who I couldn’t imagine going past just SAYING that they are boyfriend/girlfriend, I am ok with it. With that being said. As a parent of children this age, they need to be children! And not encouraged to be teens/adults at such a young age! For my kids, kissing outside of the cheek for family is not ok! There are too many YouTube videos with kids that are older then 6 acting like their life is “happily ever after” wayyyy too early. Sorry for the rant, just thinking if it were my daughter, I hope I would know so I could have a conversation with her. Calmly and respectfully. I also have a son who is 4, so not trying to be bias. :woman_shrugging:


My 6 year old has a boy friend that considers her his gf he will even bring her flowers and stuff. Because his brother is with my 16 year old sister. He will kiss her on the cheek but it’s like a best friend puppy love thing and loves to make her feel special like his brother makes my sister feel. Now kissing is a bit too much for their age.

Get a grip of yourself he’s 6

I don’t think bf and gf is the same to a 6 yr old as it is to a 16 yo as it is to a 26 yo. At that age kids notice adults are together and they want to model what they see. Like wel daddy really likes mommy and they’re “together”. They’re best friends sooo I really like bff so this makes sense. We talked about bf and gf when I was 8 and even had “weddings” at lunch. Everyone barely hugged and held hands lol. If just explain the differences in really loving your bff and enjoying time with them vs a gf/bf ina romantic aspect being a lm adult or young adult thing lol.

My personal opinion- kids that age are just now starting to learn what love is. I’m not talking about loving mom or dad, but loving one another in its own aspects- family, friends, and partners. My daughter did this, and I just explained to her that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. She has a boy who is a friend. And then I didn’t feed into it. Haven’t had any issues with her bringing it up again. Sometimes, you just don’t feed into it, and they forget about it. :woman_shrugging:t3: