When is the best time to get pregnant?

So I follow The Glow app. it says i have a 7% chance of pregnancy on days im not ovulating, and 18% on days i am. im 32 years old. is this normal for someone my age? That’s awfully low.


I’ve heard that the average woman has about a 20% chance of getting pregnant each month (which is then why most doctors don’t address infertility unless you’ve been trying for a full 12 months).

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I’m 32 and currently 8 months pregnant. Age is nothing these days. 60 year olds are popping out babies. Talk to your OB they’d have a more accurate reading then an app on your phone


I had that app before i got pregnant to keep up with periods and stuff… And i loved, it thats bout the same info they gave me and im now 20

When you stop trying so much then it happens


I used flo app…got pregnant easily Everytime! You need to have sex a day or 2 BEFORE ovulation and every day during your 1 week window of possiblity of pregnancy


It’s around 20% for everyone, every month

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When u don’t expect it to happen, that’s when it will. I’m 35 and just had my 2nd child 6 months ago. My now husband and I been together over 8yrs now and wanted it to happen awhile ago. Once we accepted we prob wont be able to, I wound up pregnant!

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I’m 42 & currently 32 weeks pregnant & I also had a baby 19 months ago as well.

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As soon as I stopped try and tracking my ovulation I got pregnant

I had my daughter at 34 n my son at 37 n had 0 problems conceiving

I conceived at 31and 34. Both times happened when I wasn’t thinking about it at all.
I used Glow also and it’s just a guideline basically. The main thing it really helped me with was being able to notice when I was late.

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I used app to get pregnant, I love it. if you want to be sure when your ovulating & that the app is right get ovulation tests I did & the app was spot on, But I didn’t stress about when I was or wasn’t we were just extremely active.