When is the best time to get pregnant?

Hi there guys.
So i so badly want to fall pregnant again​:sob::sob:
But im just not getting that far. Ive been watching out for ovulation and all. But nothing😪
Any ideas what I can use or do?

Bang bang every day lol. That’s what we did until it said +

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Take folic acid daily.

take prenatal vitamins…they say the best way to become pregnant is to treat your body like it already is…worked for me 3 times lol…good luck

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Have sex every other day. It gives your partner a chance to rebuild his sperm count. Make it fun and go with the flow, I’ve heard once you stop making a chore out of it, it happens.


A lot of people don’t know the ovulation test the Lions have to be the same Darkness or the control line darker than the test line in order to be positive if the test line is lighter than the control line then it’s negative for ovulation

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Prenatel vitamins may help. And dont do it every day…gis swimmers need time to reproduce. Every other day to ever 3 days (thats what the fertility clinic told us) dont make it a chore. Have fun with it. Stop thinking about it so much too…puts strain in your mind and who needs that haha. Good luck

Baby shoes over the bed and stop trying

Hubby and i struggled for about 6 months. Turns out i was wring about my ovulation . I started using clearblue ovulation test and got preggers that month

Make sure your partner wants a kid now…

Pre seed lube & prenatals

I got super healthy. We both took one a day prepregnacy for couples. Maca pills once a day. And no caffeine i.e. monsters or energy drinks