When is the best time to take a pregnancy test?

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I’m supposed to start my period on Monday (the 12th) has anyone taken a test 3 days before a missed period and got a positive pregnancy test?


On an expensive one yes with my current pregnancy.

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You can take a test but it might be faint or say negative I would wait a week after missed period to try.

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I mean you can, some tests claim to be that sensitive, but those are expensive and it’s not a guarantee. If you test negative with one of those expensive tests, you will retest after your missed period in 3 days anyway, so might as well wait :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Yes with 3 of my 4. Get a good test, and are sure it’s a multiple pack jic.

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I was supposed to start Monday and have tested and still getting a negative and that is with ClearBlue. They say the First Response and Clear Blue can tell up to 2 days before missed period.

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Yes on a cheap $0.88 test from Walmart


Get the one that says pregnant or not pregnant … You can get one at walmart for like 8 bucks

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I didn’t get a positive test until I was 8weeks pregnant

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Yep all six times I’ve been pregnant. I’ve taken as early as 4 days before my missed period bc I knew I wouldn’t be home when I started all the way to the day I was suppose to start. And I’ve only ever used dollar tests from dollar tree or Walmart. They are the EXACT same test doctors offices you when they test you.


No but I nine after I. consived my son Justin that I was pregnant

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Yes but only using ClearBlue, I had tried other tests when pregnant with my boys and they would say negative but ClearBlue came back positive.


I got my first positive 6 days before my missed period. Used a First Response test.

Yep with a e.p.t. brand test both babies

I waited till I knew mine was late and got positives but I’ve heard you can just try it worse case if its negative wait a few days and test again

Most tests can tell days before now

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All depends on your hormones…

A got a super bright positive after 1 day missed…I’m sure it would have shown up a few days earlier if I would have tested. I already knew. My boobs were so sore and swollen.

With my daughter I took it the day before my missed period thinking it would be negative. Bought 2 of those cheap ones and boom both were positive!

Ya…get first response.

I always waited until day 30 of my cycle. If ny period didnt start by then, I was pregnant.

Most tests can tell 6 days before your missed period. Ide take one now and another in three days. You’ll never get a false positive on a pregnancy test only a false negative!

Yes I have with one of them $1 pregnancy tests

I tested positive 6 days before my period was due !

Had a test the day after i missed my period and t’was positive!. :grin:

Yes, I took a walmart brand test a week before my period and got a positive. Take it with your first morning pee

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I’ve taken tests a week before I was due and they came up positive

1st response for the first 4 days before my missed period said positive and boom baby

5 days before mine and It was on point

I took mine 2 days before and it was positive