When is the best time to take a pregnancy test?

Hey mothers so I m feeling sick every time I eat something I took a pregnancy test and it said negative but before that I had got my period only for two days and it I was scared. I usually get it for a week. Now I’m still feeling sick every time I eat is it me or I’m really pregnant and it’s to early to Tell?

Could be you? Something in your digestive track maybe or a bug of some sort. I would make an appt with a doc get a real test done or an opinion why eating makes you sick.

It could be true, you could be preggers but I would go to the hospital and have a blood test done. If your not pregnant maybe your blood can tell them what’s wrong.

I had mine like that and found out at 4months I’m pregnant


Go to doctor there is something going around

Tis the season for things to be going around. There’s always a slight chance that you got a false negative. A blood test and a trip to the dr is probably your best bet.

When you say sick you mean like nauseous or something else?

You could be and it be to early to tell. Give it another few days to a week and take another one

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I had mine every month and found out I was 5 months pregnant… Didn’t know until I felt baby moving :see_no_evil:

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It could be a bug, or you could be pregnant. I honestly feel that way just before my period starts, but wait a week and test again otherwise, the “period” could’ve actually been implantation bleeding so it would be too early to show on a test.

Go to a doctor and have them test u. Thats the best way instead of guessing

Can happen I got my period on the pill for #5

A d my early pregnancy tests said negative

Including blood tests