When is the best time to take a pregnancy test?

Hey mamas, we’ve been TTC for two months now and my period was supposed to show up on the 12th and now it’s 1 week late and counting and I’m having some mild cramping, how long should I wait before I test?


If you’re a week late it is safe to take a test. Good luck.

Wait at least 2 weeks to take a test if negative might be stress or an infection

When I found out I was pregnant I took the test like 10 days after my missed period

Take it. I took mine a day before and it showed up. Take it

I got a positive test 3 days after my missed period with two of mine.

I took a test (bought from the dollar tree) the day of my missed period and got a positive. I would have only been two to three weeks pregnant at the time.

I thought I was positive but the morning sickness was from fast food

I waited til I was 3d late to test (we weren’t trying). Came up positive, I’d say you’re good to try

I took a test 2 days being late.

Now mine was postive before missed period both times