When should babies start talking?

I have a son that is going to be three years in February. He is not saying a lot of words. He is getting help. Someone comes to our home once a week for 30 minutes but most of the time, he will not to listen to her and will barely sit still. His teacher thinks that he may be hyperactive but we will not know this until he goes to school. He is active all day, he will not sit still and he will jump all day on the couch if I let him. Do any of you guys that kids like this and change as they got older. I feel frustrated and Im scared that his behavior won’t change. The only time that he will sit still is if I give him a paper with crayons but then he will hide a crayon and go write on this toys or the wall

My daughter is like that.

My daughter was like that. She also had speech therapy come in once a week. And she’s now 3 and she’s got MUCH better. Now I can’t get her to stop talking and she is not as active as she used to be. She’s still a active 3 year old but when she was 2 and didn’t talk she was constantly moving and driving me crazy. I think it was because she was trying so hard to say things and she just wouldn’t. It honestly was just a phase. It will go away I wouldn’t diagnose him with anything at the moment. Give it time

My daughter was the same but she still as issues with speech. She is now 5. She is still active but she also had a head trauma at 2 she was the same before that but her quirks came out stronger after that. She will be tested for autism spectrum soon. She has trouble finding the right words which most 5 year olds talk well, but she doesn’t. She still runs around has trouble focusong as same as your son has something to color with but also hides them and colors on the walls. It’s definitely a talk with his pediatrician, that’s what i did. But like my step daughter she talked very well at that age and was just as hyper but mellowed out. It’s just other factors such as sensory issues. Definitely look into your own research as well as talk with his doctor. They will be able to tell you what to look for of it’s a phase or if they need to be tested. Good luck dear.

My son was like that at that age. We got him tested for any mental disabilities to provide him with the help and care he needed. If there is a regional center where you live, call them, reach out to them. They changed by boy’s life around for the better. He’s so much happier with life. It’s the best thing we have ever done. He has high-functioning autism. He’s 6, going on 7 and doing beautifully.

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My son’s teachers were concerned at 3, he’s now more then verbal at 6, he can say the most ridiculous words. I’m not saying there is no issue but sometimes kids just takes ages, took him until 4 1/2, now he’s excelling in so much xx

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My son has been wild since he was 2…he is now 9.it has slowed down but boys will be boys…

My almost three year old is the same way I’m having him tested for autism and ADHD you could do that through your county I go to a children’s mental health provider and ask for a DEA a diagnostic assessment tell them all of his symptoms and his inability to speak I also am doing speech therapy and I’m also getting my son to see a neurologist I went through this with my first son who has autism and he did the same behavior when he was my second son’s age

My son who is now 5, was like that. He didn’t speak until the summer before school. We had him tested for the world of problems. Lol. Other than speech therapy, he doesn’t need any services. Doctor said boys are usually a few months behind to begin with.

Just keep on with the ot or speech whatever’s coming. And try to get him socialized, parks, daycare, early head start.

My son is the same way he just turned 4 in January and he’s just now talking not many words but more then he was . He goes to speech therapy and we got him tested for austium but they think he doesn’t have it they think it’s add or adhd or a mixture of the two and he does have a speech dealy.

Get him into a preschool with speech services. I’m sure that will be easier to really get what he needs than in your home. Also the hyperactivity could be nothing or something. Maybe he needs school and other things outside if home to tire him out than if you’re home all the time.

He’s a freaking toddler jeezus. I wish people would stop labeling kids NOTHING is wrong with him! He’s just a kid let him be a kid and stop worrying about it.

Why won’t you know until he goes to school? Get him tested. It’s not hard. It was a lot harder 12 years ago when I had my son tested. But it’s a commonplace test now. There’s literally no reason that you can’t get it done.

The reason they dont diagnose hyperactivity this young is because it most often changes. Mines four and this has always been her issue but shes settling now that shes understanding rules and consequences. Honestly though for the speach, try ABCmouse.com its honestly an amazing tool,now I have a girl and they usually talk before boys so shes been speaking full sentences since two. I would just sit with her and teach her words, and always spoke to her as a grown up, no baby talk, full sentences and correcting words she mispronounced but above all I think that sesame street really taught her the most cause she loved the puppets and would actually sit there and watch it. Idk maybe those will work.

:raised_hand: Been going threw this… He is 4.5 now and finally talking. Going to get a behavioral analysis on the 18th

My son is also 3 next week, he speaks sentences he was way faster to talk then his older brother, that being said he had someone to follow and listen to that wasn’t a parent, your son should be sitting for a short amount of time to listen and learn, however every kid has a different attention span. My daughter will be 3 in November and she will not sit at all, and doesn’t really speak. Every kid is so different. Don’t worry

It is not boys-will-be-boys this child has a problem I know I raised one the best thing you can do is find a place like Tradewinds or something similar or they can get him help better yet talk to your doctor

Also want to say good luck bless this little child

My son is almost 4 and is barely talking, they also said he was “hyperactive” and wanted to put him on “medication” (NOPE) he has been going to preschool with speech therapy and has done wonderful. It’s hard not to stress but believe me he will come around, just give him time. :heart:

Has his doctorsuggested a hearing test? Also, have a complete brainwave check to see what is amiss.

Look up selective mute, a friend of mine has a daughter just diagnosed.