When should girls wear makeup?

Just curious, at what age did you let your daughters start wearing light makeup?


About a year ago. She was 10.

My daughter is 12(will be 13 in November) and she just started wearing mascara,eyeliner and powder :heart_eyes:

Depends on whether she’ll be inside or outside, where she’s going and how mature she is

I started in like 7 or 8th grade so I think I will for my child

I plan to allow mine around 6th grade probably. They’re in 2nd and 1st now and love wearing make up for “play” at home. It’s a form of expression and not something that should be looked down upon. I’ve always been a make up wearer, I’m 26 and have been wearing make up since I was around 11-12

My 15 year old didn’t start wearing til this year

To school? Freshman yr.
At home?? Like 2 lol

I wa allowed to wear a little mascara starting in the 4th grade

Ballet… they want them wearing it for pictures and recitals, so she started at 4, this year she aged up and now she gets whole face done :tired_face:
At home and everyday she gets chapstick only lol

That’s a good question I don’t think kids need make up or anyone I don’t wear it except lip liner but I’d say 16 …natural beauty is better

I always put light makeup on my oldest for her school pictures but that was it until now. Shes 14 and wears light makeup when she feels like putting it on. My mom let me when I was 11. I sometimes put eyeshadow on my almost 3 year old for church.

I wasnt allowed to wear make up until I was 16

Makeup is just a waste of time and money. I will be 30 in a couple weeks and have never put any sort of makeup on my face. Even for my wedding I did not wear any. Natural beauty is the best


My girls started at 3 wearing a little bit of makeup. That wear it when they want a boost like mommy. I rarely wear it at all unless I’m going somewhere out of the normal routine.

I was 14 or 15. I’l let my girls 3 and 7, play with it at home. And nail polish is ok. Havent decided on out in public yet. I plan on helping her wear light tasteful makeup. We barely need to wear makeup,. we are gingers and have freckles.

My daughter started playing with it (at home) around 7. She’s 9 now and is only allowed mascara and colored lip balm from burt’s bees. She very rarely does it though. And when she does, its usually the weekend.

I never limited my girls. They are both 15 currently(Irish twins) one is a super great artist when it comes to her face. She does her eyebrows…like she shaved them off at one point so she could draw them back on. Lol (looked like voldemort) but shes gotten so good at it that she does hers and her sisters for events. Doesnt really over do it unless it’s for homecoming or whatnot. She knows that it’s what she wants to do for a profession. I’ll post a picture in the reply of my comment. And I would rather her be spending money on makeup at 15 over her going spending money on God knows what with her friends.


Playing around with it at the house is one thing. Letting them wear it out of the house would depend on how they act. But like tinted chapstick would be a good start.

My daughter is 8 and i would say she has since she was 2 or 3. Not everyday but somedays only eyeshadow or lipstick. Special occasions if she wanted i let her do mascara too. But as for everyday… I would say when she was old enough to do it correctly. I don’t see the big deal wit girls wearing make-up. Probably around 12ish

Teach her how to make a little go a long way. Tinted moisturizers, brown mascara and tinted gloss and Chapstick.

At 10. But only for chorus concerts, Daddy Daughter Dances, etc. Never, and still isn’t, a daily thing.

My mom let us when we were 16. She said it was an adequate age. And my 2 other sisters have to follow the same rule. 16 is a good number!

I mean at home with like kids make up i was somewhere between 6 and 8 probably and my mom would give me the make up she didn’t really use sometimes but never wore it out to school maybe at a friends house. Once i hit middle school i started to wear light make up to school some eyeliner and mascara mostly maybe powder foundation

I was 13 when I first started wearing makeup regularly. My mom didn’t care as long as it wasn’t too heavy… I was just never interested before then. Huge tomboy lol.

Mine are 11. Of course they play with make up. I never really let them wear it to school, but one of them (twins) told me she wears it to school all the time. I’m gone for work before they go. Usually just mascara and lip gloss though. So I guess my point is, I’m cool with it now as long as its not a ton of makeup and they keep it natural looking.

I didnt wear makeup til 15 and at that age it was just eye liner and mascara then I started using white eye shadow. But now as an adult it’s just cover up, mascara and eyebrows lol

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I was 13 or so, but I was just wearing lip gloss, eyeliner and mascara. My 4 yr old plays with makeup in the house, I was thinking of allowing her to start going out around the same age as I did with the same amounts.

My youngest daughter is 7 and loves watching make up tutorials for kids and doing her make up, together we buy stuff suitable for her BUT it’s only indoors she is not allowed to wear it out doors. My eldest was 12 when she started experimenting but like me she wears it every day but not heavy. I hate all that contour rubbish as it’s far to much make up. X

I was allowed light make up at 13 or once I started jr/middle school. But I didn’t start wearing it until I was 14 …

My daughter will be in high school.
I could for special events, maybe lipstick, in Jr High. But make-up, not until high school.

My daughter can wear face powder and gold tone eyeshadow if she wants to. Started letting her when she started middle school. Most of the time she doesn’t wear it but I like that she has the freedom to wear some makeup she’s been soooo responsible. I know as a mom there’s plenty I’m going to say no to, but I like the compromise we’ve made in this situation.

My mom let me at 15 out in public but around the house was 13

Ty ladies. My daugjter will be 10 Monday & she really wants make-up. She is very mature for her age. Was thinking about light color lip gloss, mascara & eye shadow

I’m not… I’m letting her know shes beautiful as she grows up… I dont want her thinking she needs it to be pretty. Plus I want her to get into other expensive hobbies :joy:

My at the time 3 year old got into my makeup.:sweat_smile::rofl:


I started at 11 but it was very light and just face makeup no eyes. I was good at it so it didn’t worry my mom much but as I grew older I got to do more. At 13 I was allowed to wear whatever as long as it wasn’t too dark and at 15 I could wear whatever no matter how dark (dark eyeliner, lipstick for example) I’m in my 20’s now of course so it definitely doesn’t matter now. That’s what I’d do for my daughter.

When I was about 13 my mom took me to Merle Norman, a make up store that she had used and had a professional show and explain to me how to use make up to look most natural. As a kid it was a great experience to have someone explain what everything was for and I think I went home with blue eyeshadow that I thought was soooo cool. It was an awesome bonding experience with my mom and I, plus it helped me not go crazy with makeup lol

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I have a son but my nieces wore lip gloss and a little eyeshadow from around 6 on special occasions.

My daughter’s have used play make-up since they were 3. They wont be allowed to wear real make up in public until junior high. But when they go to thier aunts house she play dress up and make over with them.

OMG … My daughter is now in medical school, ( sorry I tell everybody LoL )

This funny now, but her and three or four of her homies stole make up from my collection and started using it … Here is the thing I believe they like 12,13 … White wall paint has more color than I … And my daughter is mixed :rofl::rofl::rofl: y’all remember Meme Rodgers from Drew Carey ?? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I started in high school with clear mascara and nude shadows. Lucky for me my 13 year old isn’t crazy girly, she only wears mascara and eyeshadow along with lip color for dances or special occasions. I would let her do the same for school, but it’s her choice not to. She does own makeup of her own. I e shown her the correct way to apply so she doesn’t look like a clown.

My mom let me wear lip gloss, blush and some mascara in middle school. She hated eyeliner tho until i got into high school

Lot of girls don’t need makeup.

Don’t have a daughter but my mom let me start wearing light makeup in middle school.

When they want to, it’s their body… just make sure they know it enhances beauty and doesn’t define it and you’ll be fine.


My twin girls are 13. They just started wanting to try it. I don’t wear makeup never really did. I think they are beautiful all natural but they want to try it out so I will let them express themselves freely as long as they don’t look like a bunch of clowns :clown_face: lol.

My daughter uses light eye shadow and lip gloss, she is 10.

13 super light, nothing crazy, nothing expensive

My girls are 9 and 5 and they use it. Not extra dark or too much but I NEVER really had a limit on age.

my daughter has been putting on her own makeup since she was 3, shes actually gotten surprisingly good at it and is only 5 lol. i dont care what people say, makeup is a form of art and self expression

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My baby is too young, but once she’s old enough to have friends over I’m sure they’ll be doing “makeovers” and I’m fine with that. For daily use though, I’ll likely let her start wearing some once she starts dealing with the joys of puberty.

I was 12 (going into junior high) when my parents allowed us to start experimenting (over summer). They taught us what was acceptable and what wasn’t. By the time we turned 14ish we were allowed to go more wild (bright eyeshadow was the thing when we were that age) and that’s what I will be doing with my daughter. If she wants to wear it, that is.

I was allowed to use make up, dye my hair and date at 15. Lol nothimg before that age.

My daughters are 5 and 6 are wear play makeup but lipgloss I would say 10 and actually makeup 12.

I was 15 before I was allowed to wear it to school and it was all neutrals nothing glamorous. I played with makeup as a kid though

My daughter is 8. She wears it for play around the house or for dance recitals but is not allowed to wear make up to school. I’m ok with lip gloss but that’s it. I’ll reconsider when she starts going to middle school.

My daughter is three and sometimes will wear some of my eye shadow and purfume. She also loves my lip gloss.

When she starts her period (around 12)

My 6 year old loves doing her makeup all by herself. I looked on her tablet and she makes her own makeup tutorials, they’re so cute lol. She can wear it at home but if we’re going out it’s only “lipstick”
Unless she’s really wanting it done and wanting to dress up then I’ll put a little on her so she can be girly :slightly_smiling_face:

My mom let me play with makeup at a young age, but I didn’t wear it out of the house until I was 12 or 13 I think. And it was just eye shadow

I have boys, but my mom didn’t really allow me to go out in public with any make up till I was about 12-13 yrs old. And only some lipstick and a little mascara. She did not allow foundations, eye shadows or blush until I was in grade 9. I was allowed to play it up at home before grade 9, but that’s it. Once I hit high school mom let me do what I wanted with small restrictions. No cack on crap was allowed lol. I thank her for that too cause I’ve always had amazing skin, and I feel that’s a big part of the reason why. She taught me to keep it natural and how to properly wash my face.

My mom wouldn’t let me start wearing make up till 15 and start dating at 16