When should I feel baby kick?

I’m a first-time mum currently 19+3 weeks pregnant and still haven’t felt kicks yet. Is this normal? I’m overweight, so I don’t know if it’s normal to not feel anything; I don’t have a bump yet either; I’m scared and constantly worrying I’m not pregnant anymore. Thanks, anonymous if possible, please.


I didn’t feel anything until 23 weeks.

You probably already feel your baby kick you just don’t know it because you’ve never been pregnant before, usually First Time Moms will feel their babies kick and know that it’s their baby kicking between 22 weeks and 26 weeks of pregnancy.


Sometimes it takes longer to feel kicks or even start to really show,if u r worried that your not pregnant for any reason u should be seen by a doctor

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I’m a bigger girl when I had my first I felt her after 20 weeks (I remember I knew she was a girl and I found that out at 20wks) baby 2 felt her around 17-18wk I didn’t know she was a girl. I found that out at 18wks and baby 3 I felt her way early like 11-12 wks. (2009,2011,2019)

I was overweight as well and had the best luck when lying on my back. My stomach shifted and I was better able to.see and feel my stomach.

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I didn’t show until almost 6 months with my son. I felt a “flutter” at about 18-19 weeks. You don’t feel kicks first, it’s like a wave. Super cool. It takes a bit to feel actual kicks and punches.

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I’m pregnant with my third and didn’t feel anything til about 20 weeks. I remember feeling my first around 22 weeks

Didn’t feel the first kick till I was 24 weeks

I’m 20 weeks today with my second baby, been getting kicks since about 17-18 weeks. Can’t feel them from the outside yet though but I reckon in a couple of weeks I’ll hopefully be able to. Everyone is different :heart:

Best thing you can do is go see your doctor.He/She can tell you all you need to know.

You will feel it soon. It’s an amazing experience. I think you made such a warm and cozy home for your baby that it’s just enjoying its time chillin :relaxed::heart:

It depends on the pregnancy. I’m a big girl but I felt the first kick at 19 weeks, started showing about 24 weeks

It also depends on where your placenta is. If it’s in the front they call it a “pillow placenta” and you won’t feel kicks until waaaay later in your pregnancy. I’m average size and didn’t feel intense kicks until I was maybe even 25ish weeks

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I’m almost 28 weeks and this is my 3rd and I felt him start around 20 weeks you will feel the baby move. Just give it time

I didn’t start actually showing until about 6 almost 7 months I started to feel little flutters around 20weeks but I didn’t feel real kicks until around 22weeks I wouldn’t worry too much everybody is different❤️

My first pregnancy I didnt start to show until I was 7.5 months. And I never really felt movement because the placenta was in the front stopping from me feeling movement

I never felt my baby move due to my anterior placenta. :unamused: she nearly 8 now she was happy in my tummy I used to have to sit and watch to see if my stomach was moving every day if I didn’t see that I would go and be monitored for an hour xx

I’m 135-145 & I didn’t feel it with my first until 23 weeks… with my 2nd felt kicks around 18 weeks(just butterflies) but that’s because I knew what to look for

I was overweight when I was pregnant with my daughter. I thought I felt her kick, it wasn’t kicking, she had the huckups on & off for the last 2 months. She also had them a lot after she was born!

I didn’t feel my baby girl kick until around 24 weeks. My place my was anterior so it was basically in between me and her, which made feeling the kicking difficult.

U will feel them any day now :heart: out of nowhere those butterflies will come :butterfly: :blush:

I’m a big girl. I didn’t feel more than a flutter from my son till I was 22 or 23 weeks. And I just looked bloated till I was 7ish months.

I didnt feel proper kicks with with girl till around 24-26 weeks but felt flutters from around 22 weeks. I’m big as well. My bump didn’t pop till around 30 weeks either.

You will feel her soon. First time moms feel them a little later. You should feel the baby around 24 weeks and that is normal for first ime moms. Congratulations

Perfectly normal Especially for overweight people. You don’t need to worry unless you still can’t feel them by 24 weeks :blush:

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Ask your doctor is you have an anterior placenta! I did and didn’t feel baby kick until week 24-25

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I went an entire pregnancy with out feeling movement. Constant trips fo the ER. INVEST in baby Doppler. Listen to heart beat whenever. :heart:

Way later. The baby doesn’t even have legs yet- not even skinny moms can feel it yet… very little too do with your weight- everything to do with how naturally sensitive you are… again- too early for anyone to feel movement.

Edit: I apparently didn’t read the shorthand right soo… I still think you’re fine to not feel anything yet, and I don’t think your weight has much to do with it.


Are u saying your 19 and 3 weeks pregnant or 19+ 3 weeks pregnant? If yes to the 2nd then your 22 weeks ?

It’s normal. For my first pregnancy I started to feel the baby kicks around 20 weeks but it felt more like butterflies and started to feel actual kicks around 22 weeks. With my second pregnancy I started to feel the baby kicks around 18 weeks but it was more like butterflies and actual baby kicks around 20 weeks. I’m also plus size but if you are worried about it (I was with my first pregnancy) than ask your doctor and make sure everything is going good. :blush:

I was smaller with my first pregnancy and I still didn’t feel the baby move until I was 27 weeks along and even then I only felt the really big ones.

For sure talk to your doctor. And never be afraid to call or go in a get checked if you are worried.

I didn’t feel both of mine until after 22 weeks because I had a interior placenta

They normally say wait till 24 weeks ive been the same but my placenta is at the front and baby is facing more towards my back but I’m now 23+3 and I do feel baby’s kicks more now x

Best advice I can offer is, check with your doctor.

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Everyone is different no matter shape or size! My first son I felt around 19-20 weeks but never really got to be more than a punch or kick here and there with a few of his rolls. I think I felt when he had hiccups most. Then My second I felt early on and my entire stomach moved if he flinched.
Also depending on where the placenta is positioned that can play a part on how much you feel too! I was bigger so never felt like I “looked” pregnant.

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I didnt feel my twins movements till 17 weeks gestation in my first pregnancy and in my 2nd pregnancy my singleton’s placenta was at the front and she was behind my placenta so it masked her movements so I couldnt feel her till 23 or 24 weeks by memory, I couldnt tell you exactly when I felt “kicks” but the first movements feel like the softest little flutters, and easiest when your laying back and stretched out so the baby isnt crammed they will be able to strech out and move.

I didn’t feel mine until 20-23 weeks and then i still didn’t know it was my baby i thought it was a gas bubble

Relax…about 5 to 6 months

I am not sure when I felt my daughter move. When I did she never stopped. They told me to lay on my left side and track how many times I felt her move in am hr. Well I didn’t have to lay on my side. I dint start showing until 1 day before my baby shower witch was in the late part of June. I was due to have her in August. I never had a big baby bump with her though. I was over weight but when I had her and I returned home I got on the scale I lost about 40 lb. I gained it all back plus a little. If you are really concerned go talk to your dr

I didn’t feel my son at all really. He would stretch ONCE in awhile. But other then that I didn’t feel him. My first one moved like crazy. Second nothin. He was head down and low from 22 weeks on so he didn’t wiggle. All babies are different :slight_smile: you could be feeling movement… gas bubble feeling… butterfly feeling. Pressure up sometimes… it could be the baby. :slight_smile: don’t worry sweetheart… bein a first time mom is scary enough. Dont freak yourself out. If your doc says things are good. And all. Then things are good :relaxed: if your really concerned you can always make an apt and hear the heart beat or have an ultrasound

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Every pregnancy and body is different! Also depends what position the baby is in, and what the placenta placement is also. My body type does not carry in the front so much. My mom had the same situation when she was pregnant with me and didn’t carry very obviously either. I didn’t get a cute baby bump when I was pregnant, and have been overweight also during my lifetime and pregnancy before…I understand the similar thoughts you have right now. Unless you are having any pain which is a sign of possible miscarriage, there shouldn’t be a problem. You are most likely still pregnant, and it may just be a while until you feel movement. Don’t worry. Every mom’s body is unique! Congratulations on your new addition! :two_hearts:

I would make a appointment with your doctor and tell her your very concerned! She will do some test and try and find out if everything is okay! :heart: prayers for you

Baby might be laying back to far for you feel the kicks or movement. I was thinking it was after 20 weeks before I really started feeling them and they were light.

Very normal for first time mom!!! Don’t worry yourself!! Most of the time it feels like gas bubbles or flutters… I noticed with each pregnancy I was able to feel them sooner!

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First time pregnant mom here too. I will be 18 weeks tomorrow and I haven’t felt any kicks either. I discussed with my doctor at my last appointment and she assured me that they would come soon. She said they would be so light in the beginning that I might not even really feel it or realize what it is. She said the hard kicks don’t happen until much later in the pregnancy for first time moms. I’m so ready to feel those little kicks also! It’s just a waiting game unfortunately. I’m sure it will come. :blush:

First time mom’s a lot of times don’t feel like til like 20 weeks. Being over weight shouldn’t effect it to much cause you would still feel baby internally. Have you tried paying flat on the floor on your stomach, that can sometimes help you feel it. That’s what my ob told me to do when I had my first cause I was so worried I hadn’t felt her kick yet. I’m sure everythings fine mama just relax and enjoy it cause soon you may be wishing the kicking will stop for a little bit so that you can sleep and be comfortable. It will happen soon.

They feel like little butterflies I found it hard to feel my baby too I didn’t feel her till 20 weeks you might have felt and not realised it’s like a little flutter as they get bigger it’s more prominent movements you’ll feel and even see them hope this helps :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Make sure you are receiving prenatal care and taking your prenatal vitamins. If you have concerns, never hesitate to call your OB and schedule and appointment or speak to a nurse. My first pregnancy, I had a hard time recognizing the feeling of the baby kicking. My second pregnancy, I knew right away what it was.

Do you have an anterior placenta?

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Wht does “19+3 weeks” mean? 22 weeks or 19 years old and 3 weeks pregnant?

First time moms usually start to feel around 20 weeks :blush: so sometime soon

Depends on where your placenta is… im 20 weeks and just started feeling movements at 19 weeks. My placenta is behind though not in the front. I’m also average size I guess? Lol… this is my second also. I dont se the movements either yet that comes later on…I can just feel her movements …

It’s normal. Feels more like bubbles in your belly at this stage.

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I never felt my oldest kick but you could see it. I would get feelings like I had gas in a particular class tho. My baby I always felt him move. Every pregnant is different and every baby is different. Be patient

Most first time mamas think they just have gas, when it is babys movements. You might be feeling it and just not realize what it is. 19 weeks is a little early. You will get good movement in a few weeks. Placenta placement does matter as well. Everything is okay mama. Especially of Drs have no concerns. I hope this helps.

Im literally a toothpick and I didn’t feel my first baby until I was like 24-25 weeks! Then the more I had ,the sooner they kicked/moved and the more I knew what I was feeling for.
But I always say -
Ask your doctor! Or when in doubt get checked out :joy: just rules I lived by.

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I didn’t feel kicks for a long time with my first. I thought it was gas when I finally did feel it :rofl:

I was little with my first but still didn’t feel baby till 22 weeks. My second I felt at 15 weeks then my third around 16 weeks.

I was about 20 weeks when I felt my daughter kick

I’m over weight n I didn’t feel my daughter till 21 weeks don’t stress it momma u will definitely get there I’m sure. My friend is over weight and she always said she didn’t feel hers till 24 weeks

I only felt my baby move a total of two or three times all of them pretty late in my pregnancy and only for an instant. She was just really small and I have a long torso, so lots of room to “float” around.

I was 5 or 6 months when I left like butterflies in my belly was a funny feeling nd when told docter I felt this since I was 5 mnths gone they was shocked

My first pregnancy, my baby was just very calm and didn’t kick a lot, even to the end (he’s still super calm and chilled out 7 years later) it happens sometimes lol. I started feeling movement (tiny flutters) really early with my second child and he was kicking almost 24/7 once he started :joy:

With it being your first you probably have felt moving you just don’t know exactly what your feeling for… its tiny little fluttering like very light movement and the bigger your baby gets the more you will feel. I’ve had 4 babies and I felt them move at all different levels. My youngest I hardly felt at all. It all depends on where the baby is positioned and how your laying. As far as having a baby bump you will pop out the further you get. Your baby is still pretty tiny right now.

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I felt my daughter around 17-18 weeks

I started feeling butterfly movements at 12 weeks but my daughter was active from that day on. My obgyn was amazing. She said during the first heart beat check we better be ready to chase this child and invest in good shoes, and told me my due date. She was not wrong at all! My daughter is 6 now and moves nonstop, we have blown through shoes ohh every 4 months, and she even moves in her sleep😂 also my water broke on my due date lol. But if at any point you think somethings wrong and you don’t feel the baby move call to get checked. Every pregnancy and every woman is different♥️

It was 5-6 months for my first one. Second one was 4 months cause I knew what feeling to look out for.

I was overweight with my first and felt somewhere between 23-25 wks. It felt like a gas bubble at first. Thought I was having stomach issues. Lol. You really don’t feel the kicks or movements significantly until a few weeks later. Don’t worry momma. You may be feeling your baby and not even recognize it at this point.

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I barely felt my first one at all. She was 2 months early. But, I thought my second one was destined to be a gymnast. She moved constantly! Every pregnancy is different!

usually about 4 months

Totally normal mama!! Both not feeling kicks yet, and worrying about it! It’s normal to not feel them until somewhere in the 20s. For me they felt like tiny little muscle spasms(not painful) just little twitches early on :slight_smile:

It’s completely normal, especially when overweight and your first. I was 22weeks + with my first when I first felt her kick.

Perfectly normal. With my first I was 23 weeks before i felt movement. With my second I was 16 weeks and With my third (current) I was 13 weeks. Also depending on whether you have a posterior or anterior placenta will make a difference on movement. It’s also possible you feel movement but just haven’t figured out that it’s the baby. Hang in there! Within the next 2-3 weeks you will feel it!

I myself didn’t feel my baby kick until after 21 weeks. Most of the time it just felt like butterflies.

If you feel concerned go see the Doctor to make your mind,at ease.

I was 21 weeks with my first before I felt him kick.

Anytime! I’m plus size and felt first movement around 2O weeks when I was pregnant.

Any day now momma! Youre so close!

Not every woman goes through morning sickness.

I felt mine at different times. With my first it was 22 weeks my 2nd was 18weeks and my last was 30weeks my Dr always said if I don’t feel them move drink orange juice and it works

To me it felt like little bubbles inside me at first. You won’t feel full on kicks for quite some time, but just little flutters here and there.


When I was pregnant with my first I didn’t really feel any kicks till 25 weeks. And I didn’t really look pregnant till my 3rd trimester I definitely filled out then. If you have any concerns I would just go see your OB to double check.

With my girls 3 to 4 months with boys 3 to 4 weeks no kicks lil tornados in my stomach! I new before my period with the boys. With the girls am I or aren’t I till prego test!

The first few kicks for me felt like butterflies in my tummy. Very gentle. Good luck xx :kissing_heart:

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I didn’t feel any kicks until about 4-5 months