When should I feel baby kick?

Hey guys. I am currently pregnant with number 3 and I’m just curious, on your third child, when did you start feeling kicks? And I mean real kicks, not just flutters.


Im pregnant with my 3rd. I think i started feeling kicks at like between 18 to 20 weeks.

I’m almost 17 weeks with #3 and I can’t tell if it’s gas, flutters or actual kicks yet.

This is my third. I started feeling flutters really early but real kicks around 17 weeks this time.

I’m pregnant with my 3rd. I’m 27 1/2 weeks and I would say the REAL kicks started around 22 weeks. I have an anterior placenta so they are harder to feel but now that she has flipped to head down, the kicks are awesome

I think it all depends on your size and where the placenta is attatched.

We could see and feel our #3 baby moving at just 13 weeks and they just got stronger over time - crazy to believe but we have videos of this. His heart beat was also heard loud and clear at a midwife appt at just 8 weeks :blue_heart:

I felt them in the first trimester. Probably around 10 weeks or so. We couldn’t feel them from the outside yet for another few weeks but i deff felt them inside

I’m pregnant with number 3 right now and I felt kicks, real kicks about 15 weeks. This baby is weirdly strong though compared to my first 2…

I think 20 weeks when I could 100% tell it was the baby!

15 weeks felt like tiny bubbles popping lol

With#3 I could feel movement at 13 weeks

Baby number 4 I started feeling kicks around 20 weeks

20ish weeks…I could feel flutters as early as 11 weeks, but definitive kicks and movement - 20 weeks

On baby #3 and currently 18 weeks 1 day, and I feel very strong kicks!

My doctor said after having multiples you start to feel kicks by week 18-20. It also depends on the placement of the placenta. Mine is in the front this time so it was harder to feel movement earlier.

I’m pregnant with baby #4