When should I forward face my child?

Depending on where you live there’s different laws. Where I live it’s 2yo is when they’re allowed to be front front facing

In Washington they have to be rear facing until age 2, harness until age 4, and booster until they are 4’9”

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You should rear face as long as you can until your child is beyond the weight limit for their seat.

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I flipped both my older two once they hit the weight for the carseat. My youngest is 19 months and still refaces. And she will until for at the very least another year. She hates it but its safer and I realize it now. If I could flip my other 2 back around I would. But one is 5 and to tall for that. And my other one wouldn’t shut up about it.

From what I read they say the skeletal system doesnt become strong enough to handle an accident till around 2 yrs old. But I would look further into it cause if pediatricians r now saying 3 then u should probably look into it. Havent looked into it since I was pregnant so last yr said two maybe they made it 3 due to more studies showed different. Jus do ur research. Also check the weight limit on ur car seat for refacing cause that also plays a big part if ur carseats cause that a big issue I know alot of parents have. U might have to get one to accommodate ir childs weight and height if u plan to listen to ur pediatrician. Cause I know mine only allows 40lbs with rear facing

Some laws are 2 now like Pennsylvania

Yes, RF until 3 but if you MUST turn because of a small car, ect don’t turn before 2 and get as close to 3 as possible.

When my kids started walking around one year is 1 we face them forward


When all mine turned 2 they were ff but yet again their feet were turning in. My middle son has feet issues due to waiting cause he was a long boy but I had to wait till least 2

Best to rearface until the limits are maxed out. Minimum of 2 yrs before forward facing. Baby is 500% safer rear facing.

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Unpopular answer here- my kid is 18 months and front facing. The car seat she has can be ff at 22 pounds … She’s almost 35 pounds and 3.5 ft tall so we changed her to ff just a few weeks ago.


One they hit the weight requirement depending on your seat my seat went up to 40 lbs and I turn my daughter at almostb3 and 35 lbs

As long as possible. 3 is a good age. We turned around at around almost 3…(bday was in like 4 months).
We made sure he was at the right height and weight with the pedestrian first too.
Rear facing is so much safer. Dont rush it.


I put my son front facing at 15 months. He weighs enough.

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You can forward face after 1 and or 40 pounds i think.

We forward faced on her 3rd birthday. The comparison of a 1 year old spine vs a 6 year old spine scared me into waiting. Just because a kid meets the weight or height minimum, doesn’t mean their spine is developed enough.

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Most states have 2 as the age. But as long as you can the better. My son is 3 and still rearfacing

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I believe it’s not a legal requirement that your child is rear facing until 2 now. Though it’s safest to keep them rear facing as long as possible 3-4 is recommended as best. Let their bones develop and harden further

Why are you coming to a mom group to ask a bunch of unqualified strangers when your pediatrician already gave you the answer? :woman_facepalming:


I turned them around close to 2 (maybe a month before ). My youngest is still in a five point harness at 3 and I’m not sure she will be ready for a booster at 4. She’s a bit on the small side and her car seat goes up a few more notches. I will probably wait until she either isn’t comfy in it or asks for a booster

Law here is to rear face until 2 but we are prolonging it until my son maxes out the height and weight. It is much safer to be rear faced.

Our state changed the age to 2 a few years back so that what I did with my second child.

My daughter is almost three and still backwards facing. She will remain backwards until she outgrows the backward facing limits. It’s safest to remain backwards for as long as they can


Keep rear facing as long as possible.

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I just ordered a forward facing harness to booster seat for my son who turns 3 in February and is nearing the rear facing weight limit

My daughter will be 3 in April and is still rear facing. Their little bodies aren’t strong enough to hold up in a severe crash yet.

Technically, it’s safest for everyone to be rear facing in the car. However that’s obviously not practical. When it comes to kids, as long as physically possible is best. My oldest was one (that was over 10 years ago before all the specifics came in), but my second baby was rear facing until she was almost 4 and my 2 year old son is still forward facing. Even if they’re legs are long and they look scrunched, a broken leg is better than internal decapitation in the event of an accident.

Listen to your pediatrician and pay attention to the weight limits on your rear facing seats.

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As close to 4 as possible (within the limits of her convertible seat, of course) :blush:

I’m from kansas and our law is 1

Most states they have to be at least 2. I can’t remember the weight requirement. Statistically, the longer you keep them rear facing, the safer they are in an accident.

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Your Pediatrician gave you answer.


What is the weight requirement b

Go ask the fire department they should have a certified tech in this and can even make sure your carseat is installed correctly

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The law here in Utah they have to be rear facing until they are two. I would check your state laws. Ours just changed this year, look for the most current information. Also, if the pediatrician said three I’m guessing that’s the law in your state.

I will keep my daughter rearfacing until she maxes out the weight limit for her convertible to rear face

For safety 4 years, by law where I live its legal to FF at 6 moonths old, each state is different.


In missouri the age you can turn them around at 1 but I have heard its best to wait until they turn 2. There is some seats that say the height and weight for rear facing.

They say the longer the better but I turned my daughter at 1. Car rides were hell on earth until then, I think she was getting motion sickness. Zero problems since turning her.

Turned my child at 1. It’s whatever you are comfortable with. If you want to wait then go for it.


My state law (AZ) is 2 yrs old before turning, but you should go as long as possible, so if you have a rear facing carseat that goes up to 40 lbs, you keep them rear facing until they hit 40 lbs.


We waited until 4 years to forward face.

I think at 80 lbs they face forward

Take a carseat safety course, listen to your pediatrician and lookup the recommendations on the car seat and follow that. In my state it is illegal to forward face in a carseat where the child doesn’t meet the weight and height maximum for rear facing.

It’s 2 years old rear facing in Missouri too

It’s recommended until 40 lbs

I forward faced my twins at 2. Yours is still too young

Jeez everyone’s so hateful in this thread of comments. Look up your state laws and follow them or the safety regulations that are on the carseat or listen to your doctor.

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In short… as long as possible!!

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Check with state laws. Va is 2.

Here in Wisconsin it’s 1 year old and 20 lbs to be able to be forward facing 2020 law

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I turned mine forward facing at 2, did some more research recently and moved him back rear facing at 3 due to the safety benefits.

As long as possible for safety :blush:

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They say rear face until 40lbs or 40inches.

I eventually at like 9ish months I just turned her around so she could see me and see out the windows because she cried the entire time she would be in the car and she was totally fine afterwards. (Come and attack me :woman_shrugging:t2:) she’s 2 now so all is good


The law says until the highest weight on the carseat or the age of 2

It depends on the state. Most states the law is 2 or older, or a certain weight. If your ped said 3, I would go with 3.

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Recommendation is at least 2 years old. Size of your child is significantly important. If you aren’t certain, contact your local police department and see if they have someone trained in car seat installment. They should know for certain.

Technically -depending on the state your in you can turn them around-. BUT its recommended that you keep them rear facing as long as possible.

As long as possible. When she maxes height or weight. 2 is the law where I am.

At least 2, but I’d wait till 3 or 4 if you can.

Safety wise until 2+ but they can rear face until the recommended weight on the car seat I believe.

Supposedly this Brittany chick knows everything about children and vehicles

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Legally you’re suppost to wait until 2 in Oregon but I turned my daughter at 18 months due to constant car sickness.

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Some countries legally say 6 years, but even just 4 years is a good age to aim for

It’s called Google. Find the article and find your state. :woman_facepalming:

I’ll make it easy for you -

Or this one -

Whew… that was tough. I’m beat.

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I turned my baby front facing and she’s 15 months. Im in KY

Depends on your state laws. If you forward face too early according to your car seat state laws you can actually get a ticket.

Go by the weight. Most convertable car seats will show you on the side


Where I live it’s 6 months of age


Thread: What age do u typically forward facing?



In pa I know its illegal to face them forward before 2 years

In my state legally it is 1. I have 5 kids. I usually wait for the night and weight requirements not age. It is recommend 2 years old to still be rear facing but With 4 other kids in the vehicle I cant extend rear face any longer.

I had to turn my son at about a year because he kept throwing up all over my car and himself. I would have liked to keep him rearfacing for as long as height and weight restrictions would allow me to, but his poor little tummy had other ideas

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As long as possible is best. New studies are showing that young children can’t withstand car crashes as well forward facing.

Follow your states law. Plain and simple.

We bought the Graco Extend2Fit so that we could forward face we’ll pass 4. It’s the most safe position- my motto is why risk it?
Don’t treat your child like a minimum.

Read the height and weight criteria when your baby reaches that turn her/him

I forward faced my son right before he was 2. At his 2 year checkup he was 3 1/2 feet tall and 31.4 lbs so I did it more for his comfort and my back. I’m a stay at home mom so he doesn’t go on car rides like other kids in daycare etc. he’s comfy and I’m comfy.

Shoot our refaced till 3. She’s 8 and still in a 5 point harness. We don’t trust booster seats. Plus she’s only 45lbs . Tall yes but still doesn’t meet the weight requirements to get out of the car seat.

My son is 2 and is FF. He’s 35lbs and 40inches. Past the weight and height limit for most RF car seats.

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The law where I live is age 2.