When should I get my tubal?

Is it easier to get fallopian tubes removed after labor and delivery, or to wait the 6 weeks, then get it done? My obgyn is letting me choose if I want it done right away or if I want to wait until I’m healed from birth.


I got mine renoved right after I had my twins. But I had a c section for them. I did it this way so that way I have 2 surgeries and get it over with. And I healed up nice. Pain wasn’t unbearable.

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Did mine right after my c section healing was awesome

Right away healing is better then cuz you hesll all at once

Right away…heal all at once

My dr has said if I have to have a C-section they will do it then at my request other than that when i reach 6 weeks post partum we will discuss it then

I’ve had two csections and during my second one I had mine removed both were the same healing time and didn’t feel different.

Right away and get it done so you can heal and be done.

I had mine during my elected c section. 2 birds one stone, no additional down time.

Get it done right after. I wish I had the choice because I would have done it right after baby!

I got mine done right after I had my son healed up right away and after having a 10pd 10 oz baby the tubal hurt less then having him did

Next day after the birth that’s what I did