When should I start solids?

When is the best time to start solids with kids and how often should I be feeding them when first starting?

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Pediatrician question. Every child is different.
They can start as early as 4 months with peds approval. When I asked they said the difference between starting at 4 months and 6 months depends on if they are on breastmilk or formula. If the baby is drinking breastmilk they want the baby to have more exposure to it, so they suggest delaying solids until 6 months.
Start with oatmeal and single flavored purees.
Feed the same food for at least a week before switching to other flavors.
We would feed before every breastmilk feeding. Solids first then follow with breastmilk once they stopped showing interest in eating.
But again, your pediatrician can tell you when and where they want you to start.

You need to be asking this question of your pediatrician- not online

Mine started at 6 months but their well check up will have to determine that…