When should i take a pregnancy test?

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Most accurate is the day you’re due to start your period


I took one the day after I missed my period and it popped up right away.

I missed 2 periods and finally took one. Wanted to see what the next month would bring. Ive always had irregular periods thou

First thing in the morning when your Pee is concentrated.

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Most say it’s better to take it a week after your missed period… But if you can’t wait that long then you can test from the first day of your missed period but preferably with a CLEAR BLUE digital pregnancy test because it’s Really accurate. Also test in the morning when the hcg levels are the highest…
If you gonna use a cheap pregnancy test it might not give you accurate results that early. (all depending on when you conceived)

Got my positive result 4 days before my missed period :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What does the box say? Most are ok within like a day or 2 of your est. period start date but check the box for sensitivity.

Tip: Avoid blue dye tests.

Avoid blue dye tests, and within a day or two of your period. If you like to test early, get the dollar store tests. They are the same as the ones they use in doctors offices.

(Not my post) but umm…yeah…So quick question…ii had 2 periods in January…the first was from the 8-15th and the second was 31st-Feb 8 and then my husband and ii had unprotected sex on feb 13 so when should ii test? Because I’m not sure if I’m going to get a period again this month or not anyway since my last one carried over into this month?!

First day of missed period with first morning wee is the ideal x

When u have missed your period.

If you wait long enough. You will find out eventually :sweat_smile:

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If you think you’re pregnant take one. I always took 2…one as soon as I got the test and then another one as soon as you woke up & had to pee.

After I missed my period I went in for a pregnancy test. With state medicaid it was free…buying tests seem ridiculously expensive and this way I knew for sure

On ur babies 6 week check up