When should I tell people about my pregnancy?

I just recently found out I am pregnant after going through a miscarriage a couple of months ago. When is a good time to share the news with family and friends?? Also, with my last pregnancy, I had to have an emergency C section… is it possible to try for a VBAC, or would it be best to just plan for a c section this time around??


Depends on ur doc. Mine will try vbac, and depending on the timing of ur loss >12weeks… wait till u get the Okay from doc?

I had two miscarriages prior to my pregnancy now. I waited until like 14 weeks to tell people. A lot of people figured it out though because I was so sick. It depends on your doctor if they will attempt a VBAC or not. Good luck to you.

Congratulations! I would wait till your first trimester has passed before telling family. Just to make sure you and the baby are progressing ok. And VBAC should be ok. I had three C-Sections. With my last child I was going to try VBAC but decided not to. I hope everything goes well for you.

I did a vbac with my 2nd. Everyone is different but id never do it again (vbac), I had alot of complications during that first year afterwards. Good luck to you!

Tell people when you’re comfortable about it.


It depends on a couple of this when it comes to a vbac. Your Dr if there is no danger to you or baby will at least let you attempt it . I had 2 successful vbac after my first child .

I had 2 miscarriages & when I got pregnant again I waited until I was 5 months & showing to tell anybody. Then, personally, after my 1st vaginal birth I ended up needing 3 c-sections. Not every ob/gyn Dr. likes to try VBACs so I’d suggest asking yours.

You have every right to try a VBAC if there are no high risks involved with this pregnancy or healing complications with your last.

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Tell people when you feel its the right time. I know i was scared to tell anyone about my twins after having two previous miscarriages, i told my sister just after my 9 week check up and was devastated when i miscarried a week later. Prayers for a safe healthy pregnancy and birth. You can try vbac as long as both you and baby are safe. Love and support always :sparkling_heart::pray::footprints::sparkling_heart:

People say.four months your.pastmyour first.trimester seem your doctor every month seen to.it.you and your baby r fine.then.tell everyone

As for the VBAC it depends on the age of your child and your physical condition. There are definite dangers associated with it. When it comes to telling people about the pregnancy wait. The first trimester is of the greatest risk of miscarriage. After that point as you feel comfortable.

I did at 20 weeks lol

Typically out of the first trimester is safest bet if they make it that far chances are it will last

Every baby is different, it could be a c-section or natural.

12 weeks, it’s ultimately you and your doc’s decision on the vbac

I announced all 3 of mine in the first trimester but I never had a miscarriage. in that case I might would have waited til the 2nd trimester. it IS possible to have a vbac after a csection

Whenever you please. Old wives tales say wait till your first trimester is over. I personally did not wait. Whatever you’re comfortable with, go for it. Congratulations!

Vbac is an option. Find a doctor who supports you trying for a vbac. I did it with no complications. Pretty much the same scenario as yours.

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Vbacs are dependent on the reason you had a c section usually. You can discuss with your ob or midwife and they’ll tell you if you’re a good candidate for a vbac. Other than that it’s possible. I’ve had 2 and about to have my 3rd (hopefully)

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I say announce after your first trimester.I miscarriaged twice,now I’m pregnant with my rainbow baby.i didn’t announce on social media till my 3rd trimester.Only my close family knew.

I had a miscarriage before I got pregnant with my daughter and when we found out we were pregnant again we told everyone right away. Even if I would of had another miscarriage I would of still told everyone because her life was worth celebrating even if she she didn’t make it, but that’s just my feeling in it. Tell ppl when you’re ready :slightly_smiling_face:

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You tell when you are ready and want to share the news. Do not listen to anyone else. I announced my first at 6 weeks and my second at 4 weeks. I was so excited that I wanted to share the news with everyone! Also VBAC is always an option. You need to consult with your ob and may need to change ob’s to make sure you find one who is on the same page as you are for YOUR delivery.

I shared as soon as I had my first ultrasound confirming around 8-10 weeks with both kids. It’s a baby all along no matter how long you wait, and the extra support during 1st trimester meant a lot for me. If a miscarriage happened, it’s hard to share the news but won’t be as isolating in your sorrow because you’ll have support. And understanding during the exhausting/sick first trimester while pregnant.

With my first I told them immediately. With my second I wanted til about 12 weeks to announce it on facebook. Vbac is an option if you chose and not have high risk pregnancy. Good luck and congratulations :blush::blush::blush:

It doesn’t matter if you share your news now or choose to wait. It isn’t going to change anything at all. I never paid attention to the whole wait until 12 weeks to announce. Why suffer in silence with a miscarriage? It is still a pregnancy and a miracle. Congratulations on your pregnancy and make sure you have a great support team​:heart::pregnant_woman:t3:


If your doctor will do a VBAC then it’s your decision. I also had an emergency c-section my first pregnancy and currently expecting #2, I was interested in a vbac but after talking with my doctor and hubby and doing some research I decided to just stick with a scheduled c-section. But everybody is different, I just suggest doing your research and talking with your OB before making a decision.

Can’t really give advice on when to announce your pregnant. I’ve announced early with both my pregnancies but that’s really up to you. I know some people don’t announce until their second trimester but again everybody is different.

I would wait til after the first trimester, or until YOU are comfortable announcing!
Also, a VBAC is absolutely possible. You are the one that hires your Dr. They work for you.
If you are at all interested, you can message me & I can get you into a VBAC group, and we come from all walks of life, all of our c sections were for many many different reasons, and nearly all of us have had successful VBACs.

Announcing is your personal preference. I had 3 miscarriages one was at 16 weeks and required a dnc all the pregnancies were announced and I honestly wish I wouldn’t have because having everyone giving me there sympathy made it harder for me to cope with. We finally got pregnant with our rainbow baby and announced at 16 weeks buy had a high risk pregnancy due to all the miscarriages.

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Just tell them when you feel you are ready. I was not supposed to be able to have children and at 33 years old, being married 11 years I did not believe it was possible. When we found out we were we waited until we made it through the first trimester before announcing it.

I would tell my immediate family straight away but after a miscarriage I waited a lil longer to let them know

I didnt tell anyone for the longest time I had a miscarriage march 12th last year(found out I was pregnant again June 22nt) no1 knew tell I was like 5months or so. My rainbow baby is now 7months

My third I conceived 3 weeks after a miscarriage I told my ma and my husband but didn’t fully announce it until I knew it was safe and nothing was wrong I told every one around 25 weeks I waited a while I was scared to some how jinks it but nope he’s a healthy happy 3 year old now

When u decide to tell people m

Always wait the 12 weeks to say or announce anything

A lot of people wait until 12 or the end of ther first trimester… but with all 3 I barely made it to 8 weeks (once I got my first ultrasound)lol… and I have known a few to have a VBAC, talk to your dr…

I announced my first pregnancy at 5 weeks and miscarried at 14 weeks. I’m now currently pregnant with my rainbow baby at 23 weeks and this pregnancy was also announced at about 5 weeks.

Whenever you want to :heart: Ignore the “rules”. Congratulations on your rainbow baby!! :heart:

I’d say when you are about 3 months or so

Usually after first triemester

I would wait til after 3mos

Id wait untill i hear a heartbeat and know everythings okay. As for the vbac Its been 5 years since my first. I had a c-section. I am currently pregnant with baby#2 They told me i will have to have another csection with this baby.

Wait til at least 10 weeks

I waited until 12 weeks minimum and most doctors won’t do a vbac close together. I waited longer with this rainbow baby but my youngest daughter it was the 12 week mark but told very select people before

12 weeks! It is very possible to have a vbac.

I had a miscarriage first before my successful pregnancy and I waited until I was 13 weeks to tell everyone

After first trimester for everyone (FB) but close folks after 8 weeks.

Announce when you feel that it’s time. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy for both you & your rainbow baby :rainbow::heartpulse:

I didn’t tell anyone but close family and friends until I was 16 wks.

I would wait til the 2nd trimester. You can have a vbac. My cousin did.

Wait until after the first trimester. And you can go vaginal, if the baby’s size isn’t an issue, up to week 39. They will push to schedule you for a c section, so you can set it to the farthest date they will allow, then hope you go into labor first. They won’t let you go over 40 weeks though, because, again, size. They worry about the uterus having weak spots or something like that. I’m not a doctor, but that was my understanding. I scheduled my second c section the day before my due date (because they don’t schedule on weekends, :roll_eyes:), but I wasn’t even dilated, not even a little, and they weren’t going to let me go beyond my due date. So… yeah. Talk to your doctor about it. Maybe they will say something different. Either way, good luck!

When YOUR comfortable telling people! Some people like to wait till after 12 weeks when the risk of miscarriage drops dramatically and others tell right away. There’s no right or wrong time…it’s whenever your comfortable telling people. As far as VBAC only your doctor can tell you if your a good candidate for it…so look for doctors who are comfortable with vBACS.

Whenever you’re ready. No rush. Relax and enjoy :heart:

Whenever you feel comfortable to announce your pregnancy! If you really want a vBAC find a really supportive dr. My first son was born via csection and 3 years later with my second I was able to successfully have a vBAC it was very hard work but definitely worth it! Even if you have a big baby, it doesn’t matter, my son was 8lbs 13oz you can do it if you really want to and there’s no problems at birth. Although there was one doctor in the practice that was pressuring me to have a c section and didn’t want me going past 40 weeks because you can’t get induced due to higher risks. I say go for it and good luck with whatever you decide!

I had an all natural vbac after 2 emergency C-sections
Also you don’t need to wait at all to tell anyone about your pregnancy
If you’re happy they will be happy for you
Don’t let a prior loss restrict your joy now

For me, I told early because I wanted to celebrate the life growing inside of me no matter how long it was for… whenever you feel comfortable with sharing your news, share! There is no “acceptable” time frame! It is completely up to you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I had a csection with my first. I was able to do a VBAC with my 2nd. My doc told me he knew his work (stitching me up) and was good with me trying VBAC. He’s a strong advocate for it.

First two csection last one natural it can be done

I say it’s a personal choice when to tell people. Some people do not want to have to explain to others they had a miscarriage. Others want the extra support and grieve better through talking about it with those who knew they were pregnant.
As for the vbac it depends on a few things. What type of incision was made, the reason for the emergency, how long between babies, etc. It’s something you should discuss with your obgyn. Congratulations! And good luck!

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I think you should keep it a secret… and Facebook is the perfect place…

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I lost my last 4 and currently 5 months pregnant I didn’t tell anyone but the ones I needed too till 13weeks after my scan x

Seeing as how you can miscarry up to 5 months gestation, I would wait till you’re at least 4 months pregnant. I was more than happy to have a c-section with my second pregnancy, although my anatomy can’t accommodate giving birth vaginally anyway.

Congratulations! I think it’s up to you on who to tell or when you feel comfortable telling them. Babies are a blessing and I know everyone would be thrilled to celebrate the news with you.

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With my rainbow baby I started out just telling the people whos support and comfort I would want I’d the worst happened. Then a few weeks later we told immediate family. A few weeks later extended family and fringe friends/acquaintances then a few weeks later we considered it open news.

Whenever you feel ready.
I told with my first at 13 weeks.
With my second, I told at 8 weeks.
I had one miscarriage in between and after that my outlook changed.
Every life should be celebrated and the baby’s chance of sticking remains the same if you do/don’t tell. I wanted to celebrate.

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I have recurring miscarriages so I wait till around 16wks even though we’ve lost them later than that it lowers our chances. Everyone is different but I don’t like what comes with having to tell people our baby died. Try for vac but prepare for csection

I told at 12 weeks (I’ve had 2 miscarriages, lost the first at 16 weeks and the second at 5 weeks), I have friends who told as soon as they got a positive test, I’ve had friends who told at 20 weeks, and I have a friend who announced at 8 months, so it just comes down to when you are comfortable. Some people feel it should be celebrated immediately, others say to wait as a just in case. As far as the vbac, ask your obgyn, sometimes its possible and sometimes it’s not.

At least wait until after the first trimester to announce you are pregnant so that you have less risk of miscarriage. As for the other question…best to determine that with your obgyn.

I had an emergency section with my first, but was given the option for a vbac the 2nd time, but I opted for the c section bc I was high risk. I think it all depends on the dr u have. As far as when to tell everyone, I’d wait til ur past the 1st trimester just to be safe.

I had a c section with my 1st and then successful cbacs with my 2nd and 3rd. It is absolutely possible!! Learn as much as you can about vbacs and repeat c sections. ICAN is a wonderful resource. So is the ACOG. There are also some very helpful vbac fb groups. As far as announcing your pregnancy, whenever you feel like you want people to know! There is no right or wrong time to announce it. It is 100% your preference.

Congrats! And thanks for feeling comfortable sharing with us. Ive had 10 miscarriages and im extreamly superstitious. Ive had 5 live births vaginally, 1 without any pain relief during labor. Ive always waited til i was 13 weeks pregnant before i told anyone because i believed if i told anyone before then or bought anything for the baby before then, that id loose it because i did those things before I was 13 weeks pregnant. But do what you feel is best. Hope for an update in the near future about your desion, how you told every one, & how far long you are and maybe an ultrasound photo? Lol
I hope the best for you! :heart:

Being probably the oldest member on this site I can only tell you that there are no rules. never have been… no matter what anybody says… you tell the people you love when you’re ready… and sometimes having too much information can just be overwhelming… women have been having babies for millions of years… And indeed till recently you didn’t know who you were going to bring home from the hospital until… and when they’re 7 or 8 you want to check that wristband again… vaginal… cesarean… in warm water… standing up… lying down.
There is no right or wrong way… no matter what …it’s going to be an experience and every mother is a mother… enjoy the journey

I say tell people when you are ready and feel comfortable. I had a misscarriage after my 1st son. And found out we were expecting our 2nd son a little over a month later. I told my family right away. For both my sons I had to have a c section my bag ruptured with my 1st son. And after a d&c and a c section my doctor would not allow a vbac. I think it comes down to what your doctor thinks. I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant with our daughter and I asked what happens if I go into labor naturally. If my water breaks and im at an 8cm dilated he will let it go and see what happens. If I go into labor and I’m less than an 8 it will be a c section. A vbac for me would be risky.

Ypu can tell people when you are comfortable. There is no reason to wait till 12 weeks. Yes the chance of a loss is less but its still possible. It’s really how you feel about the situation. Personally I would tell close friends and family but keep it off social media. As for how you give birth that is really best left to the doctors and yourself.

It’s about when you are comfortable sharing your pregnancy with everyone, if it makes them uncomfortable that’s their business.

I shared with my close family at 6 weeks and everyone else at 10. We were too excited. Waited till 28 weeks to learn the gender( every other person knew at 17 weeks and kept it super secret from us parents) this next round we decided to know and not share at all. To all you mamas out there with angels babies in heaven, my heart swells and feels so much love for tour struggles and blessings. Your stories remind me how unbelievably blessed I am to have my daughter in my arms