When should kids shower on their own?

How old was your baby when you started allowing them to shower by themselves? My 4 year old still takes baths and we help. Just wondering when they are old enough to start showing and washing their own hair.


My sons 5 almost 6. I just assist if he needs help when he’s washing his hair

It depends on the child and how well you teach them to shampoo hair and wash thier bodies.

Around 6 or 7 for my 2 oldest boys, my 5 year old son still needs help. My daughter about 7ish too, but I still help with her hair, she doesn’t get all the shampoo out

My daughter was about 4. She’s 5 now and showers every day for school. She still needs help washing her hair but that’s not done every day. I turn the shower on for her and get her out.

My 4 and 5 year old shower on their own I just assist and make sure they got all of shampoo out of their hair.

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We started around the end of 4 begining of 5.

My 7yr old can’t wash her hair very well. As in she can do it but it’s not up to my standards. Other than assisting her there she showers and bathes by herself. I stay close by though to make sure she doesn’t fuck around and fall or something.

My almost 8 year old daughter washes her body I was her hair it’s long my almost 7 year old son tries to wash his body I was his hair he’s special needs my 11 year old son does it on his own and has from the time he was about 7 or 8

I wash my their hair cause they still have trouble getting all the shampoo out. But they wash their own bodies

my 3 yr old does it by himself. He doesnt like the help so we monitor and step in when we have too.

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My sister is 10 and we still check her when she conditio s

Between 5 and 6 to ensure the water temp is right. Girls with long hair need help longer as they need to get their hair washed thuroughly soap out etc.


Mine started when he was 5 and a half. I would stand and watch to make sure he does it right, and now he’s totally independent.

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I still assist my 9, 10 and 11 year old when washing their hair :thinking: But they can handle everything else. They are also mixed with very curly hair so I simply want to make sure they are cleaning their scalps good :blush:

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My stepson was 5 and my stepdaughter was 6.

My daughter is 6. I still wash her hair for her but I let her wash her own body. I just remind her to make sure she washes her butt and lady parts really good. And I dont leave until she does. She gets more concerned with playing than getting clean lol

My 9 year old can do everything for her self but i always come in at the end to make sure she got all the shampoo out of tlher hair and what not. 5 year old needs help washing his hair still and i sit in with my 3 year old.

My son was 6…bought him tear free shampoo and he was good to go

At 9, my son will pretend to wash his hair until I get frustrated and dump shampoo on him. My other child is 6 and is great by himself, just make sure they know water safety

My son is 7…I wash his hair for him during the school yr bc lice freaks the hell out of me ever since it happened one time. :joy:

It depends on the kid. My son was almost 7 and he was all about showers.
My daughter is 9 and bless her heart, she tries but I may as well bathe her. Lol

6 for showers, but they start bathing themselves around 4. I just make sure they don’t drown. I’d like to switch to showers earlier, but they get soap/water in their eyes and flip.

My son is 2 1/2 will be 3 in July and he does awesome taking a showers I just wash his hair. Once he picked out his own loofas (paw patrol and a Mickey Mouse) he does all the scrubbing of his body!

My kids are 4 and 6
Our 6 year old is starting to bath herself sometimes requires a hand
Our 4 year old could play in bath and never wash up lol my kids don’t like showers

My daughter started taking showers by herself at 7

My daughter just turned 4 and she showers with me and I watch her wash so she does it right then I get out and she likes to just play with toys in there by herself.

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I still help my 6 yr old son every now and then. Just kind of a once over before he gets out to make sure hes rinsed off.

I say you all have some pretty independent kids - that’s great because 3 and 4 to be bathing them selves seems young


My 5 year old daughter does everything besides her own hair, because she usually ends up with shampoo in her eyes.
My 6 year old son does all himself. I just keep asking him if he’s washing. And making sure he’s using the soap :roll_eyes:
For their age I limit their shower to 5-6 minutes, otherwise they are just sitting on the floor playing.

My son is 6 and typically doesn’t need any help when he takes showers. But, of course, he knows that I’m not far away if he does need help with something like washing his hair.

My daughter is 6 and she likes to wash her hair and body by herself. I just double check she got everything and add conditioner to her hair.

My 2 year old washes himself and washes his hair! I obviously help wash his hair when he asks or if he doesn’t get it all out! (he’s supervised while in the bath!!)

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7 with help washing hair

You should probably help your daughter wash her hair for a while longer…

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My youngest is 7. I just double check her hair for shampoo when she gets out. She takes 25 minute showers though so she’s usually good. Lol.

My 6,4 & 2 year olds do showers. My 6 year old does it completly on his own my 4 year old has everything down pat except her hair… My 2 year old of course I still have to bathe him and stay close.

Usually around 6 (by the time they start school).

My son is 6 and showers I just keep an eye on his to make sure he washes all the important parts lol

My daughter is 7 and need help with only her hair because its very long

My oldest is almost 7. Im training her to wash her body and i just go over it again to make sure she is clean, but she washes her own private area and I wash and shampoo her hair because she has very long hair and i want to make sure she takes care of it.

Oh dear my daughter is 11 and still likes me to wash her hair.But she has only started to bath herself from the age of 9.


I Introduce it really young but stay in there… Like around 1 or when they can walk around good because that can be pretty scary at first then i give the choice if they want to do that or bath. They usually don’t start to want to on their own until about 4 or 5

7/8… 4 is Miles to young

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My 7 year old still just takes baths!

I have 2 girls 4&2. I usually just give them a bath together. 2 birds 1 stone lol but my 4 year old is able to wash her self all except hair.

4-5 with the door open. And I’d call out to him every so often and go check on him

I helped bath my sister until she was 10, mostly just made sure the water was at an ok temperature and made sure she got the shampoo out of her hair. Shortly before she turned 11, she would do it all by herself but still call me in to make sure the shampoo was all out.

My 7 year old son hates showers. He prefers drowning my bathroom in water. :woman_facepalming:

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I know it’s young but my little one takes a shower with me, and sometimes alone while I am in the bathroom. She absolutely loves it too. She is almost 3. (She is also really mature for her age)

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My 4 year old showers by herself, i just wash her hair for her.

I made mine when she started kindergarten.

My oldest is 5 and she started showering around 1.5, but my husband lived in a place that only had a shower, no bathtub after his divorce. But once we moved in together she kept showering more vs a bath. We still have to help her occasionally with washing or rinsing her hair but she’s getting the hang of it more

My son started at 7…i stood in there the first couple times and instructed him how to properly wash himself and left it at that…granted hes a lil boy who likes dirt, so i still give his head and arm or leg a sniff to make sure he did actually wash lol

My children ranged from 4-10
When they could consistently do this for themselves hygienically.

The oldest one, @10, actually tested the highest on all bubble-dot tests; personal hygiene was apparently a challenge due to too full of a brain…

Each child is DIFFERENT!

No two, even identical twins, develop consistently the same: that is a pipe dream we have as parents & educators.

When ever they are able to shower properly with out help. Every kid is different so a specific age is hard to determine. But at 4 you can start teaching him to do it himself (if you haven’t already)

My daughter is 5 and she still loves her baths but she does it by herself. I just stand there to make sure she does her hair right since is long and curly

My 2 year old little girl opens the shower herself and has a ball of a time <3 Lol washes her own hair but, calls me to rinse the shampoo off :slight_smile:

My 10.year old still baths and I still have to go in and help him I think the age your looking for is 30


Mine was 4 but I’d scrub him and wash his hair, then let him play for a bit


My 3 yr old washes himself and I redo it for what he misses. My kids have always taken showers and as long as they can climb in the shower themselves, they can shower on their own. Before they could wash themselves, I’d pop in to do that and then leave them to play and enjoy their shower.
Baths are just swim time in your own filth.

My 4 and 2 year old still take a bath and it’s supervised

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My son is 4 and showers or takes a bath by himself. I help when he has hair gel that needs to be washed out.

My daughter is 9 and she can do it although she might need help sometimes

My kids started at 4 cause they was in pre-k and it was time to learn independence. Now my kids are 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 7,6 in school and do baths alone, they can make their own cereal before school, they know how to cook pancakes and eggs now, they know how to put clothes in the washer and dryer and start them. Never too early to teach them life lessons. These are things they would do as adults.

Soon my 3.5 year old will be in Pre-k and will be doing the same and her 2yr old brother and 1 year old twins will follow the same foot steps

My daughter is 6, I just wash her hair and she does the rest :blush:

Depends on the kid. I have a 2.5 year old that does a pretty dang good job at getting himself clean (i still help with hair) and I have a 10 year old who will just sit in the water amd do nothing unless I make him😌 I woupdnt leave mt kid unsupervised before 5 or 6 tho.

My oldest was 9. She took baths by herself with me outside the door since she was 5. My two youngest still take baths no showers…my son is 7 and I sit outside the door with him since he was 6 but my 6yr old girl I still sit in the bathroom with her. It depends on the child.

My 6 year old still takes baths because he hates the shower head and likes to play. But he will shower like on vacations and other places with no tub

But he cleans himself, starts the tub, drains it, cleans up after

3 on her own and 4 with no help, she even turns the shower on and adjusts the temp

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My oldest started doing it herself when she was 6 but I still help her sometimes she has really thick hair

My daughter could wash herself and w.e alittle after turning 2. I check on her in the bath and keep the door open but besides that unless we need to go somewhere soon, i dont need to help her.

My daughter is almost 8, and has been taking showers since 5. She does everything herself, needs no help washing anything. She even gets herself out and dries herself. It just depends on when you start teaching them how and what to do. The only thing my daughter needs is help brushing her hair.

My son is eight and he still likes taking baths at times. I think it relaxes him. We do not help him though and haven’t for a few years now.

My first born was taking showers completely on his own at 5. My 2nd born started taking showers on his own between 6 and 6.5.

My 9 year old is good to shower alone BUT washing and rinsing her hair properly is another story. :joy:

My 3 year old showers and washes himself.

Try it. If they come out actually clean, now. My son wanted to so badly but kept coming out with soap in his hair and dirt on his face so…

Never, especially if they are a boy :laughing::laughing:

My oldest washes herself at 5, I think it depends on how independent they are. My 4 year old probably won’t until he’s a few years older

It took until I was about 12 to be very honest. Because showers and baths scared me because I’m clumsy and have hurt myself and winded myself with both things. And honestly at 19 almost 20 I still can’t do my hair properly. Been shown how to do it so many times, couldn’t master it. I think I should be embarrassed at the fact it took me a while to shower on my own but I’m glad I’m not. I was and still am just an anxious mess haha.

Thanks ladies! I love this page! Lots of good stories and ideas to help transition her when the time comes!

My daughter is 7 and washes and dries herself. But she can’t do her hair by herself yet, it is too long and thick. Now my 3 year old likes to “wash” herself before I wash her.

Mine started at 4. Hasnt stopped. My oldest was 5.

My oldest son was 4 and my younger son was 7 it completely depends on the child there shouldn’t be any pressure x

4 year old is not old enough to shower by themselves. My 4 year old just started showering with me.