When should kids use a stove?

My son was cooking at age 4 microwave, stove at around seven but never unsupervised until around 11 but it depends on the maturity level and how much safety you thought her and does she know what to do in case of an accident. All children are different, some mature faster than others.

Sure it’s ok otherwise some children wouldn’t eat at all. Sometimes it’s a matter of circumstances, some it’s a matter of just wanting to cook.

It depends on the child. My oldest son has been making his own eggs, oodles of noodles and chicken tenders since he was 8 or 9. My youngest son however, is 12 and I still don’t 100% trust him to use the stove alone.

It’s never too young to start… this is my son at 2.5yrs old making garlic shrimp (he also made Spanish rice and pico de Gallo that day)


If she’s doing a safe job let her do it, she will burn stuff and herself but she will learn.

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I personally think she is too young to do anything that can hurt her. Someone atleast needs to be in the house.

If she shows the maturity to use the stove then no problem.


Depends on the kids. My 7 and 10 year old are allowed to cook curtian things

My mother had no choice. Youngest girl of 9 children. 9 years old when her mother died. She wasn’t strong enough to work the fields back then so she became the cook for the whole family. All those years of cooking sure did teach her to be the best cook in the world. Thank God for my Mother. She made sure I had a much easier life growing up but my cooking doesn’t hold a candle to hers.

there is nothing wrong with children at 8 or 9 COOKING PROVIDED THEY HAVE BEEN TAUGHT PRPO


When I was 9 years old my mother taught me how to make scrambled eggs and French toast because I would get up like 6 in the morning on a Saturday and she was sleeping in so if I didn’t want cereal I knew how to make my breakfast


Grilled cheese eggs id I’d done correctly. My sons turning 12 we started around 8 . I cant speak un supervised or not

I was cooking at that age.

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Depends on the kid. Not really a problem if she has been taught and does ok. I cooked at that age. My boys too.

I was cooking complete meals by that age. But my grandparents taught my mother and her siblings to cook, do laundry, do dishes etc… younger than that.


I was 9 cooking for myself. Depends on the kid in my opinion. Some are mature enough and can handle it others not so much lol would I trust my 8 year old to cook? Hell no! But my best friends niece is 9 and looooves to cook on her own! Just depends on the child I suppose.

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There’s kids on MasterChef Junior making beef Wellington. As long as she knows the safety of using the stove, why not?

If she’s not with an adult she can’t

I don’t think she’s to young as long as there’s an adult in the house Incase she needs help or something happens. Make sure she knows the safety of the stove first.

I think mum knows best, she wouldn’t do something she didn’t trust her child with, I’m sure she’s being watched as well

Dont let them cook unsupervised to dangerous

My granddaughter learned to cook at that age how are they going to learn if you don’t teach them life skills.

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My daughter is 5 and I allow her supervised i think it depends on the kid

My son is 10 and has been independently cooking for the last few years, it is a tool and we taught him safety, he made this cake from scratch last week for his brothers


I was allowed to cook at 9 by myself

I was flipping torllias for my family at that age XD …with my bare hands XD … she will be fine

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Depends on the adults in her life. Did anyone teach her? Age and experience are two different things


My daughter is 7 and she does. But I’m always near by.

My granddaughter can make grilled cheese, soup and chicken patties. There is usually someone in the house. I’m happy she is cooking, my mom never let me in the kitchen and I didn’t learn to cook until I was 18 -19

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I never burned our home down. I’ve been cooking since I was 7. Started learning in the girl scouts for my badges. I even won a state cooking competition at the age of 8 that was sponsored by the Westinghouse Electric Company.

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Been cooking since forever. Was taught about what could go wrong and how to deal with it

I was using a stove at that age. Depends on the kids.

I think it’s great she’s learning how to cook, but she should be supervised, she’s only 9

Not unsupervised, but plenty old enough to cook on the stove.

My daughter does, only when im home though, or my husband.

It depends. I cooked myself scrambled eggs all the time when I was like 6-7. My grandma taught me from the time I was super young. But some kids might not be taught about it or responsible enough to be trusted to turn the stove off when finished etc.

Lol I’m 28 years old and have been cooking full meals for me and my siblings since I was 8 years old and my mom and my grandma started me in the kitchen at a very young age. I guess it really just depends on how mature the child is at that age.

Wow. Toddlers in Asian & middle eastern cultures literally cook & clean for their entire family. Mayyyybe you’re being too paranoid.

I was cooking at the age of 4. Granted we were very poor, from the wrong side of town and I didnt have a good mom, she constantly left us alone and we were hungry and learned how to cook very early.

My oldest is only 4 right now and I let him help me supervised in the kitchen. I’m teaching him all about safety and how to use things in the kitchen. My sister has taught her kids to cook and allows her 9 year old to cook a few things unsupervised but for the most part she’s sitting right there watching her

Totally depends on the kid to be honest.


If she’s hungry and everyone’s too busy to be making her food…why would she let her starve if she’s capable to reach and put the stove on?

Depends on how much instruction she has had in her life. Mine could cook eggs and grilled cheese and such at that age cause I started teaching them around 3 and 4

I was cooking simple small meals like scrambled eggs soup noodles mac n cheese grill cheeze by the time i was 5-6!Using toaster n microwave at around 4!My 10 year old has known how to use toaster and microwave and get his own cereal since 3-4!He hasnt shown much interest in cooking though!:joy:

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I could cook certain things by myself at 7. As long as she knows good safety, it should be fine.

As long as she knows what she’s doing and to keep hair up, no floppy sleeves and she is tall enough without having to stand in anything and an adult is supervising them

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I was 7 when I started :woman_shrugging:

Depends on how mature she is at that age. I was cooking a few things at that age.There was always someone at home though. Must know safety as well.


I’ve taught my kids to cook simple meals. The older ones both cook dinner one night a week. They are 13 and 11. I let my youngest one help me cook. I started letting them cook, with supervision, when they were tall enough to reach into a pan without a stool. So around 8-9.

I let my 8 year old cook simple things. Im in the house, just not right there over her shoulder. Maybe let her mother who knows her better decide what shes “too young” for.

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She is young but is she just reheating or boiling water etc.

As long as she knows how to be safe with it, I don’t see a problem. I started cooking for my whole family at age 10. Also did my own laundry and cleaned the bathrooms and yardwork. Those were my chores.


Yes. I think you are just being too paranoid. I leant to use the stove when I was 6 or 7…
My sister-in-law is 11 years old and still can’t light a match stick!
Her mother has spoilt her to the limit. I just hate the little bit*h… all mouth and acting grown up but still can’t light a friggin’ match.

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To young to have no supervision at all x

Depends on the child. By 9 years old I was getting myself ready for school and walking there (parents were already at work). I would also make food for myself when getting home. ect.

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I cooked by myself at that age I dont see anything wrong with it it’s not like she’s making full course meals

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I was able to cook a few things on the stove. It really depends on the child.


I grew up with a propane stove and started cooking without supervision in 3rd grade

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Yup, to young unsupervised…

Everyone grows up at their own pace. I was cooking for myself at 6-7 years by myself. My nephew and niece can’t even open the fridge without spilling something at 6 and 10. Lol

My 8yearold used to put a full roast Dinner on to cook

Unsupervised I think is a no no but I think it’s okay for them to use it while a adult is watching very close by

My 8 year old neace cooked her pizza in the oven today and she did very good but I would never let her or any child in my house use one unsupervised its too dangerous

Depends on the kid. I’d she is safe and understands how to do things, then I don’t see and issue as long as an adult is home and knows she’s using the stove. I use to make my mom eggs and toast as a kid, and bring them to her in her bed…started around aged 6. I made them every Sunday for her. I have a 12 yr old that I know isn’t ready to use the stove unassisted, but my 9 yr old can do much more then his big bro. It just depends on the child. I say, don’t take away her independence, let it grow…help her learn more. You never know, she could grow up to be the next big famous chef.

I say cook on.if the child is responsible.I was making breakfast for my 3brothers and sister when I was that age.the real chore was waking them up for school.mom trusted me.not to kill them or burn house down…

I have been cooking dinner for my huge family since the age of 7 with no supervision. I am now 65. Where I grew up that was the norm.


I started cooking at 6