When should toddlers take swimming lessons?

What is everyone’s opinion on swimming lessons for a toddler? My son is about to be 2 and I want to put him in swimming lessons. I have looked at several water baby classes.


Go for it ,it is never to early to teach them to swim. I did it with my daughter at 18 months

I think its an Amazing idea best thing you can do for your child!!!

My daughter is 8 months and is in swim lessons

We started as soon as she was vaccinate d

Do it. So fun. It’s good for kids to know how to swim. Do it!!! And it’s cute to watch lol

My daughter is 15ms and absolutely loves her swim lessons! I think the younger the better

The sooner the better! I used to teach swim lessons. If he doesnt pay attention well in a class then do private lessons!

My son started swimming lessons at 7 months :slight_smile:

Definitely do it! I’m 23 and still can’t really swim well.

If you have a pool or live near :sweat_drops: water :sweat_drops: you absolutely should . :pray:

One if the best things i did for my 2 year old! She is about to do her second year of swimming… It was hard at first because my daughter was scared but was a pro after a few weeks!

My daughter is 8 months n we r getting them this summer the earlier the better.

Yes. It’s more about getting kids used to the water and feeling safe and secure around water. The earlier the better.

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Id say go for it specially if u live in an area where there beaches n large bodies of water or even swimming pool at home in case child was to get in the water they could swim to safety where we r there isn’t anything like that just the lake n public pools or people may own pools etc so my daughter hasn’t had swimming lessons she was afraid of a indoor public pool so waiting till she older!

I started my daughter at 2 months

Yes had my babe in the pool from 3 months up

My niece just turned 2 and absolutely loves it!

Put him in classes, he will be just fine, best thing I ever done.

We were stationed in Hawaii when my son was a baby. Took him to swimming classes at 3 months old. It’s a natural reaction for a baby to hold its breath under water a d lick and move arms. It was amazing.

Sorry he was 2 months old and I meant kick.

Never thought to start so young and I’m a second time momma lol wish I would’ve started sooner yall think 3 is still ok age to start and him still learn alot