When should you stop changing with your kids in the room?

My kids still interrupt me all the time :woman_shrugging:t2: they’re 7 and 11. All 3 of us are good at interrupting my mom while she’s changing. :joy: I’ll sit there and have a whole conversation with her while she changes 3 feet away from me.

She’s your daughter. Don’t let someone make it a big deal for you when obviously it’s not.


She’s your daughter! Why would it ever be inappropriate? She’s a girl and has the same parts you have. My daughter is 13 and I never stopped changing in front of her. If it were a boy it would be different because his body is different. I don’t think there is anything wrong with changing in front of your daughter. Your friend has issues.


My 6yo and 4yo boy like to barge in when I’m in the shower :woman_shrugging: I cant sleep in clothes either so when I wake in the morning they see me getting out of bed to get dressed i always see it as its just a body. My daughter I wont be bothered as we will both have the same things x

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My daughter is 6 and I change in front of her. My son is 2 and I don’t change in front of him… but I’m not going to bash a parent who does or doesnt :woman_shrugging:t3:.


My daughters 10. Girls can change with girls. They’re going to have to do it for gym class right? I mean, especially if we’re trying on clothes in a store or at the y swimming, honestly, if i let my daughter change by herself, she’d be getting dressed for like 45 minutes lol

Our kids range in age, 7, almost 3 and 18months. My husband and I sleep naked, and usually end up bed sharing with at least one kid nightly. We shower together. We shower with the kids. On hot days the kids play outside naked in the pool or the sprinkler. It’s not wrong for kids to be comfortable and educated about bodies. We do make sure to keep it in the family though. If friends of other family are over, clothes stay on.

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My daughter is almost 8 and walks in on me all the time taking a shower. She doesn’t make a big deal about it so I don’t.

I never feel strange if any of my daughters see me naked. I have three girls and will walk around naked if I’m in the middle of changing and need to go to a different room or downstairs to get something. I’m very comfortable with my body, I hope I foster my daughters being comfortable with theirs.


My mom still does that and I’m 25…


My kids are 7 and 8 years old, they can come in my room when I change anytime. The way I look at it is: they came out of me, I fed them with my breast so who cares if they see me. I didn’t breast feed for long with either kid but they each did at least twice. My mom always told me that if I was to not let my kids around when I changed then my girl would think she needs to be ashamed of her body and my boy would sexualize the female body way to much. I don’t want my son to be the type of kid who sees a bra and think he can do whatever he wants. I don’t want my daughter to feel her body is something to be ashamed of.


I’m 27 and my mum and I still get dressed in front of each other I’m a mum to a 6yr old girl and 3yr old boy I get dressed in front of them. she’s your daughter do what feels right for you and besides I’d rather my kids see me how I am and know I’m natural and comfortable as I am that what they see in the media isn’t always truthful :slightly_smiling_face:

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She’s a girl. You’re a girl. Don’t teach her to be ashamed.


Omfg my kids are 9,7 and 4 and I get dressed in front of them all daily. It’s not a big deal

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I used to sit on the toilet and talk to my mom when she took her weekly bubble baths🤷🏻‍♀️ I did that until I was around 10 I think and I stopped because I felt I was getting too old for it, she didn’t make me. She also would see me in the bath and changing well into my teenage years. I don’t see a problem with it.

I have boys. The bathroom has become my sanctuary lol

Uhh I get dressed with my 11, 9 and 6 year olds in the room :woman_shrugging:t2: we’re all girls so I don’t see the issue

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My kids are 17, 16, 13 and 6 all girls and we all dress with each other in the room
Your friend is crazy !!

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Who cares you are her mother!! I change in front of both my girls. You should never hide your body, they are learning from you!

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My son is 9 and still no fucks given here ha ha xx

It’s more weird to make it weird. Teaching her to be comfortable in her own skin is an important part of life that you can teach her.

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I have a daughter who is 14 and I change in the bathroom and she comes booming in. So I’m over it we have the same parts and I gave birth to her . So if she is comfortable so am I . We do not body shame in our house

My daughter is almost 9, and I try to be modest about it.


Personally I never did. My kids are not allowed in our room or master bathroom so it was never really necessary. Its more about teaching privacy.
But I also have two girls so they have walked in on me a few times when younger and used the same stall to use the bathroom when younger. I’m modest but I’d never shame them or make them feel ashamed of their bodies.
I always say the human body is beautiful and amazing.
But i also teach modesty only because they are children and should never be sexualized in any way.


My mom changed in front of me my whole life! I’d also sit on the toilet when she showered a lot. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. You’d be able to tell if your child was uncomfortable with it. I don’t know why so many people reach their babies that there is something shameful about a naked body.


My son and I shower all the time and he is almost 4. We see nothing wrong with it and he has learned proper anatomy and hopefully respects womens bodies when he is older

Me n my mom still dress and change in from of each other.
She’s 60 & I’m 29 :woman_shrugging:t4::woman_shrugging:t4:


Ummmm well then…my daughter is 17 and I dress in front of her all the time lmao

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My girls are 8and 9 and they have seen me bathroom and bedroom they have been in bathroom with me even that time. Even my older daughter same thing 3 girls here.

It’s up to you. All of my family…siblings, nieces, aunts, cousins… if you are female it’s not like its nothing they haven’t seen before. My child is 8 and I still get dressed and she is so used to it she dont pay attention. I dont change in front of anyone but my daughter and husband. I dont feel comfortable doing it. I let my daughter know she is in charge of her body and if she isn’t comfortable with something let me know.

I still do lol my daughter is 22. A boy no of course. …

I’m 35 and my mom and I will change in front of each other. Not a big deal. :woman_shrugging:

I’m their mother. My girls are 10 and 7 and I will get dressed in front of them until the end of time lol…positive body image and knowledge is what we like to teach! Now different gender, is different.

I’m 36 ill ask my mom next time, but i do notice she gets upset if I flash her and ask if this is normal or should I see a dr. Lol


My daughter will be 12 in a few weeks and i still do this, don’t let anyone tell you whats wrong and right with your child. Your instincts will tell you when its inappropriate

Personal preference for you and your kid(s). If either party is uncomfortable then it shouldn’t happen but if neither have an issue who cares.

Got 3 daughters. Its no big deal unless u make it 1. Its natural & if ur comfortable, then they will be 2. Got a 6,7& 20year old. Last yr. i saw my grandson be born & my oldest was comforble lettin me b there & help her thru labor, delivery, recovery & nursing her baby❤ Proud of her 4 bein comforble in her own skin & having good self esteem & self image & bein confident. Only my sons i stop when they are young.

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I only have one kid…she’s 7…and yes I do dress and change in front of her. She’s barely coming into her own so sometimes she even asks questions about her growing body. I don’t see anything wrong with it. …now if I had a son I wouldn’t be doing the same…but still have the talks with him.

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My mom has always changed in front of me. I am 38 she is 63…

I’m 25 years old and me and my mom still change in front of each other :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:

My mother never stopped. I don’t see it as a problem. You body is what hers is going to look like. At least she will know and understand and hopefully not feel ashamed.

My daughter will be in nineteen in Dec…and I still change in front of her. Granted we’re talking bra and underwear…but we do t care in this house lol

Shes a girl it’s all good mama

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My son is 11 years older than my last three… 4, 3, and 12 months… he’s seen me breastfeed all three of them. He has walked in on me showering several times to ask me questions… or decides to carry on a conversation while I try to poop. I don’t ehh… he gets his privacy doing his business but I’m just Momma to him Honestly I don’t think he sees me as female species :joy:but like I said just his Momma.


I am 27, mt mom is 65… she will still change with me in the room :rofl:

I have 5 daughters and there is always one of us in house naked :joy::joy::joy: why hide your body from your daughter… Mine saw it from the beginning when I’d bath or shower with them so there was no issue as it was just the norm. I also see now as adult and teenagers they have no hang ups about any girl they are close to, including me, see them naked and vice versa.

I think with girls sure can be any age, shows them how a female body is suppose to be like and creates that comfortable feeling with your own body cause everyone is different. My daughter is 3 turning 4 with delayed in age as well. And if she has an opinion that’s just hers.

My mum gets changed in front of me I’m 31 , she was at the birth of my son aswell x

Girl what ? Yes it’s okay. Teach her about private parts ASAP!!

I’m 37 and just had a convo with my mom who was naked on the toilet :rofl: Was never a big deal for us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hahaha. My kids are 20, 17, 2 and currently pregnant… I still change in front of them. Oops, sometimes I use my bathroom and don’t close the door. My house!!! Lol. It’s no biggie unless someone makes it a biggie I guess

It’s not a bad thing to teach kids that nudity is not to be sexualized constantly or feared. Both my 9(girl) and 4(boy) see me change.
The best advice I’ve heard about the subject is to respect when your kids start wanting to change separate or have that privacy.

I had a friend who’s mom raised five boys all to be comfortable and respectful of the naked body because she had seizures and it could literally be the difference between life and death if they were “scared” of seeing her naked.


I’m 21 and my mom still undresses in front of me. It’s about the relationship I guess. I undress in front of her and my sister. We do “fashion shows” lol

I only do bra/ underwear around mine. They don’t see anything else. They are 6, 2, and 6 months.

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I guess it depends I have sons so I don’t get dressed in front of them. But I think if I had a daughter I wouldn’t feel as embarrassed about it.

My mom and I still change in front of one another and I’m 29. I really don’t think it’s a big deal. However, I have an 8 year old son and I do not change with him in the same room.

I’m 24 an if my moms suddenly buys me something she will say try it on lol.
Your daughter is a female shes learning her body anatomy if anything. An that’s not bad.
Mines 3 an 1, their girls

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I have boys it’s never been a big deal. Boys and girls are different have different parts for different reasons. But I also never told them their penis was called a peepee and they know breasts feed babies. It’s normal and natural and no different than having a meal at the table. To each their own.

I changed in front of my daughters until they were like OMG BOOBS EWWW probably around the 6/7 year range

I have 2 daughters that are 6 and 3 that I change in front of. I don’t think it’s a big deal :heart:

My mom still gets dressed and undressed in front of me lol and my oldest likes to point out that she can see my butt when i get undressed lol i teach my kids you can always be comfortable in front of mommy no matter what they are or arent wearing

Um what about when they gawk at your boobs and they are boys? Mine do this and when I ask what they are looking at they hide away, smirk shyly and say nothing then laugh

I feel like this should only be a question if the sexes were opposite. I shower and change in front of my daughter. I feel it’ll just make it easier for her to understand her own body when she is older. I’ll stop when and if she ever wants it.

My mom always got dressed in front of us.
Hell I’m 31 and when we go over for the summer she still does. Or I sit and bullshit with her while she’s in the tub.
Maybe a boy will be different?? I still change infront of my 3 boys. (Oldest is 6) but I can’t even pee without atleast 1 with me anyways.

I dont think it’s a big deal at all. You do what your comfortable with.

My son is almost 7 and still sees me naked. He’s not interested in my parts or anything in that nature. He doesn’t stare or make things uncomfortable so I don’t mind. It’s just him and I so i don’t even think anything of it but when my spouse and I move in together then I won’t do it anymore because he has a 8 year old daughter that doesn’t need to see me naked lol.

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I’m 31 and my mom still changes in front of me. :woman_shrugging:

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My mom did it all my life and will still do it. We are both girls and have all the same stuff. I did stop dressing around my son when he was about 5. I figured it was time and he never questioned.

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My oldest daughter is almost 13, my youngest 2 daughters are 8 and 7, and we still change in front of each other and shower together. I grew up like that and it’s normal to us. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Tell ur friend to grow up and mind her own business :roll_eyes:


Myself an 2 girls have dressed an undressed in the same room they are 29 an 31 an have done so since little

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I’m 33 and my mom is 60 and we still undress in front of each other. It’s my mom. She’s seen all of me and I’ve seen all of her. I dont see a problem with it but we’re all different.


Dude, I’m 41 and if I’m in the room with my mom and she’s wants to change, she does. And vice versa. My daughters, to include my bonus, will not leave the room if I’m changing. And I don’t force them. I don’t even force my sons to leave. My logic is the body is natural, there is nothing sexual going on and no big deal.


You don’t have any parts she doesn’t have, some just are bigger. Don’t worry about it.

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Me and my mom change in the same room all the time and I’m 20 :rofl:

Normalize the human body and stop sexualizing children. Please.


Girl do what feels right! My 10 yr old still showers with me sometimes . Nothing weird— we actually have really good talks in the shower .

It’s normal around here. :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

You are the same gender as her. You have the same parts. Honestly, she’ll never be too old. Kinda like changing in front of your best friend. Might be different if you had a son. Then once they get older and start noticing things, then you stop changing in front of them. But mother’s and daughters… really they never really get to old for that.

I still go in while my moms in the bath to talk to her or while shes getting dressed
My sisters do the same :woman_shrugging:

I grew up with my mom being comfortable being naked in front of me and vice versa. Still at 32, I would undress in front of my mom (like a dressing room if we were shopping or whatever). I want my own daughter to feel comfortable doing that too so I don’t hide my body from her or make it a big deal.

Ok, I’m sure I’ll catch flack from a few but I still change/shower in front of my 8yo son. He has no issues with it and it’s not sexual because eeewww but if he ever expresses concern I’ll remind him to stop walking in on me and that privacy goes two ways. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I have an 8 year old daughter and change in front of her. I also have a newborn I’m nursing. So she sees my boobs all the time lol. I am very upfront w her and if she ever has questions, I answer them.

I think it’s something that’s important with a son rather than a daughter.

If you, and your girls are ok with it. I really don’t see a problem with it.

My mom walked around naked all the time even now at 29 if I walk in her house and she is naked I don’t think much about it… but… my kids are almoast 2 ,4,5 and 7 and I do not change in front of any of them except the youngest I think 2 is the age I stoped

It’s normal in my household! :woman_shrugging:t3:

My children all have no problem changing in front of me, my 2 girls and I have shut my bedroom door and changed at the same time, I don’t change in front of my son. That’s just personal preference.
When I was 17, my mom and I both needed a shower before work and hopped in at the same time. That was more out of necessity lol it’s whatever you feel comfortable with.

Us girls can change in front of each other.

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My daughter is almost 11 & will sit in the room chatting while I get dressed or on the toilet for that matter lol. What is more powerful than seeing a women unashamed & comfortable of her body as a young women…


If I’m in my underwear, then I still do. I want to show my daughter that imperfect bodies are real. Stretch marks and all and no one is absolutely perfect.


Your child will be vocal about when they become uncomfortable with it and I think at that point is when you should draw the line and create some distance. My oldest was around 5 when he started thinking it was weird. My daughter is 7 and I undress it front of her and there is no issue. Same with my 3 year old son.

I never had a problem dressing in front of my daughter.

:raising_hand_woman: I have girls
I have zero problems walking around my house naked if I choose.
My girls have zero problems walking around naked if they choose when their dad is not home.


Why should a child be taught body shame? Seriously. If it’s not sexualized by an adult then a child sees a human body. Why is there an issue? You nurse off the breast but then should hide it like a nun🤦‍♀️


If it’s just my girls we dont even think about it :woman_shrugging: the only time something is said is if their brother pops up and then its girly shrieks which he finds hilarious :woman_shrugging::rofl:

My 9 year old grand has to come in the bathroom while I am taking a bath to talk to me.

Im 35. My mom still will change if I’m in the room. My daughter is 12 and I still change in front of her :woman_shrugging:

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I have all girls and have never stopped changing in front of them.