When should you worry about croup in babies?

When should I worry about croup in a 6 month old? Just the barking cough and obviously sick with some congestion-breathing is normal so far. Should I take him in anyway, or wait it out since his breathing is fine? I’ve dealt with this in my older son, and each time he had to be taken to emergency for steroids and treatments…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When should you worry about croup in babies?

My now 6yo got croup so many times her first 2 years of life. She didn’t always have problems breathing and had just the barky cough. I’d get them seen at least by the ped

Get them seen! Usually if they have reoccurring croup, it has to do with allergies. My son had reoccurring croup & we had to see an ENT for it

Get him seen asap. My son started having it one night took less than 10 minutes and he was having trouble breathing.
Your bub needs to be seen and possible steroids to help breathing

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I would contact the doctor right away.

You do know the baby needs help and they could die . It’s a baby you don’t play doctor .


Id take in for steroid shot

Take them in for a check up just in case better to know rather than guessing especially if it could get worse


Take him. My 4 year old grandson has croup right now. They put him on 2 differant meds as he had an ear infection too, & is doing great now. It’s been about 5 days since onset, Coughing was non stop & would cough so much he gagged.

My daughter had croup cough. It’s contagious, and I rushed her into the ER one night because she had difficulties breathing. A 6 month old infant can’t clear that infection themselves. And if your previous child had issues and needed steroid shots, chances are, this child may need it as well.

My daughter is 16 months old, Had has croup twice in the past 4 months. Take baby in to be seen, croup can quickly get worse.

Never hurts to call the doctor and take them in some offices have a nurse line so you can ask first if you want.

Why ask Facebook and not a medical professional :woman_facepalming:


Wait you are asking if you should take him anyway and in the same breath you said you dealt with this with your older son and he needed the emergency/and steroids… Tf. TAKE HIM


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I usually would call it in when they can’t eat and the fevers are too high. But never hurts to call dr. All depends on baby idk how bad the baby sounds

I had to take my son to the ER because he was having difficulty breathing. Ended up being the viral croup. Was a pretty scary experience to say the least. I wouldn’t chance it at all. It can be contagious. Especially when you’ve had another child with the same thing before and they needed medical attention. Even if you think it’s not that bad, take them it’s NOT worth the risk.

Um yes! My baby got it and had to have two shots of antibiotics immediately

Take him to A& E to be sure.

If he’s not having any issues breathing I’d take him to his normal doctor, as you know with your older son things can get bad pretty quickly. They can get them on steroids early to prevent further inflammation in his airway (and likely will with how young he is and your sons history) Also, Motrin helps because it’s an anti inflammatory.

I’d definitely take him in to be seen so he can get those steroids and breathing treatments but my daughter had croup many times as a baby and toddler and I was told by the doctor that breathing in cold air helps, he even suggested my daughter breathing in cool night air(if possible) and also to open your freezer and let her breath in the cold air from the freezer, it helps with the inflammation in the airway from croup

Yes indeed take your baby to the dr right away. My granddaughter had it an it was RSV not croup.

Take them to the doctor :woman_facepalming:t2:

My 2 year old had the croup and was in the hospital 4 days and had 104 fever- scary time😪

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I wouldn’t wait. Take him in to be seen. In the 70s, the base clinic gave instructions over the phone. I spent many a night in a steamy bathroom, faucet and shower running hot, with my croupy daughter. Nowadays they have nebulizer treatments and steroids that they will give to prevent more severe problems. Yes, take your baby to the ER with croup.


Call your child’s pcp and ask the nurse…

ER or urgent care visit for a steroid to prevent the breathing issue

Yes take him in. He can go into respiratory distress rather fast.

Don’t wait…just make sure and get to dr or ER