When to have sex postpartum?

:exclamation::exclamation:TMI warning::exclamation::exclamation:

Has anyone had postpartum sex that wasn’t awful? I’m getting married next weekend and will be almost 7 weeks postpartum. I’ve stopped bleeding but at my doctors appointment she said I still had two stitches that hadn’t dissolved but she said I can have sex at 6 week. Any tips to make sex better/more comfortable? I’m very nervous.


Lube and find a position that works for you. I know i suffered dryness weeks after having my baby.

I did, it was still great… u since u TMI’d so shall I, have lube handy- u might get a bit nervous at first which makes certain things not happen as fast as we want…

Easier to start on top. So youre more in control of the pace and stuff. Grease that bad boy too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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But i can say, take your time, and it honestly wasn’t as awful and painful as I thought. Everything went fine
Have a glass of wine before lol

In all honesty if you don’t think your ready or that it will not be fully pleasurable for you wait a week.

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Lots of foreplay and lube. Coconut oil is my favorite. Or preseed. Most commercial lubricants are too sticky and irritate me. But take it slow. It was about week 8 that it finally started getting comfortable again even with lots of foreplay and lube

Lube is key bc I’m 12 weeks pp and still dry as the Sahara :confounded:

In our culture we wait three months before we start intercourse again hun. Just to give our bodies enough time to heal. Ijs

Me and my husband were intimate within a couple of weeks after I had my son… it was perfectly fine! It’s all up to your body really!

Lol no one has sex on their wedding night hahaha don’t you worry… you’ll get around to it :rofl::see_no_evil::crazy_face:

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Lube, comfortable position and go slow so you don’t tear


On top because you are in control of whats going on. I tried it with him on top and busted stitches. It was awful.

Never used lube. First baby waited 3 days but had an episiotomy. It hurt so stopped. With my second 3 weeks oh my God so good.

I did it before the six weeks just be gentle. If you feel any discomfort stop

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LUBE. ITS NEEDED. my doc told me to to use lube and my “cocky” self said I’ve never needed it won’t need it this go. Omg it’s needed. It’ll be all good as long as you’re ready. :heart:

I was probably more nervous about the post partum sex than my first time period :joy: but it wasn’t any different for me…no pain, no dryness…just great!

Go slow the first time

Find some good numbing cream or a peppermint lube. You will be distracted by the “glow” and it works!! Just proceed slowly!

If you had stitches I would wait… I had stitches and waited 12 weeks and it still hurt because the skin is tighter

Lots of lube ?!!? And I didn’t enjoy for a while. But I have a anal fistula that wasn’t properly diagnosed

Lots of lube. And only if you feel up to it.

Taking my first poop after child birth was far more painful than sex…it’ll be okay.

Girl, I’ve had sex once since my daughter was born 3 months ago. It felt like he had grown razors on his ding-ding. :joy:
We bought lube for next time, maybe it’ll make things easier :joy:

Lube and protection. You’re very fertile.

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Lube and maybe have him finger you a bit first as part of the foreplay to lessen and stretch you out a bit. Otherwise, good luck.

LUBE. Go slow. Take your time. If your not ready tell him. I made mine wait till my stitches were all dissolved. And i made him wait till I was ready and in the mood bc I tore pretty good and was terrified of having sex again lol
Making him wait a little longer till your ready isn’t going to make the world stop. Even if the guy makes u feel like it is for them. If your body isn’t ready that’s fine. If u try and it still hurts and want to wait longer that’s fine. Don’t feel rushed. Listen to your body and do what u feel comfortable with.
I would honestly wait until ur stitches are gone tho. I popped mine with my 1st child and it was horrible. Still cringe at the thought of it.

I had sex the night right before my 6 weeks check up. (I know, I’m a rebel :joy:). And it was fine. I just told the hubby to take it slow until I said and it was great.

Lube and just to go slow

Alcohol (to relax and calm the nerves) and lube. LOTS of lube.


My kid is 4 months and its still extremely painful

It’s terrible honestly

Wait until the stitches are gone girl!

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Lube and condoms. Also go slow!

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If you have stitches you’re supposed to wait to have sexual intercourse until all the stitches are gone

Yeah I wouldn’t chance it for one night of fun, if those stitches tear you’ll never be the same :cry: just wait on the honey moon sex, the longer u wait the better it’ll be anyways

I did it n it hurt. So I say wait.

Alcohol n lube so much lube especially if you’re nursing

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If you have stitches it doesnt feel good until 8 weeks ( I’m my experience)

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Lots of lube and condoms.

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Lube, stretch out a bit and go slow to begin with. If it hurts at all STOP. Dont try to keep going for him.


I used coconut oil. :rofl::rofl:

We did at a week. Second baby no stitches, i had 5lb babies too so they were premature and tiny
I wasn’t bleeding. And it was great for me. He could tell something was different obviously but still felt great and he finished like Normal. :woman_shrugging:t2: I also had my youngest 8 months later :woman_facepalming:t2:


I didnt have sex I was in to much pain I had stitches from front to back and I didn’t want to be touched


My postpartum sex after my first was just like sex before pregnancy, just lots of breastmilk leaking lmao
Only 1 week postpartum after my 2nd rn so i cant really tell you about that
But i also didnt tear both times so that might have something to do with it


Personally I would wait till stitches was gone. Today you gotta be really careful about infection

Had a second degree tear…we tried at 6 weeks but I was still sore so we waited a week tried a week later and I said ouch…that was the end of that. Around 9 weeks pp, we tried and we just needed to take it slow…now it’s just fun :joy:

So just take it slow. If at all anything hurts…STOP…and just slow down

Don’t even try before your stitches are gone :flushed:

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Wow yikes at all of the women who saying they had sex at a week after giving birth. :grimacing:


I always wait til the doctor clears me and just do it nice and slow and if it hurts stop. The reopening of stitches hurt

Damnnn at some.comments…each to their… I would wait cos I’m I’d be scared too even try

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If it hurts stop, you don’t want to rip those last few stitches

Lots of foreplay. Take it slow. Stop if it hurts

^^^^yes totally agree with Rebecca Anne Hodges and lube helps

I had sex one week after barly any bleeding for 2 days after Only took motrin for 4 days then was fine


I had amazing sex 4 weeks after my twin c section.

I had sex at 4 weeks pp and has no issues

Make sure youre on BC or use protection Unless you want Irish Twins ( currently happening for me ) but we had sex 2 weeks pp & it was rough for a few minutes. I had minimal tearing, Congrats on a baby & a marriage :heart:

I tore really bad with both kids. I didn’t have sex for a few months after bc it hurt so bad. My mouth was fine though…