When to switch toddler to a toddler bed?

What age did you transition your child to a toddler bed? my 18 month old keeps trying to escape his crib and i really dont want him to hurt himself


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When to switch toddler to a toddler bed?

They are usually ready when they try climbing out

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Once mine started trying to escape I transferred them.

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Yep that’s when I switched my boy to his toddler bed. I was so scared he was gonna fall.

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I switched both my boys as soon as they crawled out of the crib.

Now is the best moment

I went straight to a queen size bed with my daughter(it was given to her). Skip the toddler bed. You can put a point noodle under the bottom sheet as a barrier

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I bought my baby girl a tent for her crib and then transferred it to her toddler bed…she was scared of falling out and was sleeping on the floor beside her bed so we put the tent back on…she was happier…

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As soon as they start trying to escape. Personally skipped the toddler bed and went straight to a large single

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I switched the crib gate to the toddler one once he kept climbing out his crib. Then into a big boy bed around 3 cause the crib was just too small

Dont wait any longer. I waited too long in my opinion, when my daughter was about 2 she got her leg stuck in the slots of the crib and the wood was soo strong i couldnt budge it with my hands and had to call the fire dept to come break it and free her knee. Her leg went in easily I guess but started swelling around her knee when she was trying to pull it back out. It was super scary and I was a sweaty anxiety ridden mess. Definitely just go ahead and switch to a toddler bed!!

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Once they start trying to escape you should switch them so they don’t fall out.

You can buy on the floor toddler beds from Walmart. Easy to get in and out of and absolutely not danger of then falling to hurt themselves. Switched my boy at 18 months and he’s now almost 3 and still loves his own bed

My 6yo was 16mo when we transitioned from crib to day bed and middle was 2yo when going from crib to big bed. We didn’t do toddler beds.

Once they start climbing out it’s time

when they start climbing out of the crib, time for big kid bed…

Then switch him, duh,J’s.

It’s time. Get something low to the ground to start, or with bed rails, so you can monitor if he rolls around a lot or tends to fall out of bed. Once he’s use to sleeping on the bed, you can raise it, or remove the railings.

18-2yrs for both my girls. The second they started showing an interest in getting out it was gone!

It totally depends on the child. My oldest was climbing out of the crib at 15 months old so we switched him way earlier than I thought we would but then my second child was content to stay in the crib until 3 & 1/2 years old.

As soon as they started climbing out of it

My son is just over 2.
He just started climbing out - I was scared he was gunna break an arm, leg or hurt himself another way ……his cot is very sturdy so on the weekend we thought we would just try to take off one of the sides of his cot an put a bed rail on his cot (it braces on to the other bars so it can’t move and he then he has a little gap at the end that he squeezes through to get on an off… he absolutely loves it….
I’m gunna skip the toddler bed an looking for a single bed for him.

My kids never had toddler beds. They went straight to twin size beds. My oldest was 2.5, my youngest was 19 months.

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It’s not about age, each child is different! So if your child is climbing out then it’s time to switch !! No kid does it at the same age

Near the two year mark has worked best for my family

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I had to do this for my 13 month old bc she started climbing out but didn’t trust she’d stay laid down in a toddler bed and she moves around ALOT.

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If u can keep her on him in til 2 1/2 y to 3y its,best

Both my daughters were in a single bed at 1 year. I started with a mattress on the floor and read books & had day naps in it then once they were used to it they done overnights, for us it was a easy transition :heart:

I didn’t switch my kid until late 2 or early 3 years old. Not until she started climbing out of her crib.

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