When to transition toddler to a bed?

When did you move your littles to a toddler bed from their crib? Our front crib rail comes off and makes a toddler bed that way with the mattress on the lowest setting. My daughter is 21 months and I just changed hers over. Wondering if I will regret it lol She mostly sleeps in our bed at night but she does take naps in her bed every day.


18 months. Shes 2 now and has never gotten out of it at night only when she wakes up in the morning (shes always slept through the night)

My son just turned 2 and we haven’t done it yet. I think once I hit 3rd trimester I’m going to have to with this belly :joy: I’m afraid he’s going to realize he can get out of bed lol but he’s never tried to climb out of his crib so I haven’t seen the need to do it yet

My munchkin turned 2 in January and is still in a crib. She’s a great sleeper but she’s an active sleeper. Until she tries to climb out I’m going to try to keep the crib. Although she’s just started a growth spurt and we may be switching to the toddler bed sooner rather than later.

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I did this just a couple weeks ago when she was 22 months. She sleeps in her bed just fine at night. Even nights she doesn’t wanna go to bed right away. On those nights she just sits in bed and fusses. She climbs in and out during the day but doesn’t try at night yet.

If your daughter is sleeping well on her own and isn’t crazy with rolling I would say it’s fine. Even if she does fall off at some point there will be no damage. Toddler beds are set really low. Another way to learn also. If she gets up now and climbs out of what’s she is currently in I would start in a room or even your room so you can set healthy boundaries as what she is expected to do at night.

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3 years old with all my children

When my son started jumping out of his crib lol 2years old.

At birth lol. We do the side car so I can move him once he falls asleep.

1 yr wow! Usually when they climb out,I didn’t want mine running around the house while I was in a deep sleep,depends on the kid,do they stay in bed or come to you or do they wander ? safety 1st

My first son was about 18-20 months when he learned to climb out of his crib so he got his bed then. My 2nd son is 19 months and still hasn’t even attempted to climb out. When he does, we’ll convert his crib to the toddler bed.

Our LO switched to a toddler bed at 19 months old. She’s only ever gotten out of bed in the night TWICE. If she wakes up early, she just talks to herself in bed. It’s pretty funny to listen to.

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My son was 2 when i switched him. I had my daughter and had to use the crib for her…he loved it cuz he was feeling like a big boy, he even got rid of his bottle too.

Once he started walking really good at about 18 months he was moved over to a twin bed but it was a bunk bed that came apart and he slept in the one with the railings on it still.

My daughter is almost 18 months and she’s in a toddler bed now. I was nervous but she loves it and actually enjoys going to bed.

Just moved our soon to be two-year old to his big boy bed with a side rail as he is a mover! He was in a crib in our room so we made the big change all at once and he is sleeping longer and goes down easier :blush:

It really depends on the child. My oldest was ready for her toddler bed at 18 months (she kept climbing out of her crib). My youngest is 3 yrs old and loves sleeping in her crib, even though I’ve had her toddler bed set up for months now…she prefers her crib. I’m not going to push it…whichever way works for us all to get sleep at night, works for me

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When the could climb out of their crib and playpen

15mos wirh my first 18mos with the 2nd

At 12 Months Old for each of mine went from cot to single bed

We got a safety rail to put together the bed so he doesn’t roll out but doesn’t keep him being able to get in or out of bed and we made the switch on his 2nd birthday. Wish we had dinner it sooner cause he slept better with the change.