When will I start showing in pregnancy?

i just had a baby 8 months ago, I am currently 8 weeks pregnant, is it possible that im showing already? My clothes are much tighter.


Yep! I was showing a lot faster with my second than my first. It could also be bloating too.

The more pregnancies you have the quicker you’ll show. I had a very noticeable bump by 9 weeks with my second and third. I’m also a very petite woman

i started showing a little early and this is my first. i would say at 8 weeks it may be bloating , but you never know.

Yes! The bloat stage🤰🏻 congrats!

Yup…each pregnancy u show faster cuz your uterus never completely goes down to it’s original size before children

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Yeah lol I was 6 weeks and my clothes didnt fit. I’m now 12 weeks and I’m maternity pants.

I feel like a monster pregnant with my 2nd baby :weary: I started showing very early!

Eventually the bump just blends into your fat if you have enough kids


Yes you can be showing at 8 weeks. I started showing before I even missed my period that’s how I knew I was pregnant and Everytime the test was positive (13 times)


Yes! When you have pregnancies that close together your muscles are still flexible and pliable I had my third child and six months later became pregnant with #4

I didn’t show until 7 months with my first but this was 10 weeks with my second.

I was showing with both pregnancies by 9-10 weeks, but I’m also a very small woman.