Where am I going wrong?

So I am a single mum of 2 beautiful kids aged 4 and 8. I met this man online during lockdown. I absolutely fell in love but he seemed to just want to have fun. Which was totally against my principles with me looking for a long term relationship. So we got along very well until he asked me to be with other men and record it or broadcast it live for him. I went along with it however I postponed it saying that I don’t like anyone. I thought it would work and he did like me more and more and I did too although no involvement from his part. After 7 months of him playing games with me I realised I know nothing about this man who has goes at me for no reason. He continued saying we will never be more than friends, we will never be together and he doesn’t want me or anyone else we are not a couple and he doesn’t want to have a girlfriend, that he wants to be on his own and that he is using me for sex. He said he is using me for sex for free. Recently he said he doesn’t need anything not even sex. Throughout our fling He went from saying he wants us to move in together to just be friends and sometimes meet and be intimate outdoors. We met a few times in 7 months(less than 10 times). He said that because of the distance I would need to be with other men too and he has no involvement in this apart from sometimes watching. I have no idea where this man lives, who he is, but he is very intelligent. We have splitted on many occasions but then I insisted on getting back together and we eventually did. I went to see him when he told me where he was but never at his home/personal places. Always outdoors. My question is do you think he has any feelings for me? I know he has 5 kids who are teenagers and adults from 2 previous marriages. He encourages me to meet rich old men making me think that this is his way of looking after me. We never went out for dinner or a drink, he never invited me anywhere he always said that a lot of fun is waiting for us. What do you think about him? What do you think I should do? Does this man have any feelings for me? Any advice is highly appreciated.

He told you upfront that you guys will never be more then friends, and that he doesn’t want to date anyone. So no, I don’t think he likes you like that. He seems to be very forward on what he wants and unfortunately, that’s not you (in a dating sense). Men know what they want, and if he truly liked you or wanted to be with you he would. Don’t make things out of nothing. If you’re still confused about everything then ask him what he wants, tell what you want, and if they don’t match up there’s no point in continuing, you’ll just get hurt since you have more feelings.

So I left him. I had a big go at him and he didn’t reply. He usually hates it when I am being ‘nasty’. But I could not put up with having him giving the bare minimum when I have done nothing wrong. I feel that this relationship has finished before starting. It is very frustrating knowing this. Knowing that he doesn’t even fight back, he has almost encouraged me to take this step…I think it is a horrible. I have always wanted someone who truly loves me but ended up with those guys who would never make an effort.

It is over now and I cannot be more disappointed about the way he has reacted , how much I meant to him.