Where do you shop for cute boy clothing?

where do yall find your cute boy clothing? i swear i cannot find anything cute for boys anywhere…its always limited but there are cute girl clothes everywhere!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Where do you shop for cute boy clothing?

Just buy the girl clothes. People can’t tell the difference anyway :joy:

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Carter’s and OshKosh. I have the app on my phone. I buy on sale for the next size up. Use their credit card and you get free shipping and double points and get free “money” toward next purchase. The clothes hold up well and can almost always get stains out without a problem. I swear they’re stain resistant, lol

Used to be able to find adorable boy clothes at Gymboree but I think that went out of business years ago. This is the exact reason why I’m ecstatic to be having a girl this time around. Shopping for boys is so limited. But, then again, shopping for girls as they get older sucks because you have to search everywhere for skirts or shorts that aren’t cut too short.

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I have 2 boys had 2 boys before so had the clothes already nothing wrong with hand me downs or goodwill etc

H&M. Target is decent. Thrift stores. Kohl’s.