Who has filed for divorce online?

Has anyone ever filed for a divorce through an online service? If so, what are your views and takes on this me and my ex both agree on custody of our children, so it should be an easy divorce just looking for the best method trying not to get an attorney involved because we agree on everything…yes, I can go to the courthouse and get papers, but I want to make sure I’m filling them out correctly… I guess I’m wondering, besides legal aid, is there a paralegal service or some way or how I can make sure I’m doing this correctly? The online seems pretty much legit I was just wondering if anyone has done this… bottom line with everything going on we both don’t have the finances to afford expensive fees… just looking for the best method to suit our needs and to get our divorce rather smoothly and quickly


When my ex and I divorced we did, sent it in the judge asked us to make so.e mi or changes and we were done

You guys can split the cost of paralegal. Some states make you pay a refiling fee if you fill out wrong. Worth the added money for a paralegal (they just prepare and send off the documents no legal advice)

Get everything in writing before hand. If things go south with you two, you want to have it as a back up and you both sign and date and have a copy of it.

I used letsgetdivorced . com was super easy and was like $99

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It will almost always be cheaper for you to go into the courthouse together, get the paperwork, fill it out, and file it together. Online services almost always charge a service fee on top of the cost of filing. If you agree on everything and sign the papers together, then there’s no need for lawyers, paralegals, mediation, etc. The paperwork has directions to fill everything out and is pretty self explanatory.


Also if strapped for money . Ask for a filing fee waver.

I haven’t gone through it personally but I know a paralegal who does them. It’s $199 out the door not including your filing fees at the court. She cannot give any legal advice but handles all the paperwork. The two parties have to be in 100% agreement on everything.

I did mine in person. Got the papers, filled them out & it cost me $25.00 to have him served. Went to court & boom done!

It is my opinion that you do not file for a divorce online with an unknown lawyer service this could be costly… Go to the courthouse and get what information you need from them… Have you considered counseling ? There is children involved so that is a big decision…

If it is uncontested and you both can agree on everything, print out your papers (make sure they are the approved ones your court accepts, the package from Office Max is not court approved) and fill them out. File them at the court house, meet there at the courthouse and sign them in front of a notary and file. 30 day wait and it’s done for approx $200

The court would tell you if you need anything other than the standard stuff. A gf of mine did hers that way and it was all fine.

I did all mine myself. Got the papers offline from the local court website. Filled them out since we agreed. Filed them and paid the fees. Went to court and it was done.

I did both of my divorces via the paperwork and the courthouse will help you $95 a court date and boom done and if I remember correctly depend on the state your in it would be 60 or 90 days from the date your get them notarized

When children are involved…you can’t do this online…no matter what agreement you have for Custody. The online divorce is for those with no children and no assets.

We got ours off the court house website. Filled them out & filed them at the courthouse. We signed in front of the notary when we filed. $220 in Georgia.

I did mine online. Papers are super easy to fill out. All I paid was filing fees

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Always use an attorney. Things can go wrong quickly.

Mine was online fast and easy

I did it online for a friend it cost $136 it was quick & easy then filed them at the court for $170 in Michigan.

Your courthouse may offer a waiver on fees if you can’t afford them and, technically speaking, it is their job to answer any questions you have. You might also look in to Legal Aid and see if they participate in your area, as they can provide you with low cost or free services and consultations

I borrowed a friends divorce papers and typed it up as it was on their papers, had it notarized and only paid a filing fee with the courthouse.

Go to your local library and print up the divorce papers and when both have signed them just take them to the court house and file them. You will only have to pay the filing fee.

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And, you can go to the courthouse and pick up the paperwork, fill it out, and go back when you get a court date.

Yes I have done it. It’s called pro se. Which means you represent yourself. It’s really super easy.

I did mine on Onlinedivorce.com. Was pretty easy. Had to do a little messing around with copies an a notary but they made it pretty simple for me an there was no Court dates or atterneys needed. They do the blunt work for you.

I did mine myself. Just printed everything from the state website then filed at the courthouse.

Don’t do it on line someone can get your information go to court it is the only safe way

I went online and print the papers fill out and filed and when we got in front of judge we had no idea what we was doing the judge say it was not right something about living in a different county but he say a lawyer could fix it but he could not tell me how.went straight to the lawyers and he charged me 250.00 and it was granted the next week.

You may not know what might be in your future- I would say at least visit a reputable attorney who can advise you of some of the things that can happen in the future and also how best to do the divorce as the attorney can be aware of things you need to consider and what risk there is doing a divorce online. An initial consult is not that expensive -you may know someone who could help you find a reputable legal person who has helped them and has confidence that you will be advised properly!