Who is in the wrong here?

My husband doesn’t think it’s acceptable that I speak to my ex regarding my 20 and 17 year old children. He’s threatened divorce and said there was no reason for me to communicate so I hid speaking to my ex about my 17 year old then felt guilty and told him. He won’t speak to me. He’s threatened to divorce and said it’s the same thing as cheating. Please give me some insight.

I guess it depends on the context of why you’re talking to him. If it’s just about the kids I’m not sure why he would be so upset. I guess maybe because they’re old enough to not need you to communicate for them? He just sounds very jealous & I don’t know if I would stop just because he wants to act like that. It’s your kids father & sometimes you need to just talk to the other parent about things. He needs to trust you.

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I’m sorry but those are your kids with your ex husband and if you are talking to him regarding them it is not cheating. You two created them and sometimes you need to talk to the other parent to make sure all Info going back and forth is the same and to keep up with what is going on in the children life no matter the age of the children. Your husband needs to get over it! He is being jealous for no reason. You married him so obviously you choose him. I’m remarried and have 3 kids with my ex and my husband never gives me a hard time and legit the only time I talk to my ex is regarding the kids. It does not bother my husband because he knows I married him and chose him.

He is being very childish he doesn’t know that when you have children you have to Communicate with your ex whether it’s about them being sick graduating weddings babies every day life he’s being very ridiculous and very immature he needs to grow up and I think he’s using that as some type of an excuse to maybe get out of this whole relationship

Every SINGLE TIME I’ve been in a similar situation with a partner, THEY were cheating and that’s why they were always accusing me! All their insecurities and bs about ME because they were doing wrong! I pray for your sake that you don’t have any kids with him because he sounds like a d-bag who will make your life and the kids lives hell just for the sake of having control over everything! If this is an isolated issue(probably not) I would straight up tell him how it is and tell him to take it or leave it! For your kids sake, it is important that you and your ex have a cordial relationship! Wtf is there to get about that?? Sooooo many parents would die to have decent communication with the other parent! For their children’s sake! If he is too jealous and psycho to see that, that’s on him! But I still think that he is probably a cheater!