Who should cover my car damages?

I live in AZ and we had a bad storm the other nite. I have covered parking where I live, but in this storm, the light fixture under the covered parking literally exploded and glass was all over my car along with the lighting thing hanging down on my car… There is damage to my car, on the roof and hood… Where I live, they charge us a monthly fee to pay for the buildings (insurance) we live in in case something happens. Since we do that, my feeling is they should pay for the damage done to my car and not my insurance… Do I have a case for this?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Who should cover my car damages?

Talk to your car insurance company they can tell you.


If you pay to park in an hourly parking garage and something happens to your car I think it’s park at own risk. I think it would be the same in this case. This is why you have insurance. It’s also not your fault. You need to call the insurance company

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Yes, talk to your ins company, tell them the story and they can go after your complex.

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You may have case but you’ll probably have to find a new place to live if you sue for damages :woman_shrugging:


Probably falls under the act of god terms so your insurance had to pay for it

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It’s a nature peril that caused the damage so your comprehensive coverage will cover the damage.


I would assume your car insurance will get will their property insurance

They should pay they are responsible. My complex paid for damages done to our cars done by storm. Call corporate

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Licensed auto claims adjuster manager here. Might depend on your State laws but this would be a no fault comprehensive loss due to “falling object”. Due to the fact it was not negligence on the facility you rent from but due to an “act of God” its extremely rare any Insurance Company will subrogate your landlords or whoever owns the building. You parked the vehicle in there at your own risk.


What does your insurance company say?

I think this should be covered under your insurance my advice would be to file a claim and they will contact the building manager and get any needed information and sort it, tho its nots really eithers fault your insurance can answer any questions and will persue them if they feel like they are liable

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Id look into what your paying for in fees … maintenance?

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I live in a higher priced, nicer apartment complex community and we have a fee for parking to cover any parking lot repairs, lawn services etc etc. I had a tree (it’s half dead and the complex knew because they originally had it marked to be cut down/trimmed) and it literally split in half where it’s dead (from being half dead and top heavy when the tree was blooming its leaves for spring/summer) my boyfriend and I park directly in front of it because of where our front door is to our apartment (we do not have typical hallways that lead to our doors but actual doors that open into our apartments). It split then fell directly onto my car and scratched my hood all to hell, front bumber, sides and side wheel wells, left sap and all sorts of debri all over my car. I had to file a claim with my car insurance because the complex said “they’re not liable due to a weather related “act of god” incident”. I also had to physically remove the giant portion of the tree off my car myself because they refused to have someone do it. My insurance can’t do anything about the minor damages because they agree with the complex… I feel this may be the same result with your case as well.

They should pay for it if you have to pay to park there.

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It will likely have to go through your insurance as it is considered an “act of God” and not anyone’s fault.

If your in a no fault state, it doesn’t matter.

Your insurance would sue their insurance.

Call and inform all of this information to your insurance agent and they will determine fault. If it’s the building owners fault, they will go after them. This is why we pay insurance.


Your insurance is actually in place to cover YOU.
So your insurance will cover your car as a comprehensive claim and subrogate the building if that’s the determined outcome.
A third party never actually pays for your vehicle regardless of fault.


Turn it into your insurance and the building management to take care of the damage.


If it’s not in your lease saying that what you pay a month covers any damage to your vehicles besides other things then no you won’t have a case.

Things such as floods and storms are not covered anywhere unless you have a special clause in your insurance. Most insurance companies refuse to add those sort of clauses. Doubt anyone will pay a dime for that. Sorry.

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Turn it into yr insurance and explain the situation and give them the name of wherever u live

File a police report. Either the insurance, company, city, I will be making a list, somebody gots to pay for it.

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Contact your auto insurance provider. They will direct you in the path you should take.

Best of luck to you!!


Your insurance will cover you, and then THEY will go after whoever should pay for it.

Let your insurance deal with it… if they find they are at fault they will go after them. They are the ones with the best lawyers


You can try, but likely, there’ll be a clause against acts of God


Turn it in to your property manager and they will open a claim. Some HOA master policies cover wind/hail.

No way for us to tell you that. Under normal circumstances, this would just be a ‘natural disaster’ coverage and insurance would just smooth it over.

Since you pay coverage for the building, you may have a chance to get something from their insurance since the building is what harmed your car, but I haven’t the foggiest idea if you actually have a standing chance of getting anything from them.

Best bet would be to contact your insurance, ask all the questions, explain it all, and then see what you can do. Usually your insurance will cover it with no fault or charge to you, so may not be worth going after their insurance :man_shrugging:


Do you pay for renters insurance as well?

This was an act of nature and was not caused by negligence of the apartment building. Your insurance company would pay for it under your comprehensive coverage and charge you your deductible. The best you can do is see if the apartment manager can have a claim filed to cover your deductible for you so that you don’t have any out of pocket expenses. That is very rare though and your insurance company can’t pursue any responsible party under comprehensive coverage only under collision as there is no liability against the apartment because they did nothing wrong to cause the damage to your vehicle.


File with there insurance company

I’m not sure about where you live but in Michigan you make a claim to your insurance and then your insurance goes after the responsible party


Lmao if anyone other than you is going to pay for this it would be your own comprehensive car or renters insurance policy.
Ask your agent.

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This all depends on what all the fine print says. But I agree that it falls under the “an act of God” clause because the apartment building didnt make the storm. The car insurance is the most logical agency to notify and let them handle it.

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You can try but this sounds like it would fall into the “act of god” category.

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Turn it into your insurance company and they will figure it out. They will subrogate if needed.

I’d look at the fine print of your insurer. Lots of them don’t cover for acts of Mother Nature

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Good Ole act of God. They likely won’t cover it but your insurance should

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