Why am I so upset about the gender of my child?

Why am i so disapointed about the gender of my unborn child. I know this is NOT what im like. Never have me or my family cared about a gender. We really are a family that understands your health is your wealth. I feel im pressured into providing a certain gender by my in laws. Its never been said directly… always indirecly with smart comments and selecting names of the sex they want! Can someone please just snap me out of this…


I think this can be normal. When I found out my son was a boy I literally ugly cried right there in the ultrasound room. Now I can’t imagine my life without him, and if I had another I’d totally want another boy!


I think this can be normal. When I found out my son was a boy I literally ugly cried right there in the ultrasound room. Now I can’t imagine my life without him, and if I had another I’d totally want another boy!


I feel you. I didn’t have the same situation, but I had the same struggle. I wanted a girl so bad. It’s okay to feel this way, knowing in time it will more or less pass. You might get pangs and waves here and there. I still struggle with it.

I’ve written more about my experience, and how I coped, if you think it might help.

Hang in there Mama​:sparkling_heart: Prayers​:heart::heart:

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Better not to find out, you cant be disappointed holding your beautiful baby for the 1st time


Remember baby’s are a gift from god your going to b just fine w your bundle of joy don’t let some1 take your happiness away bless you :rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose:


I went through the same thing with my son. My whole life I wanted a daughter since I’m the ONLY girl in my family and when I found out he was a boy I through a FAT pity party for weeks. I eventually came around but still was miffed until I saw my beautiful little boy. I couldn’t imagine having anyone but him in my life now


Ok well if you insist… GET OVER IT lol sorry. It’s normal to be disappointed in not getting the gender you want, but it won’t stop you from loving him/her with all your heart once they’re here. Hubby wanted a boy, we got a girl. He loves her so damn much. As for names, they can suck a dick, that’s all on you mama. None of their business

The man’s sperm is the one that decides the sex of the baby. So if they have a problem, tell them to take it up with him.


this is more normal them youd think…I wanted a second boy and a girl last…welp no my second boy was my first girl and I was mad…like clearly pissed to the point I made the ultra sound tech and my baby dad uncomfortable…this lady gonna look at me and say I could be wrong…like no Susan a penis isnt gonna appear in 2 weeks but thanks for nothing lol… but I kno what it’s like to have people expect a gender from you…i wanted the boy but my baby dads family wanted a girl as they were 4 boys and hadn’t had a girl born to the family in over 20 years .they got what they wanted and I got over it and I couldnt imagine my life without her…the second boy came after her lol

Tell them to ask their son which chromosome his sperm had when it penetrated your egg . That will learn them haha

We found out we were pregnant with twins- on my husbands side, there are like 21 girls and 1 boy…EVERYONE wanted boys from us. When I found out I was pregnant with two girls, I sobbed…for weeks. I knew my husband was disappointed, and I was afraid it would affect the way he interacted with our kids.

Flash forward to now- our 2.5 year old twin girls are the best thing that EVER happened to us. They are hysterical, and are best friends. I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Everything happens for a reason- you’ll love this baby more than you could ever imagine!

I went through that with my last one. She was a surprise and I was really hoping she was my boy, I already had 2 girls. I know my husband wanted a boy but he’s not disappointed in his girls. We joke that each other wants to try for a boy but I’m getting too old for this lol. And we’d probably have another girl. I had a lot of complications with my last one too so I’m not wanting to be pregnant again. My second was only 5 mos when we found out about our 3rd.

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The male determines the sex of the baby so they can blame him :joy:


When we found out we were having another son, my mother (who barely sees her grandchildren anyway) said she could just buy him dresses and bows anyway to make him transgender. I flipped out on her. I wanted a girl too, but that is just fucked up.

We wanted a boy so my husband could pass on his name because hes the only boy. We got 2 girls. Yes we were disappointed we have 2 girls but we got what we were given. We get asked all the time if were going to try for a boy and we say no. 2 preemies…my doesnt handle pregnancy so its not worth risking my health and the health of the next. Your in laws need to butt out!


I have three girls and one boy. When we went in to find out the gender I didnt know how I was going to react if I found out I was having another girl. My gut was saying boy and my pregnancy was so different. We found out it was a boy. But I honestly think I would of been devastated at first if it was a girl. I think it’s normal to be upset specially with all the extra hormones and you’ve got pressure from his side of the family. Once that baby is here it will all change!

Yet another reason why not finding out is the better route. There is no way to feel sadness at the moment of birth because of gender!

I REALLY wanted a girl for my second child. I would have been a little sad for a minute had it been a boy but in the end I know I will love this baby to death. Once you hear that baby let out their 1st cry after bringing them into this world it will all be worth it. Boy or girl you will feel the joy of having your own child. If the in laws dont like it they can kiss your butt! Like you said health is your wealth. Wishing you a very happy and healthy baby.

Boy or girl doesn’t matter!! They are both equal. Your child is yours and if anyone has problems than that’s their problem. Give all the love in the world to your child regardless of gender. And one day that child will make you proud. And the people who are expecting you to fulfill their wishes tell them to go and get a life. I have two girls and I’m very proud of them. Don’t even have a wish to have a third child expecting it to be a boy. Ignore the pressure and next time when they select names for a particular gender than u mention a name for the opposite gender and say, I like this name too😆

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It is totally normal. It is easy for someone to knock you for hoping. I always dreamed of having a little girl, but had 4 boys. Then, i had multiple miscarriages and it changed my outlook. I love having little boys, bc their momma is their hero. I am now 35 weeks pregnant with our first daughter. We were over the moon happy, but I just wanted a healthy baby at this point. Once you hold your baby, the gender will not even matter anymore. :heart:

Well also what ever gender you have is your partners fault. The males sperm will determine gender not the mothers egg. So if they’re mad tell them to blame their son and get over themselves.


My wife just wanted a healthy child and could care less about its sex.

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Its okay to be disappointed, youre human. It wont make you love that baby any less. With my second i started bawling my eyes out when i was told she was a girl. I didnt want to have a girl, but now she is my perfect little hellion :black_heart::crown::black_heart::crown:

I think every parent has a certain gender they are hopefully wanting but just because it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted doesn’t mean you aren’t going to love that baby like crazy, so dont feel guilty or upset about it.

Oh and if any of the names the in laws are suggesting are gender neutral than maybe think about using it as their name or middle name… I think that will be like a silly anecdote they can relate to when the child is older…

Love how some put you down for wanting a certain gender. I mean we are human so you should embrace your feelings but recognize that you literally have no control over this and you (and family) will love baby no matter what

I think it’s normal. I was so desperate for a win and I was so upset finding out I was having a girl but once I started feeling her move and then when she was born… Omg I couldn’t have been more happier to have a girl and 12 years later and seeing my sister with boys, I’m over the moon I ended up with a daughter. Would sell my soul for a second and that still shocks me because I was so determined I only wanted boys

Gender disappointment is a real condition

I was dissapointed when I found out my 4th was a boy. He was my last and I wanted a girl so bad because I already had 3 boys. He’s 7 months now and I adore him. Being a boy mom is awesome!

It should not matter,should be loved no matter what ,you are not in control which sex u have…I pray it will be healthy

The father of the baby is what determines the gender, it’s in sperm, not the mother’s egg. !

It’s ok to have feelings. Once you hold your little one you will love them unconditionally. I was afraid to find out what we were having because i knew I’d be a little disappointed if it was a certain answer. But in time i would have been happy, so will you. Good luck mama’s

I would tell them to mind their own uterus.


I wanted a son cause i thought it would be cool for a mini me to be running around. Then my daughter was born and guess what… i have a mini me running around. And she is just as hard core if not more so, than any boy. Piont being, keep with your familys creed…seems to have worked for you guys thus far. Dont change what works. Plus i like that phrase. Your healths your wealth.


I know this is cliche but whatever you have you will absolutely love and think, how could I have not been excited?! I felt this way too with my first, and now I realize my son was exactly what I needed and would never change anything!

Tell your in-laws that the FATHER’S sperm determines the sex of the baby . . . They can take up their concerns with him !


I wanted another boy so badly boy mom just seemed safer. Now I have a beautiful little best friend

You get what you get :heart: the most precious gift boy named work for girls :relaxed: they want a Charlie it would be a cute girl name or boy just saying :hugs: I wanted a girl but I got a boy and he is so amazing and I’m so happy he is perfect :heart_eyes::gift:


My whole life I only wanted girls, never a boy! Well then I was told I’d never have kids!! I was heartbroken. When I was 29 I found out I was pregnant!! I was so happy!! I had a difficult pregnancy, my child was so little. Finally I found out around 30 weeks that I was having a boy!! I cried, my sister cried, I was so disappointed!!! I quickly realized that he is my everything!! I couldn’t imagine any other baby being my first baby!! Him & I are like best friends!! He’s 7 now & my Heart in Human Form!!!


Not to be rude to your in laws “Let it Go” 'Shake it Off" if you and your partner are happy & baby is healthy :blue_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::sparkling_heart:

I felt like my MIL was the same way, my husband already had a daughter so they were wanting it to be a boy. I already had 2 boys so it didn’t matter to me. They treated our daughter a lot different than they treated his first daughter. My MIL would make comments and fuss because every time one of them held her she would cry so I stopped letting them hold her, then I had to hear about how I wouldn’t let them hold her. They have been out of her life for almost a year now and I’m pregnant with their third grandchild and they will not be a part of it’s life either. Enjoy your baby and if they have anything negative to say maybe it’s not worth being around them.

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I wanted a girl so bad with my 2nd pregnancy and really felt it was going to be a girl. So when we did the ultra sound it ended up be a boy. I was so disappointed and it took me a few days to not be. Forward to present I don’t even know what I would do if I had a girl. I have 2 very lovable and sweet little boys. I am so blessed. I just figured I was just meant to be a boy mom and I love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If you don’t stand up for yourself you are going to be sorry. Be grateful you can have baby, it’s your baby, doesn’t matter what your inlaws say, your inlaws are sick people. Boy or girl baby is a blessing.