Why could my daughter be acting out?

My daughter has been acting out, very upset & angry. Tantrums, she had 3 parts of her brain damaged after birth In the hospital. Are the random episodes result of it? I was told we won’t know how it affects her till shes a bit older. My 1st & only child so wouldn’t mind any input


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Why could my daughter be acting out?

Depends on the age. I know my 2 year old can be pretty moody and my 4 year old throws tantrums often.

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I’d definitely talk with your pediatrician about what is going on. There may need to be testing done to find out the extent of that damage.


I have a brain injury and I have put bursts, angry etc. I’d have her see a neurologist. Good luck momma! It’s a rough road

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My almost 2 year old gets super angry and emotional. But with the damage that had happened it wouldn’t hurt to get it checked out to rule out that.

Regardless of brain/head trauma… Children are children, they are going to ‘act out’ + have inconsistent behavior occasionally depending on age! But if you think behavior is being caused in result to said trauma, only way to address that would be medical providers.


There is a very good chance that the brain damage is heightening the normal outbursts children already have as toddlers. I would see about getting her to a neurologist they can better help you

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I don’t have much info on brain damage but something that really helped with the meltdowns/tantrums in our intellectually disabled son was to build him a calm corner that he calls his Safe Space. It’s just a teepee type thing with a beanbag, sensory toys, white noise machine and lavender oils to diffuse. Our other kids also use it when they’re having trouble with their emotions and it really has improved their behavior.


I don’t know about children but it is definitely common in adults. My MIL has one. You can search brain injury’s maybe even brain injury’s in kids and there are groups on here. I take care of my MIL and it really helps to know you are not the only one out there. Even if you never post or comment. It helps!!

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Yes my dad has brain injury and damage and some days it’s like he’s just angry we see nuero psychologist who helps him work thru and process it

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Its a 50/50 because age could be the issue or the brain damage. And unfortunately a combination of both. She could be having trouble communicating and acting out is the only way or its caused damage to the emotions part and its hard for her to peacefully express herself.

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All kids go through phases out of frustration so that is normal. How severely she reacts to certain situations could be a marker for effects from the brain injury. You’re best speaking to your consultant if you have one or dr if not

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Honestly depends on her age mama!!
My daughter is 2 she’ll be 3 in March and she had a wicked attitude!
Terrible twos are a real thing!
My oldest son had a few fits in is 2nd year too.
If you’re overly concerned there’s no harm in asking a doctor to run a test ! But if she’s 2 try not to stress cause it could very well just be normal behavior!
Good luck! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Its possible the brain injury is making her behaviour worse than normal depending which parts were affected . Id ask the Dr for more information on the damage, what you can expect for the future and if there’s anything can be done to help your daughter cope.

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My son is 8 an autistic and sensory and due to his sensory when he was 6months he would slam and bang his head. Drs told me he was acting out an let it go. I did my best to stop it cause no infant who just learns to crawl should be slamming head into things I’m purpose but he did this off an on for 4 years before he finally stopped and jt caused complete loss of smell and taste and mood changes in him. About 2 yrs ago he got smell an taste back.

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There’s a very good chance it should be

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I worked with people with disabilities all my life even though she has a disability you have to find a discipline that works because she has to learn right from wrong and how to behave it’s hard but I hope you’re getting services if you’re not checking the county and what you live for the MRDD services get a caseworker and they will set you up you might even qualify for some respite care transportation behavioral training this is a lifetime commitment but it will work out it just takes patience and time and a whole lot of love and TLC and a lot of prayer but it’ll all be okay she just has to learn boundaries

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How old is she? Tantrums and acting out are just a normal part of dealing with young kids. They’re testing the boundaries, becoming their own person with their own personality. It’s a lot going on at once lol. A TMI could definitely have an effect on that seeming more severe so definitely track what you see to discuss with her doctor.


You need to ask a doctor not people on Facebook!

just how did 3 parts of her brain get damaged after birth??? I am sure they did brain scans & I would say, she probably needs continuous scans to see if the damage is worst or getting better. Either way, to me, it seems that would mean she is brain damage !!! Not fully understanding this. I’m totally lost here !!!


All depends on the age

I don’t know . My 3&8 year okd have been SOOO EMOTIONAL and their tantrums are ridiculous lately

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:thinking:Wow you pretty much know it’s from her brain damage,exactly why are you on here ?SMDH!

Not knowing the age it is hard to give the best advice. I suggest talking with your child’s doctor about cognitive testing, that is where they test how much she is aware of and understands. She will need specialized education and therapy to overcome that brain damage. Look into Dr. Daniel Amen he specializes in brain damage.


Many young children have tantrums however could also be due to damage. I would say try to get her into some sort of counseling/play therapy so they can observe and assess. Also have her Neurologist check and follow up on progress and ask questions about what to look for or what are signs that she may require more services.

Not knowing the child’s age or circumstances at home no one can answer that question talk to your kids doctor


She needs to be assessed. If she is a young child she can’t regulate her emotions yet and often they have meltdowns. Has she had any major changes in her life? Like a new work schedule for you? New childcare provider? A new pet?

I would definitely think that would have something to dry with it. Find a neurologist

Mood swings are entirely normal for a brain injury.

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Yes. Absolutely yes. My son is missing some of his brain as well and his tantrums are awful. And it’s very very hard to get him to calm down.

You can talk with her neurologist to see if the parts that were damaged affect behavior. But then toddlers are little demons that can drive you crazy then be sweet little angels moments later :rofl:


How old is your little girl

Does she have any major deficits from her brain injuries
I would speak to a pedatric neurologist
Reguarding her brain function stemming from birth

Sometimes medical science can’t predict any side effects that may occur as a child ages

I have heard of a form of epilepsy that makes people act out for no reason (I’m not saying that’s the case as I’m not a neurologist)

As she has a brain injury
It’s worth having her checked out

I don’t know how your daughter’s brain was damaged AFTER birth, not during, but you could have a lawsuit on your hands, which could help with cost of her future care. Prayers Momma

But, I’d request a brain scan.

Babe, she’s 3. It’s also winter. Winters make kids crazy.