Why do c-section scars itch?

I have had 2 cesarean’s and have a really tight scar, this has led to what looks like a bulging flabby pelvic area.The scar area also gets really itchy but to scratch it, it feels numb to touch. It’s been almost 4 years since my last child. Does this ever go away and how do you get rid of the flabby bulge?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Why do c-section scars itch?

I actually have the same thing and wondered too. Sorry, I couldn’t help babe

The nerves are healing. Mine did the same. Lol. It’ll stop eventually.

Never had a C section, but my experience is that most scars itch when they’re healing.

Almost 30 and still trying

It’s Healing…
Also I had my first and only c section 10 years ago now and it’s still numb… buzzes me out big time

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It’s healing I had my appendix removed and it was a really long scar it itched like crazy

The only way to get rid of that “mother’s apron”, as it is called, is to get a tummy tuck. It sucks.

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Mine was 11 years ago and it’s still numb

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I have spots that are still numb and the deep itching is the nerve endings healing.

I have also had 2 one in 2005 & 2018 and I have the same thing it’s numb and will itch like crazy at times especially when it’s hot out. I have found the the stuff in jock itch medicine seems to help me to stop itching it I know it sounds odd but it works for me lol. I hope you find something that helps you with the itch 

I had my first baby 23 years ago, c-section and I still have the same feeling. I’ve had 3 c-sections my last 12 years ago. But I’ve been told some women have went back to normal feeling.

I have 3 kids but I only had a csection with my first born and that was almost 15 years ago and my scar still itches at times and feels numb when I try to scratch it .

Mine is the same 8 years after 3 c sections . There is nerve damage is why it feels numb mine itches also . Definitely want to know how to get rid of the pouch lol

I had my second child 5 years after my first. It still itched a lot and felt numb nearly 5 years later. 3 c sections later, and that area is mostly numb now.

Had my c-section in 1996 and my scar is still numb and itchy

aloe vera gel works great for relief of itching n scarring

Had 2 c-sections 23 & 22 yrs ago & they still itch!

Girl 20 years later n it’s still numb

I had a c section 2 years ago and it’s numb in some areas and sometimes itches as well. It’s weird to itch :joy: Idk of feeling ever comes back to those areas or not because they have to cut thru the nerves to get to the baby.

Sound like it doesn’t go away

sameee mine was 4 years ago as well. its weird.:rofl:

4 c-sections with the first 22 years ago. Mine still feels this way.

<—-28 yrs later :woman_shrugging:t2:

Maybe it’s like a phantom pain or something. I have mine almost 3 years ago and I still get numb and itchy occasionally…

Mine is still numb and it’s been 23 years

It’s been over 4 years and my scar both itches and gets pains randomly….

Yesss I only had one but it’s itchy but I can’t tell where it itches at cause it’s nummmmmb

Because it’s healing

17 & 13 years later and it’s the same still

Mine is the same and it’s been 18 years. It’s random too :joy:

…because they are healing? I tattooed over mine.

They cut through muscle and being numb could just mean that the nerves along that area were affected. Itching is usually during sweaty or summer time due to collecting in the scar area, talcum powder helps with itching.


My belly above the incision site is numb, but my incision has never been itchy :woman_shrugging:
I use jergans deep restoring lotion, maybe that’ll help you :two_hearts:


I have the up an down scar my youngest is 29 an at the bottom above my hair line is where mine itches an still mainly numb too

…all scars itch? It’s part of the healing process

the only fix for the bulge unfortunately is a tummy tuck

I was told it’s the scar tissue inside. My daughter is 14 and my son is 6, and still it itches!!

Mine itches too BUT mines not numb. Mines even slightly sore still. Granted my last c section was 2 years ago but before that was 6 years and it still was sore after 6 years.

My son is 7 and I still have numbness and itchiness from it. Occasionally I feel the tugging when I move a certain way as well! Wish I had the answer to why it itches!

Sounds like it’s a Keloid Scar. They are caused when your body produces more collagen to help it heal. My csection was 9 months ago and it still itches occasionally. It’s also numb near the Scar and on my stomach under my belly button.

I had a c-section 12 days ago. Removed dressing a few days ago and ever since the stretched lower belly part has been INSANELY itchy!
My c-section is still a little numb I think.
Today I put belly oil on my itchy part above my CSection and it’s taken out a considerable amount of itchiness.
So I suggest maybe keeping the scar well moisturised to reduce itching?

I had my son 16 years ago and mine is numb but doesn’t ever itch.

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I’ve never had a c section, but I have a scar on my abdomen and it was very painful and itchy for many years. Now it’s just numb but occasionally it’ll feel like I’m being zapped on my scar.

My daughter was born via c-section nearly 27 years ago & my scar still itches and is also still numb


Mine still itch 11 years later

During the wound-healing process, these nerves signal the spinal cord that skin is being stimulated and the brain perceives those signals as it being itchy, which I was told is a good thing because it means the nerves are trying to repair themselves

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C section with my almost 9 yr old and it is still numb and itchy…its prob never gonna be normal. And I actually got down to a size 6 with a workout and running routine but had twins…vbac…and the flab is back two fold…just gotta get back to the gym at some point and I have hope I will get back into shape again.

I don’t have a CSection scar but I do have alot of others and some of them itch that exact same way. It drives me crazy when it flare up

I neve had a c section but I do have that pudge and it gets itchy there for me too

My first c-section was almost 33 years ago still has bouts of itching & is still slightly numb or I should say it was up until my 2nd c-section 17 years ago now both act up at times & are still slightly numb.

Sometimes my scar gets itchy if I have been sweating a bit more than usual… (hard when you’re around menopausal age)

My last C-section was 2 years ago and mine does itch as well and yeah it’s also still numb

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Wounds get scratchy as they heal. If you’re really worried though you can ask your doctor.

Ten years later, still gets itchy and feels numb. The pouch never goes away. I was cut from above my navel clear down town and it still puckers. Not a C-section

I had 2.c sections.first 35 yrs aho and 2nd 30 yrs.im totally numb and it still gets red and itchy.pouch still there.:sleepy::sleepy:

19 years ago and still itches

It’s been 10 years this year since my Caesar and it’s still numb…
The other 3 babies were all natural
My stomach was never the same again

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My kid is 6.5 yrs old and mine is the exact same way. I have a pouch now. 🤦 also mine will tingle and hurt occasionally too. 🤷

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Any wound that scabs becomes itchy it means it’s healing…

My last C-section was almost 17yrs ago and mine is still numb and itchy

I had 4. I believe it will permanently be numb. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to get rid of the bulge. They cut all those muscles down there. It will shrink, but unfortunately always be present

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Most of the time from C-sections this can be from Adhesions underneath the stitches, which makes it numb and itch from time to time. As for the pouch you would need a tummy tuck

I had one with my 12 year old. It still feels numb.

Small nerves we have in our skin were cut when havin the ce section making it numb and the itchy could be due to scartissue under the cut also weight loss or gain can make it itchy.


No clue section here but 32 years later my stomach is soo itchy !!!

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Almost 30 years, still numb and itchy, and that pooch isn’t going anywhere


I know it sounds stupid, but I’m too freaked out to even touch my scar. Lol

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I’ve got 2 separate scars from 2c sections and they both have their itchy days but everything is numb… been 6 years

I never had a C-section, but I have had abdominal surgery. My scar is itchy too from time to time.

It’s numb because the nerves (nerves allow us to “feel”) in that area have been permanently damaged from the incision. You will never get the feelings back. Nerves dont “heal or grow back together”. I have a surgery scar from appendix removal over 20 years ago and it’s still numb. The itchiness is probably from scar tissue on the inside. Either that, or it’s a very prominent place on our body, which means it moves a lot as we move. It gets tugged and pulled and stretched. And that can be irritating to the skin. Especially if you were sewn up tight (meaning you feel the skin pulling on and around the scar). Try some hydrocortisone cream for the itchiness.


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Mine was 34 years ago it still itches and still numb and feels horrible when scratching it

All scars itch
My ones from gall bladder removal still do at times.

My scar gets itchy if the weather is changing I told this to someone and they thought I was taking the p***

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Ugh I hate when it itches but its numb so you can’t really get rid of the itch. I had 2 c-sections and another abdominal surgery besides that. From my belly button down is still numb and my oldest will be 9this year.

Mine doesn’t itch at all. But, I had an emergency c-section (up and down) and a bikini cut c-section. Maybe that’s why I do not have that.

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I had a csection 9 months ago and never had a problem. I have a little numbness but that’s normal. Mine is never itchy though. Maybe ask your doctor about it and show them what it looks like. You can hardly see mine.

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Healing from the inside out

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I had my second c-section 6 weeks ago and it’s been itchy I take a wash cloth or feminine wipes and clean it every time I go to the bathroom

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Had mine for 50 years still dont like none touching n that bugling is permanent

Mine is still numb and has been for 9 and a half years. It goes numb from them cutting through nerves and causing slight nerve damage. The itchiness will subside but still comes and goes randomly and I’ve been fortunate enough not to have a floppy part but I’m also a chubby chick so who knows it could have been at some point and I just never noticed.

Healing. Pop open a Vitamin D capsule, rub some on it nightly & it’ll be fine.

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Yes mine is the same way, my last c-section was 5 years ago and it still bothers me

Maybe plastic surgery will help the bulge, or whatever it might be called. Would calamine lotion or powder relieve the itching?

I had mine c section 19 yrs ago some numbness yet. I exercise so it’s not as as big now. I learned to love it

All scars itch.
Healing skin, dry skin

Use something super moisturizing.
Coconut oil a&d

The numbness or fuzzy feelings may never go away.

As far as the bulge, I got my stomach completely flat after 3 C-sections, but it’s ALOT of work.
Strict diet, cardio, and lots of ab work outs to strengthen your core back up.

That bulging pouch isn’t going anywhere… doesn’t matter your size, you’ll always have the little fanny pack and the scar will always randomly itch and have no feeling. It’s a lot of scar tissue.

I massaged mine a lot while healing and it helped a lot to reduce scarring and getting feeling back. It still itches more than other areas but not a ton. I’d talk to a doctor about what you can do now that it’s been several years though.

Girl my last C-section was 7 years ago ITS STILL NUMB and itches all the time. So I’m thinking never it never goes away.

I still have one after losing 30lbs. I do hella lower about crunches and it seems to be the most effective so far.

Following because I to have these issues 3 years after

Lidocaine lotion helps with the itching. It’s caused from nerve damage. Surgery is the only answer to the bulge. God Bless

I’ve had 3. That little bulge is yours for life. Itching comes and goes. It does get better though.

My children are now 21 and 23 and I still get the occassional itch on my scar and it’s still numb. I had lost all my baby weight and the bulge was still there just not as bad. Sadly I think it is permanent.

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