Why do I feel sick after I eat?

Anyone else get sick to their stomach every signle time they eat? I will be so hungry then eat something and instantly feel sick…what could this be?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Why do I feel sick after I eat?

Me. And im still waiting for answers 5 years later.

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Man, I went through that. Mine is gallstones.

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Pregnancy, allergic to something, gi distress

Pregnancy or diabetic?

My niece was having that problem. It’s her gall bladder. She had to have it removed

Mine was my gallbladder and I had it removed and still have issues with stomach problems after certain food


Anxiety. Or overeating

Gastro issues did that to me …later found out I have Colitis…

I would talk to a doctor. Stay at Home Moms :fire:

See your doctor as it could be so many things and your discription is very vague.


I used to. Until I found out I have celiac disease.

You could have one or more issues including food allergies, celiac disease, MFTHR, gallbladder issues, colon issues (IBS, IBD) or even kidney or bladder stones. You should make an appointment with your Primary Care doctor or, if the appointment is too far out, go to urgent care when you have an attack. They can order scans, X-rays or whatever they think would be best to diagnose your issue. Some of the possibilities can be serious so you probably shouldn’t put off getting a doctor to review your issue.

I have gastroparesis which is basically a paralyzed stomach; everything I eat causes pain or nausea. Some with it are worse than others and it can technically effect anyone though usually there’s an underlying issue like diabetes or something that causes it

Possibly gastro paresis. Talk to B your doctor!

There’s thousands (literally) of things it could be. Talk to your doctor.

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I have this same issue but pretty sure mine’s from my medication.

Probably food allergies. Try cutting out gluten and see if that helps, if not then try cutting out dairy products. If the problem doesn’t go away go to your doctor and get him to order some blood work for you

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For me it was a hernia.

Food allergies or blood sugar

Severe Gerd, or gallbladder

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