Why do men ghost you?

Why do men ghost a single mom after a few months?! They start making effort and when you open up ,get attached and fall in love with them to them they ghost you and start saying they are busy and/or they never respond again. What the hell is wrong with our young generation?! Ps… Nothing sexual has ever happened and he is currently overseas, so we chatted and face time, there was alot of communication and the effort was effortless, we laughed and flirting was there. Like to be honest I’m almost 29years old, yes still young, but it’s just I’m so tired of opening up and getting gosted. . I just want someone to love and to come home to . . So please let me know if there is more momma’s that feel like me! Please no negative comments or judgements. Thank you.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Why do men ghost you?

Focus on your kids, put all that effort into making their life the best possible instead of wasting on many men who just leave anyways? PUT YOUR KIDS BEFORE DUDES


Maybe there were signs he wasn’t invested as you thought but your mind didn’t pick up on them cuz you were so in lust with the idea of being happy with someone


So you ask for no negative comments but ask for advice and opinions?.. So you pretty much just want people to tell you what you want to hear. If you want to know the truth about how people feel, you need to be open to any comment…


Sounds like you’re getting too attached too quickly.

I get it, you want to find a decent man, but stop focusing on the search. It ends up clouding your judgement - and that’s why you end up “in love” so quickly without any actual connection.

And ghosting happens because it’s an easy out.
Sometimes, even if you go to the effort of ending things with an explanation, the other party acts like a d!ck, so ghosting is a whole lot easier

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My current husband told me because I was a single mom at the time, the thought of taking care of another man’s child and me felt like a responsibility he was not mentally ready to do. He didn’t want to feel locked down. I guess in the end he realize it wasn’t him who was taking care of us. It was me who adopted him and takes care of him daily lol. Men are just scared. Most just don’t want that responsibility.

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Stand strong lil Mama. Some people do not grow up. Some do not learn at a young age, to be respectful. You deserve the best of the best.

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It’s all some dudes want. The chase and when they catch you, move on to new prey. Avoidant attachment is probably the correct term, but ‘no longer dating’ is how I view it from my vantage. I just can’t waste my time anymore because good ones and bad ones both seem to start out the same. And the worse they are, thr better they seem to start
Out so you just can’t trust any one’s intentions.

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You’re prolly thinking it’s more than what it really is you’ll be happier focusing on yourself and having a partner add to your happiness
What you allow is what will continue and clearly you need to lean some better “outgoing msg”

Just take your time and try to find you a man that’s not overseas. You said you wanted someone to come home to but he isn’t it you would still be coming home lonely most of the time. Best of luck to you … you will find the right one give it time.

Once I gave up looking (for similar reasons, while around the same age as you), I was awkwardly thrown at someone (or maybe they were thrown at me? lol probably both) by a mutual friend. Going on seven years now.

It’s not just young it’s all ages, ghosting very very normal

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Theres no mystery. He wasn’t that into you. It happens to everyone and no one can tell you a reason.


Honestly this guy sounded more like he was just bored, wasn’t really looking for a relationship or if he was he realized it wouldn’t work since he’s over seas. I think ghosting people is gutless, but that’s just me. If you’re someone that falls quickly he may have picked up on that and freaked because he felt it was either too fast, or he wasn’t interested in a romantic relationship. My advice is to just focus on you and your kid for awhile, stay away from dating apps and just do your own thing. Usually you meet someone when you least expect it.


Because he was not really into you , he was probably boring with not much to do

You fell in love with words over actions. Plain and simple :person_shrugging:

Plot twist. Despite some appearancex, men are actually human beings with minds of their own. Why your man (men?) ghosted you is between you and him (them?). And one mans reason may be totally different to another mans reason…which may or may not be more about you than him (them?)


My ex just ghosted someone bc he wants a woman that makes a lot of money and can take of him. He’s pathetic

Loaded question here. Anyway they are just not into you. Except that and move on. Put that energy into your children

The first red flag was they were overseas.

You are not “falling in love” after just a few months of chatting, never having met in person.

That is not love.
Infatuation, perhaps,
But not love.

I would try meeting people in real life.

Or, at least, only talk to local people online.

Regardless on how you meet someone, take it slow.

Focus on you and your children.

Join a club that interests you.

Take a class.

Volunteer somewhere

Take up a new hobby

Join a meet-up group

Make friends first.

Let things happen organically.

Let love happen slowly and naturally.

I wish you well.


Why do females ghost men


There’s alot of people overseas trying to scam, potentially can be the cause if they didn’t succeed in scamming you


Have you ever considered that maybe if he’s deployed he’s got more important shit to do? Or maybe he’s ghosting you shit, idk. Either way at 29 you should know by now to just move tf on instead of posting anonymously to a page like this demanding No NeGaTiVe CoMmEnTs Or JuDgMeNt like GIRL. Come on :roll_eyes:

Overseas is a red flag on it’s own. I’ve seen and heard too many military dudes who mess around while they’re overseas with a wife at home or base.


Maybe it’s because you fall in love in in such a short time with someone online…