Why do men look at adult photos at work?

My bf has porn on his phone everyday multiple times. He works construction...Is there really time for that? Where does he do it...most job sites have porta potties. It's really pushing me away from him. I have asked him about why he needs to at work? I don't get much of an answer...but if I ever have porn on my phone shit hits the fan!

Construction guys work super long hours. Most have no girlfriend or time at home. It keeps them busy mentally from the mundane spackle nail hammer motions. One construction guy randomly sent me photos of his pants down in the porta potty because he was taking care of things either way on the job. :rofl: guys think they get pent up energy and need the release to refresh their energy during their work day. Some guys say before they start their day they take care of things so they wont be thinking about that and instead can focus on their work- with this belief guys think women should also do this before leaving home to release negative energy and tension to communicate better in the world when they are out.

Disclaimer: I am simply stating what I have observed and heard directly.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Why do men look at adult photos at work?

You better tell him that if he can have porn then so can you tf or leave :joy::joy::joy:


Yeah get the fk outta there! Hes a bitch and if shit hits the fan when you have pork on your phone then definitely get the fk out hes a child and hasn’t grown up yet, find yourself a real man that will watch it with you and then fuck you the best they can afterwards!:100:

If he’s having it at work and can’t seem to stop, it could be an addiction. Maybe is is unaware of this and the hurt it can cause the both of you. Maybe see if he would be willing to see a therapist to find out the reasons behind his need and desire while at work

Red flag pay attention…


It’s construction… all men show each other dirty or shocking shit all day long.


It’s disgusting and men who do that are cheaters facts!

Maybe see if he would watch it with u. Not while at work. Make it about u guys. Spice things up


Perhaps he’s watching Russian midget porn or his into nugget people porn :man_shrugging:t3::man_shrugging:t3:


sounds like a lack of respect for u sadly

Men who are obsessed with porn eventually need to watch it to get an hard D I had a boyfriend who had to do that every time I felt uncomfortable and I asked him sometimes if we could just be us and he wouldn’t get a hard D. Eventually it fks with their brain so much they can’t be without it.

Porn addiction! I feel it’s their only way to feel in control is to control if their partner is watching it because they have no control over their own addiction!


I will never understand why porn bothers people. It’s not like they are meeting the person after work lol I don’t get it

Him n his buddies probably look and laugh together


sleep with his friend :slightly_smiling_face:


It might be bothersome but construction is a stressful job, and that can be considered a stress reliever I guess? Maybe he’s just blowing of some steam in the Porta potty.

Watch porn together :man_shrugging:


Sounds like a possible porn addiction otherwise really it’s not your business and neither is it his .

Jeeze, watch it with him. I watch it with my husband. It actually turns the both of us on and makes sex fucking fantastic!!!

Porn addiction is sadly very common. The fact he goes batshit at you for looking at it is a major red flag of a controlling, or potentially controlling, partner. You have choices; accept it, offer to watch it with him, or leave.


What do you mean “if I ever have…” like he shames you? If so, leave him.

Maybe you can do your own pictures and send them to him. If he “needs” it looking at your pictures would be better for yalls relationship. Just a suggestion

I dated a guy like this a few years back he freaking loved porn after 2 years of dating we moved in together 3 days after that as I’m laying in bed naked hes in the other room jerking off to some porn, I was so freaking mad… I should have left then … because red flags everywhere. U got your girl in the next room naked and looking at other people… its one thing to look at it… but the real question is… is he still having sex with you… if not then time to go

He clearly needs to get his nails done….

I think thats every man… Even friends to friends.

Am I the only one that’s like “how does she know when he’s watching and how many times? Are you tracking and checking?”
I’m more bothered by THAT truly.

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Works both ways… :woman_shrugging: Let him be. Keep your porn and a new best friend in your drawer. Yea! See how he feels. Then you can hit him with it if he gets mad at you. :grin:


My supervisor was fired for having porn on his computer


The real question is why he doesn’t feel its fair for you to also look at porn? Seems like the porn itself isn’t the issue here.

Thats super trashy in sorry girl I would be devastated to suffer the same situation. I’ve had a few times I see porn on his phone but a handful of times… and when im not home. But I let him know exactly how it makes me feel… insecure. And I cant help that either. So we have tried watching together and so far its working ok… I wish all attention was on me but it must be too much to ask. :roll_eyes: not like he’s very attractive or in shape but im suppose to act like he’s “god” :roll_eyes::unamused:. So I told him if u don’t want me to see it … please delete it. It hurts me more when I find it… we don’t hide our phones from each other so If I need to search something and his phones near. I use it. And sometimes I see something I dont like and it will eat me all day till I say something. I hate men :unamused: if this one don’t work out im done dating :unamused:

If he can do something he says you aren’t allowed to do then leave him in the rear view.


Uh leave… you said bf? Yeah bounce.


Honestly it’s a guy thing I mean obviously not all guys are like that but I have had a few boyfriends in The past where they literally just critique the whole movie like they’re not even really getting enjoyment from it they really are just either laughing or basically just saying how that girls hot I mean it’s harmless really unless he does really have a problem

Yall got to realize she’s lying & doing this for clout. Literally 1 or 2 days ago she made a post that she was single. I mean how many life problems does one person have. I feel like she does this cause this is the only thing that gets comments and likes for her page

That’s crazy. I watch porn,
My hubby watches porn, sometimes we watch it together but it’s not extreme. If it’s hurting the relationship then it’s def a problem


If it bothers you then leave the relationship because he’s no the one for you.


Yea at work is a little excessive. Porn is normal, but it sounds like he has a major addiction.

Hes not cheating sooooo :woman_shrugging:


He might just be looking at it. While he’s on lunch or with his buddies.
It doesn’t nessessary mean he’s beating his meat lol


So he is a control freak. Also does double standards. Me personally I would leave. It will just get worse.

What is he doing…watching it??? Why does him watching strangers being paid to have sex bother you tho

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why do you two know so much about what’s in eachothers phone? sounds like there’s more issues than porn!

It’s more common than you’d think, but it doesn’t make it any better. The simple fact that you’re “not allowed” to do the same thing he does is telling though. Neither activity is conducive to a healthy relationship. Get out.


Say you’ll stop when he does

My ex used to watch porn and wanted me to watch it too but not my thing but alot of men do so if he’s not seeking sex from other women you might just want to learn to accept it and move on. Plus maybe he’s looking for ways to please you more too! Good luck

I think if anyone is at work that should not be what they’re doing. What’s okay for one should be okay for the other. But do it on your own time.

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No one wants to see anyone happy any more lol geeez

Sounds like your boyfriend is a narcissistic pos!

He has no respect for you if he does it after you’ve said it upsets you. If he has a double standard for you. And disrespect doesn’t not EVER equal love. Period. Move on.


Whilst I don’t care about porn in relationships. I don’t think it’s cheating either. But what I didn’t like about what you said is that it’s alright for him but not for you. He is not your boss nor does he have the right to tell you that you can’t look at it or even love yourself with it. Especially if he gets off on it aswell

Some men legit need puss or to bust one everyday, I personally find it annoying and gross bc I can go forever without it lmfao with zero effort but men will always want it, always, it’s in their genes, their bones lmfao it’s their foundation sadly . But for him to be doing that at work, is more concerning for others than ANYTHING, especially working construction, let me find out the roads I drive & buildings I go in and out of mess up when I come along and it’s bc some dude wants to pay more attention to porn than his job, that’s dangerous at the end of the day, even if he’s not literally watching it while working, if it’s on his mind it can easily distract him from work.

What guy doesn’t have that on their phone at some point. So what…. It’s a dude thing and doesn’t mean they are “cheating” or looking for something better. The sooner y’all girls realize that the better off y’all will be :upside_down_face::woman_shrugging:t3:


Sounds like he might have an addiction If he can’t go the work day without it. An issue like that will only snowball.

Bye!! Sounds like ol’ boys got an addiction to porn. To me, that’s cheating, he’s fantasizing about what he’s lookin at, and it ain’t you. Leave his ass and let him have his fuckin porn

It could be worse……… he could have a girlfriend :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Dude I literally work with a guy who watches porn on his phone daily. Bosses all know. Nothing gets done. He’s so desensitized to it it doesn’t even make him hard​:nauseated_face::woman_facepalming:t2: definitely addicted

Why are these kind of questions on FB?

Pornography is harmful. Get it completely out of your life.

I would be really mad if he does it and I can’t. Like if you can satisfy your meat at work or wherever you are doing it at then I get to Satisfy my kitty too :woman_shrugging:t4: if he can’t stop then you shouldn’t either. Tell him you did now it’s my turn :tipping_hand_woman:t4:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Why do men look at adult photos at work?

He sounds addicted to porn and possessive


Im in this same EXACT situation. Following

Sex addict, I dated a guy that constantly looked at porn even caught him satisfying himself several times. Seem to be all he thought of was sex. Would never admit that he had a problem with sex but it was very obvious that he was an addict.

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I guarantee you not all men do that. Your guy sounds addicted.


Because a real person requires interaction


I have no problem with porn at all. Strip clubs if I come….


He will get out of it. Most were there.

Turn off and not a one way street… time to LEAVE


The fact that he thinks it’s OK for him to do it but not you is a huge red flag.


Okay i would just say ok no problem have porn on your phone but I will also be having porn on mine and I best not hear a single word about it ! Set your screen saver to a buff hung stud :woman_shrugging::joy:


He’s definitely Addicted. Get out now before you find out more then you already have. My ex husband had the same issue. When I finally realized & took it seriously he had went from just watching porn to having phone sex & sending videos to random chicks he didn’t know & then cheated. And let me tell you it doesn’t matter who they are, how old they are or what they look like! He had a boss at work who was openly gay who gave him this “girls phone number” that he was texting & sending sexual videos to…. When I fought him and he told me how he “didn’t know her & never met her” but he got her number from his gay boss I was like “umm you didn’t think that was wired huh? You could possibly be sending your dick pics & jerking off for your boss you dumb fuck!” :woman_facepalming:


Good question. I’de say between ages 16-25, in the 90’s and early 2000’s being young and going through puberty as well as external influence “being cool” was a typical senerio. I was sexually active at a young age and had a kid when I was 17. Negitive Influences were alot more back then. And coming from a single parent home morals and spirituality wasn’t a first priority. I looked at porn or a naked women as “Man I can’t wait to try this when I’m older”. After break-up’s and infidelity it took time to respect my self, my partner and my whole outlook on life. Fortunately in this modern growing world the life choices for our youth are so much more keyed for education and growth! This is a great thing. If you’re in a monogamous relationship and respect the person your with as well as respecting your self, environment and others then worst thing to do is taint your spirit and state of wellbeing by introducing Negativity in your life. If your looking at Trashy Pictures at work then obviously she’s not enough for you. If she’s ok with it then well Trash don’t fall too far from the can… :man_shrugging:t4:

So many problems here but the main one is that he thinks it’s OK for him but not her which means it’s not an equal relationship. Something needs to change, girl.


Give him the ultimatum… me or porn. I feel he may have an addiction due to the fact he’s constantly watching it even at work.


No wonder why these construction jobs take so damn long lmao


Because he’s a man…and he thinks with his other head.period.


Some men **
Sounds like he’s not being well satisfied OR he has an addiction OR he may not feel as attracted to you as he use to. Can be many things. He may even feel unattractive himself :woman_shrugging:t2: If this isn’t an adult conversation you can have with one another? I wouldn’t even waste my time honestly

The real issue here is the double standard he holds you to. Sounds like he has an addiction


This really beats me…why do people like to watch other people having sex. Can’t they enjoy with their partner’s!/wife gf. Not like they need to be motivated.:grin:


He sounds like he as an addiction .


Guys send each other pictures n posts n jokes it’s just a thing they do -worked wiith many in dispatching trucks -not sure about porno stuff n why?

It’s not the porn thing that gets to me however more the point that it’s OK for him but not for you is a massive red flag, I would cut cord and leave. Sounds like he isn’t immature even to have a relationship. Best of luck


Either he’s really having an addiction and need therapy, or he’s just low class. If it’s the latter, then it’s hard to fix because he’s gonna disrespect you in other ways as well


I’m confused on why he’d do that at work also…I don’t have an answer


He’s in construction. Builders just like that :joy:


Sounds like a porn addiction.
Most men do not watch porn at work they are too busy actually working! Plus you can be fired for shit like that.


Obviously has a sex Addiction and you’re going to be cheated on if you already haven’t been


Honestly I would offer him a threesome… Or something because it’s not gonna go away


Look, that’s not something that I focus on on. I don’t know if my husband has it on his phone because I’m not looking through his phone. I do remember that before we got married he had a “slew” of old Playboy-like magazines on his coffee table, bedroom and in his guest closet. I never said a word and slowly but surely he started moving them from the obvious places to the closet and eventually they disappeared from the house. I don’t know what he did with them, I wasn’t interested. All I know is that I never saw them again. I don’t know if he goes to strip clubs, but I don’t think so, that wasn’t his style back then, so I’m assuming that it’s not something he does now. He goes out, I go out, and we go out socializing together. I don’t know , at this point how I would react to him having adult photos on his phone. But I guess it would depend on the type of photo, Are they pornographic or just scantly clad photos of women?. It all boils down to how you feel about yourself and what your definition of “cheating” is… If it hurts you or makes you feel less than, then it’s up to you to do something about it. Don’t let him dismiss your feelings…but do realize, that this a “game-changer”.

Who knows I worked in a psychiatric unit and one time IT was there and I asked if they were there because midnights was always looking at porn…and he replied…”basically”.

Men will be men. I personally think it’s weird but it’s just not my thing but it’s not all that uncommon for men I guess.

Most men have porn on there phone…and nearly all women dont…that’s how it is…the norm thnks for reading!


If he’s allowed to look at it so should you.
But other than that it really shouldn’t bother you if he watches or has porn, it way better than him cheating or having pics of other girls


I had an ex that did the same exact thing! Leave him. F*** that…


Get rid of him…hypocrite


Bob I mean nob the builder :rofl:


Sleazebags in every workplace


Just make a point of doing it once every day. Just because some people don’t know how their own treatment feels until it happens to them.

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Get away from him he probably has other horrible addictions if you’re young you have a chance at a great life you just don’t need that he’s sick