Why does my 8-week-old non stop cry?

FTM… my daughter is 8 weeks today, I have thought for a while that she cry’s a lot for a baby but I wasn’t sure. The last few days she has been crying non stop, even whimpers in her sleep. She is well fed, had a diaper change, she is pooping as usual and not hot or cold. Is this colic? Is so what can I do to sooth her? I feel like a failure as a mom because all she does is cry and it breaks my heart.


Her Next Appointment Bring It Up To Her Doctor Nd Theyll Be Able To Give U More Info…Nd I Was Also Informed That Feeding Babies Cold Milk Can Cause Colic If You’re Doing That

I wld say it is colic based on my experience I wld definately try these products they really helped gripe water not so much…u may also want to look into changing her milk to Simalac sensitive that really helped me

Try Mommy’s bliss gripe water

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Sounds like colic. Talk to your doctor.
You are NOT a failure. Your baby is taken care of and loved, that’s all you can ask for. This will pass mama, stay strong​:heart::heart:

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Mylicon was our saving grace!!

Could be gas, so try pumping her legs or gas drops. I would try these things and if no relief call her pediatrician.

Gripe water could help too, lots of people swear by it, but it didn’t work for me.

Sounds like colic to me

The same thing happened with my little boy. I tried everything. Finally a friend of mine suggested a chiropractor so i took him. The dr said babies can get out of alignment during birth and they hurt so they cry. I took him to 6 visits and he was a different baby after and never had any other problems.

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You are not a failure!!! Try putting gas relief drops or gripe water in the bottle when you do the next feeding. That has worked wonders with my lil girl.

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The doctor is the only one who can tell you that. There are bottles and stuff for colic babies.

Take her to the doctor.

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Sounds like colic. Gripe water didn’t help my son and I already used bottles that were supposed to ease colic. I swear by the chiropractor, he started going at a month old and within a month he was a totally different baby and within 2-2 1/2 months he was sleeping through the night.

I put my baby in the swing & ran the vacuum cleaner. Strange idea but it worked when he was colicky

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I highly recommend a visit to the chiropractor for baby. Did wonders for my daughter.

Skin to skin and maybe try a gentle formula if not breast feeeding

Have you asked the doctor about reflex?.. Or given gas dropps

Lots of sleepless nights and days. Swaddle, bouncy swaying and walks. Colic drops. My oldest had colic, we both cried a lot. I know it sucks but try to be calm, it’ll pass.

Sounds like colic sweetheart.You are not a failure!1st don’t forget to take care of yourself too!2nd there is this stuff called gripe water,it may help,gas drops help too.Sometimes you may just have to let her cry it out!Your doing AWESOME!Hang in there Mama…This too shall pass!

Dont give her anything unless your doctor tells you its ok. Talk to them. Could be colic, gas…who knows. Your not a failure though. Babies are hard because they cant tell us what they need. Call your doctor. They will give u some answers.

Going through the same thing with my daughter she just made one month on the 7th. A little gripe water, and a warm bath right after calms her down!

You’re not a failure as a mama, first off. My daughter had colic the moment she got out of the NICU and screamed for 12+ hours a day, it was HORRIBLE. Nothing helped but she outgrew it around 4 months old. Gripe water may help. But my daughter is 1.5 years old now and is still a very difficult child. Cries over everything. Lol. I’m not a failure as a mom, I just have a kid who likes to cry I guess. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Could be acid reflux. My daughter cried from 2 months until 4 months. We switched formula 9 times thinking that was it. My milk was to low to feed. I finally video taped her nonstop crying to show the pediatrician because I felt like they didn’t believe me. Shes o I can its acid reflux put her on zantac and enfamil ar. She was a whole different baby. Does she turn to one side and scream?

There is no such a thing as a colicky baby there’s definitely something going on with your baby maybe your baby is allergic to the formula or has acid reflux or GERD if if your baby has GERD it is really painful it’s worth looking into because it could be something as simple as giving your baby something for the acid reflux or GERD please speak to your pediatrician about this

Try to continue to burp her could be gas and also acid reflux :woman_shrugging:t3:

You’re not a failure of a mom. All moms deal with babies crying. We swaddled my daughter real tight…I mean make sure the baby can breathe but try that. White noise helped as well. I would take her to see the doctor before trying to give her anything. I do know that bouncing helped my niece and she had colic. She also was given something by the doctor, so if swaddling/white noise/bouncing doesn’t help, go to the doctor.

Oh it’s colic. Try a baby swing for soothing and some white noise. Gripe water helps a bit

My now 2 year old had colic as a baby your not a failure gripe water a lot of rocking swings bouncers can help he had colic from 2 weeks old until 4 months old

Honestly if you have a chiropractor near you and you find out it’s colic , they work wonders . I’m a RCA and we work on babies all the time .

She is in the purple crying period? Swaddling my daughter and turning on the vacuum worked well.

Try rocking her, if that doesn’t smooth her take her for a car ride!!!

My daughter was doing this and we found out she has severe reflux. They started her on meds and switched her formula to Enfamil ar which helped. It makes her more gassy but the gas drops help she does get constipated sometimes because of the formula but we help her by putting a thermometer in her tush

Try little tummys gas drops or gripe water may help… If that dont help you may have to change the formula. Sometimes you just have to try different things. Im sure your doing a great job. Wrap the baby how they do in the hospital that helps sometimes n cuddle close to you. Maybe call the dr just to ease your mind but dont forget to take care of your self n try not to get to stressed bc babies can sence that n that can make them stressed as well. Good luck

I had a colic baby for 6 months! Back in the day, they Similac had a formula that had proteins pre-digested. GOD SEND right there! I also found that the tighter I swaddled her the happier she was. Best of luck to you.
It is a very stressful time with a new born. DON’T be afraid to ask for help as it can be very trying on your patients.

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My baby had colic 25 years ago. You will survive❤️just rock her as much as you can. It was beyond exhausting

I would also carry her so her tummy was resting on my forearm. Worked wonders!

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My babies both had/have a lactose intolerance as babies… I couldn’t breastfeed cuz they were getting lactose thru me, so they both were put on Nutramagin formula… My oldest grew out of his intolerance by the time he was 1 and we’re hoping the same will happen with new baby

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I had to get a hot water bottle for my oldest. I’d fill it up with warm water and lay her on it on her tummy to get a couple hours of peace. Just make sure you’re watching your baby

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Outside. Music. Loud sounds. Change your diet if you are nursing.

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Gerber soothe formula!! Helped so much with my baby

My little one had colic real bad and we had to switch him to nutramigen (pedi recommended) and gas drops will literally be your best friend!!! Gripe water didn’t work for us personally but us switching formula helped a TON!!!

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When it starts cooling down for the day take her for an evening walk​:purple_heart::purple_heart:

My daughter was collicy

My nieve was colicy, and ooh boy it was rough. Gas drops, mom to baby tummy time, and let othets help you. When it cones to colic sometimes theirs no answers. You just need help. A break.

My daughter was colicky for the longest time and it was brutal! I went to the doctor multiple times insisting something had to be wrong because she looked like she was in pain. But got the same answer every time she was a perfect baby in terms of health. Some babies are just this way the doctor said and to just try and not blame myself and remember in time it will pass. It finally did and looking at my gorgeous 9 year old girl every agonizing day when she screamed from sun up to sun down was worth it. And I would do it over a million times to have her as my daughter. Stay strong mama. One thing my daughter loved was going in the shower with me. We spent so much time in the shower with me just holding her and singing to her because it was one of the few things that soothes her for a few moments. Good luck and it will pass. This is my baby now

Honestly it could be anything not necessarily colic try holding her close to your chest and do squats not sure why bit it soothes the worst of the worst for most!

I havent ever dealt with colic but gas drops helps with constipation