Why does my baby bang her head against things?

My daughter will be 8 months on June 20. She recently started banging her head against her carseat. Seems like Anytime we go anywhere. Does anyone else’s baby do this? Should I take her to the pediatrician? Just worried she’s going to hurt her head.


It’s normal. My daughter did it. It’s just something new she’s learned that she thinks is fun. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Mine banged her head against her crib. Her ped said it’s just a stage some go through, just something new they’ve learned, and if it really hurt her that she’d stop.

It’s a way they either vent frustrations or for sensory stimulation.
If they don’t grow out of it around 2. Then there’s cause for concern.
My youngest does it hard when he’s upset

Mine would bang his head on the carseat and on the wall at home lol. He thinks it’s funny, he’s 10 months now and still does it on the wall every once in a while

Are you playing heavy metal songs ehen you drive

My son did it around that age too. He will be two in August and now only does it against soft surfaces when he is told no, his way of letting out his frustration.