Why does my child always rub her ears?

My daughter does this thing where she rubs her ears, CONSTANTLY! Sometimes she’ll do it so hard it will make them bleed. She’s only 6 months old so I took her to the dr and they said it was “dry skin” but she won’t stop doing it. I need advice. I don’t know what’s wrong with her. I think that there may be fluid in her ear. She will ball her fists up and just rub her ear in a circular motion. She does it more when she’s angry, fussy, or eating. So I thought maybe it was a comfort thing? Idk. Someone help!


She is probably teething! Babies do that to relieve pressure from their teeth! Mine certainly does! And he’s 9 months


Did the doctor not recommend anything for the dry skin? Hmmm that’s interesting!

I’d say teething. My 5, almost 6 month old is going thru it now

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I’d get a second opinion to see if she may have allergies or an infection


Could be teething. But get her checked. My daughter has done it for a long time and now they think it might be because she cant hear. She just failed her first hearing test. So get your little lovey checked. Better safe then sorry

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I would say teething . Both my girls did it every time a tooth was coming in . And the doctor didn’t give anything for dry skin ?

I would see a 2nd opinion. She probably is getting fluid in her ears. My daughter had the worse ear infections. She ended up getting tubes. I would change her bottle to a specialized 1 for her not to have a lot of pressure when drinking

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Take her to be seen by an ear, nose, and throat dr! Could be ear issue from teething or it could be fluid drainage

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Check behind her ears. My son had like a patch of dry skin behind his ears and the doctor told me it sometimes can be irritating so put like lotion on it and it might help.

He stopped the digging after I started the lotion.

Could be teething could be. Something they r not seeing could try a ent dr

I’d say teething. It relieves the nerve pain

My 8 month old does this. Its teething. If shes rubbing them raw put aquaphor on where she is pulling. Thats what helped my baby from rubbing them raw unless its un the ear then you need to ask your doctor what you can use

Something I never thought of with my first child until my stepmom brought it up…
Is her hair (the ends) tickling her ears?

It could be a range of things … but I would actually start with the teeth …teething … babies often pull at their ears when they’re teething

Could be an ear infection due to her eustachian tubes (babies have very flat tubes that tend to fill with fluid). It could also be teething

She could have an ear infection, but she very well could just teething hun, my kids all tugged their ears like crazy when they were teething

Definitely take her in for a second opinion. That could be serious.

Could be anxiety and that motion could be soothing to her. My daughter use to turn her head back and forth repeatedly. She was diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder and the child psychiatrist said this behaviour was a coping mechanism even at a young age.

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Ear ,nose ,throat dr for sure

My son did the same. Had to have tubes put in because of the fluid in his ears.

He would pull them till they bled at the top part attached to his head :sleepy:

Seek more help go to another doctor

Sounds like teething. Garlic oil helps the inflammation in the ears from that

Teething or ear infection, have them check her ears and if it’s not that you know it’s teething.

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Sounds like ear infection

Did the dr look in and check her ears?! If so my daughter did this when she was teething.

Maybe wipe the exterior parts of her ear & behind her ears once or twice a day with a wipe. Use a hypoallergenic lotion. Change to a hypoallergenic soap. I was going to say swaddle her tightly with her arms in, but at 6 mths she can prob fight her way out. Maybe try a beanie or wide headband to cover her ears. I’d also google drops safe for babies or if putting peroxide to flush them some is safe at that age, with either I’d let it set with that ear up for a few min, then let the excess drain out. Good luck.

Try liquid dha oil in her bottle. If it is truly dry skin this will fix it. My daughter was born with horrible eczema and her ped told me to this and I worked wonders :+1:

It sounds like anxiety, try to find things that can help calm her and at that age teething causes discomfort in the ears.

Take her to a specialist…An Ear , Nose , & Throat Doctor !

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My daughter always has tugged on her ears when shes self soothing or trying to fall asleep. Ive taken her to the pediatrician like 3 or 4 times since she was born (shes 11 mo) bc i thought she had an ear infection or something found out it was just her way of self soothing.
Rubbing so hard her ears bleed isnt good though. I dont have any advice for that except maybe try and give her something to distract her attention away from her ears when she does it?
Maybe take her in for a second opinion and see what another pediatrician says about it. I agree w alot of people that it may be anxiety but you def need to find a way to get her to stop doing that.
Wish i could help more mama! Hope you get it figured out soon! :heart:

It sounds like a few things. Ear infection, just something that calms herself or autism


Take her to a nose, ear, Throat doctor

try hydrocortisone cream

Some babies does this from being frustrated, my granddaughter did it also and it was just her cutting teeth and being frustrated.

Go get a secone opinion somewhere else

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My son has had an ear thing since he was born, not to that extreme though, try soothing stuff. Diffuse lavender use a lavender chamomile lotion and wash.

She might be autistic like my son who does something similar but I would look into it and see if she has any other similar behaviors associated with autism see a specialist the sooner the better

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Ear infection or teething

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try ear drops from Highlands. my son did the same thing and the ear drops stopped it.

I would try and ENT just to be sure it isn’t something that needs addressed medically. If it is teething or whatever, you might try teething mittens to keep her from hurting her ears. Search on Amazon for baby teething mittens.

Try to find an ENT doctor.
Ears, nose and throat doctor

Teething probably but it could be allergies. This time of year I feel itchy in my throat, chest and ears bc of something in the air irritating my allergies

My one year old does the same thing

Definitely see an ENT. She may have eczema in the ear canal which would make it very itchy.

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Mine both did this when they were teething.