Why does my toddler bang his head while he is mad?

My 1 1/2 year old son gets angry and bangs his head into tables or the floor when he don’t get his way. Does anybody else go thru this? My first born never threw tantrums that would hurt himself. I’m scared he will hurt himself to where he leaves a mark and people will think I’m hurting him. Any advice on how to make this stop?


My son did the same thing… he grew out of it.

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My oldest used to.namg her head on the wall when she didn’t get or way or didn’t want to go to bed. Her forehead was constantly brused. Honestly she did it one time to hard and never did again. They will learn it grow out of it

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My son did the same thing we had to buy him a helmet so he didnt hurt himself to he grew out of it

My son did the same thing, it was so frustrating because no matter what I did he just kept doing it but eventually he did grow out of it

Mine did this constantly. Bringing attention to it only made it worse. The more I ignored it, the less he did it until he eventually stopped altogether. Just as the pediatrician suggested.

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It’s one of the things Children with autism does

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My son did this for about 6-8 months around the same age, I tried everything and finally just ignored him. He would follow me out of the room to try to make me see him doing it and I honestly pretended he was invisible until he got distracted by something else. Eventually he just stopped altogether because he wasnt getting the attention from doing it. :woman_shrugging:

My gr daughter did this stooped breathing knocked herself out took her to several different Drs they said take all sugar away. It worked !!!

I took my DD to the doctor for this. They talked to her and told me it was probably just for attention and to ignore it. She stopped pretty quickly.

My son did this. He once banged his head harder than he meant to & when he started crying & i pretended i didn’t see him doing it (i watched out of the corner of my eye), he stopped.

I know someone just mentioned this, but, that’s a symptom or sign of autism spectrum disorders.

my 3 yr old does it…distraction is the best thing. he does it because he knows ull give in as well as hell get attention when he does it. be firm with him and let him know that its not acceptable, reinforce that there r better ways of getting ur attention and what he wants.

My son did this when he was about that Age . he has ASD ( autism spectrum disorder ) although he doesn’t do it anymore


Keep putting a pillow where ever he head butts!

It could be a sensory issue SPD or an Autistic trait. My daughter has done this for years and she has both. I would discuss your concerns with your Peds


My son did this around that age. But grew out of it. I always told me please dont hurt my baby, because that hurts momma. And he finally stopped.

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You have to let them ride it out. Don’t give him attention other than making sure he is safe. On the living room carpet, couch
Your lap if he is calm enough. Then talk to him softly.
My almost 2 year old does it. It’s normal. He is just frustrated or upset and doesn’t know how to vent yet. And like you, my first 2 sons never ever threw tantrums or banged their heads.
Good luck and keep your patience! :yellow_heart:

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When he bangs it really good and feels it when it really hurts he will stop try ignoring what hes doing don’t let him hear u even mention it ,it will stop alot quicker once they realize it gets them attention they only get worse this to shall pass try not to worry kids r weird lol

I put my son in his pack and play and let him do as he need in their he now don’t do it any more

Kids do these things to get attention put him in time out and ignore him if the Dr says anything explain what’s going on

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Put a helmet on him. Go about what you’re doing and ignore the behavior.


My youngest daughter did that for the first 3 years then grew out of it

You should talk to your pediatrician about it. There could be more going on than you realize. Self harming could be a sign of Autism or other disorders. My son did it for a while he has Autism and a few things going on. Best wishes to you and your family

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A glass of ice water in the face

I did it when I was little my mom told me, I turned out normal without any problems :woman_shrugging: my mom said I always had a bruise on my head

My daughter did it at that age too, she grew out of it fairly quick.

My youngest will throw a fit and stomp…

My cousins daughter gave herself a concussion doing this! Hang in thete!

Its considered a behavioral issue. Can have many causes, pediatricians will refer you to someone who can access the issue. I’d call an setup an appt

My 1 1/2 yr son does this to, it scares the crap outta me because he does it so hard and then when he cant bang his head he hits himself in the face or head i was told its him have a temper tantrum but i am woth you i have no idea what to do other then stop him when he does it

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Teach new ways to cope with feelings. Such as “you can bang the hammer, but not your head.” Keep a punching bag available for them to hit. Anger management is about teaching new coping skills.

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  1. Tell your doctor at once to cover yourself. So people will not think it is you. In case he doesn’t grow out of it. 2. What age is he? Can be behavior ask for helmet some insurance pay most don’t but if you don’t get him used to it if he continues and gets to old they learn to take them off. They can get intense enough to hurt themselves bad. Use ting bike helmet if insurance doesn’t cover. 3. Get referral for testing any kind they will do at his age they can diagnosis Autism at 14 months now. 4. See if someone can teach you what to do to do to redirect. Maybe OT. PT, some interventions talk with Pediatrician if they don’t take you seriously find a new one. Pediatrician development people. In GA we have Babies Can’t Wait. Call you Children Hospital see if they have some one to refer you to. EASTER SEALS, Pedestrians Neruologist, Autism Speak,GA has group call Parents to Parents is a support referral group. Medical School behavior/pediatric or Psych therapy section. Autism Speaks, Maybe referral to ENT see if he hearing is ok if he can’t hear they head band out of frustration. Teach him sign language as way to communicate msy have processing problems in brain can be tested for that too. You just need to get some one one board with you who listens to you. Will walk this journey with you to get answer. It maybe an ear infections that is coming and going and he is telling in his way he hurts. It maybe he likes to feel his head hit the floor. First RELAX it is OK. No matter what it is God will not give you more than you can handle. You are his best hope for having a happy life. You can do it, if not you can do all thing thur God . You are a good mom I can tell you have asked for help that is the beginning.

Try walking away and ignoring go to another room

Put a helmet on him if he takes it off punish him

Tell him you’re going to make him wear a helmet if he’s going to that, then show him something else he can do when he’s mad, like jumping up and down and growling…lol.

My son used to do that at that age until about 2 1/2-3. He would smack himself. He grew out of it. I would stop him everytime

Most kids do this, really. My daughter did, and she had MASSIVE meltdowns as a toddler, and my son is one right now, and starting his fits, lol. My son would headbutt ME for a while even.

As the oldest of five kids, and like 15 cousins, I’ve seen some serious fits over the years. Most kids go through it, and it stops eventually. Be consistent, and don’t give in, because then he knows he can act that way to get his way, you know? Put him in a safe spot, like a play pen, or crib, so he can’t really do too much self damage, and let him calm down. Check on him periodically, if you wish.

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I would hit my head on things all the time, I was a terrible kid lol but my mom was told that as long as it was the front of my head then to just let me go. If you’re worried someone may say something I would video an episode just to show it’s not you. He will grow out of it in time just don’t give in to what it’s about

My uncle and my son did that.

My grandma said my uncle did it a lot and anywhere. One day he decided on the sidewalk. . And never did it again after.

My son did it all the freaking time. I was mopping one day (where we lived was all tile) and he slipped and hit his head. . He never did it again after that.

My uncle is almost 50… he’s fine. . My son is almost 13… he’s fine. .

Kiddos go through weird phases sometimes

I’m sorry I know it’s not funny to u, being a parent I wouldn’t think its funny if one of my children did it, however I’m laughing cuz wen I was little I would bang my head on the concrete every time I didn’t get my way :rofl: and until now, I’ve never heard of any child doing this

I don’t remember any of our 5 siblings or mine doing that. I’m old fashioned…my mom would have given us her personal distraction. Switches were her favorite to change instant behavior…sorry, younger generations !!!

Definitely need to talk with pediatrician That is definitely abnormal behavior

Throw water in is face will not hurt him but he well stop the temp tantrum

My ex boyfriend did stuff like this. I believe he is on the autism spectrum. It’s nothing to get upset about you just have to learn how to deal with your son in different ways than you do your other children. Figure out how to refocus him and calm him down

For one, video his tantrums. You’ll have proof that he’s doing it to himself. Second, get a bean bag chair or very large pillow. Explain (and redirect him) over and over until he gets it - that’s his “angry place”. He won’t get in trouble for going and hitting/jumping/banging into it, but he will get in trouble anywhere else. Carry it from room to room in the house (or get a few).


I use to do the same thing I was told. We lived in an upstairs appartment. Banged head on walls and floors and loved to head butt people. I out grew it.

Lol ya couple of my brothers use to do that when they were small …frustrated , they grow out of it

Any advice here saying to let him do it without a helmet or trying to stop him is ludicrous! He could end up banging the sharp edge of something, getting a concussion, or injuring his eyes. DO get him to stop as soon as possible. DO make him wear a helmet to protect his head. DO speak to your pediatrician about this. DO NOT pass it off as a phase. It could be the sign of something serious, like Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Honestly with my son, we just had to wait until he did hirt himself and then he stopped. He smacked his head on a pure wood coffee table and sported a goose egg for a couple days. Needless to say, that was rhe end of it lol

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Keep forcing the word no can’t did that my son is one n he finds it funny to rock back n forth hard we have tell him on daily to stop n no don’t wan’t him to hurt his self. It’s a fase it will eventually pass. Push the word no it will eventually register

my first did this. he will stop once it hurts. don’t cave in to his fits. just say " done yet there honey?" if he isn’t? leave it be and go about your business.

Some kids grow out of it, that is one of the 5 signs of autism. Just work with him and make watch to see what is setting him off when he does this. For a lot of kids it’s noises or too much movement. Wish you luck :heart:

I taught my daughter who used to do the same thing to take deep breaths

My son did it he will eventually stop. Maybe ot will help

My nieces used to do this

When he does it,put a helmet on him. Tell him every time he does it,helmet. He’ll stop

Get a spray bottle and when he does that spray him in face ! He will stop if you do that a few times ! A pediatric Dr told me to do that I had one that would hold her breath ! Stoped it !


My youngest daughter is about the same age and went through this phase…she never hit her head hard enough to leave a mark but it has slowly come to a stop the less I pay attention to her when she does it…

My son used to do this. At 1 he had to have surgery to rebuild his front teeth cuz he broke them doing this. He also used to punch himself in the face when he got aggravated. My son has since been diagnosed with autism, ADHD and mood disorder

Bust his butt and put him in his car seat and strap him in. He will soon learn that fit throwing is a bad thing to do.


My sister every since she was a baby she would bang her head on her pillow to fall asleep 19 yrs later she still does it even though the dr said she would grow out of it. DEFINITELY talk to your pediatrician!

My son just stopped doing this to days a go finally! He is 17 months and its the scariest i used to put him in the stroller to calm down when he was like that. But he did bang his head up alot on the floors walls ect…

My 5 year old daughter did that she has since been diagnosed with autism, ADHD, and ocd

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Talk to your child’s dr. They may have a plastic helmet for your child.then he can bang all he wants to get his way. But ck your child for something maybe causing it.

Ok Sharon but what if he has a problem n u want to bust his butt for it not a good ideal

Where does he do this? Does he attend daycare and do it there as well?
I have 17 month old who just started this. He doesn’t do it at daycare, only at home, when he’s frustrated that he’s not getting his way. He will actually adjust how hard he hits by the surface he’s about to use. He actually only started doing it after seeing another child at daycare (who is ASD) do it.
Our dr has asked us to ignore the tantrum.
If it continues past 2, we’ll go with testing, which is a responsible age range to start testing and monitoring for ASD. However, it’s not always correct at the time either.
Try to help him express in other ways. I distract mine with a car, my husband ignores it.

My brother was the same way. It’s scary

My oldest did that when he was around 18months he eventually stopped around the age of 3

My first born son used to do this really bad. He eventually stopped but his pedi told me it was a “phase” some kids go through.

My son, who is now 35 years old, he did all those banging his head on floor, people’s heads where ever he could. Still does it to this day.

My son used to do this still does sometimes it’s a phase they want a reaction. I put him on his bed on pillows

My daughter is 1.5 and she will do this. If I put her in her high chair she will do it because she dosnt want to be left in it. So she will bang her head and I have to give her a bear hug and say owy and rub where she hit. She understands and will stop for the moment…but she is a big girl and has three older siblings…so has also learned the behavior from them…she will also do it in her crib when she dosnt want to be in there as well.

My 2 year old used to do this. It’s a sensory thing, i think. She doesn’t do it anymore. I just kept an eye on her to make sure she didn’t do it too hard. I tried to “ignore” her otherwise. She only did it when she was upset. A few times I stopped her and loved on her, but she would just go back to it. She doesn’t do it any more. To be honest I don’t know when she stopped, because I had a still birth and I used her to cope, which meant I held her a lot. I snuggled her more than ever. And she let me. She never let me as a newborn, but as a 1.5 year old she let me hold her close. The head banging stopped. I was grieving, so I have no idea if she continued to do it then, but it’s almost been a year since and I know she no longer does it. She comes to me and snuggles me.

My first born done this when he was a baby he is 13 now and he’s fine he didn’t have an sensory issues the doctor said each child expresses anger differently

My son did this from around 14 months til almost 2 there’s no way to really stop he will eventually stop in his own. My son had a constant bruise on his forehead I was always having to explain the situation boy was I exhausted. Sending you strength to get through this!!!

My first born had tantrums. I was getting a drink of water one day and she wanted it there herself in floor kicking. She got the water. I through it in her face… the tantrums stopped!

Pour cold water on him, it will shock him but worked for me

My son did this really really bad. He had to wear a helmet to protect his little head. Once he had to wear the helmet it stopped within 4 months. He would bang his head until he had knots or was bleeding.

He may have autism get him checked and talk to your pediatrician

There are different levels of it

My oldest is almost 6. He rarley still does it but his dr has diagnosed him with aspergers so it may be a bit different.

2 of my boys did that. I walked into another room and ignored them. It stopped soon after.

Yes your mom with you lol

I’m going through the same thing the scary part is when they do it they don’t know the difference between carpet and cement :open_mouth:

Also I was told by my doctor that when they do this they want your attention so when she/he does it ignore them and then walk up to them after and brush there hand across their face and say you be nice to yourself

My 5 year old does this. She gets frustrated because she can’t communicate what she wants and we sometimes guess wrong.