Why does my toddler play in poop?

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Does anyone have advise on how to deal with a 2 year old who likes to smear poo everywhere?


Make them clean it up

Sleep sack zipped on backwards.

2 is a hard age.
If they are ready to potty train work on that.
If not onesies, frequent diaper checks…

Yep lol! I was going to say the same thing as above. My daughter did it, also, I noticed that everytime she did she would close her bedroom door. So I took her door off.


Or, cut the feet off footie pajamas, then put on backwards.


Maybe encourage potty training??? I personally never went through this stage as mine had been potty trained by 2 and a half.

You’re one hell of a role model

Legit having kid like that is hell! Been there TWICE! :joy::roll_eyes:
Invest in magic erasers, cleaning supplies and :wine_glass:.

Make them help clean it, or make them stand in the corner while the walls are still dirty. And work HARD on potty training. We had to remove our sons door so he didn’t have time to do it!


Put him in big boy undies…and make him clean up the mess…use a mixture of 2/3 water to 1/3 peroxide instead of bleach. Disinfects just as good without the smell

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Time to start potty training!

Maybe its a texture/feel thing. Get her some paints and play dough to play with. St the same time, let her know smearing poo is not acceptable and you really resent cleaning up. I find ‘it’s the rules’ has gone a long way to helping kids understand boundaries in behavior. That way you aren’t the bad guy, its just the rule

Feet pajamas with the feet part cut off and zipped backwards


Make them help clean it up.


I used tape when he worked out how to get the nappy off. Needed scissors to change him.
Thank god he never played in it though

I cannot even imagine 🤦

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I had one of my boys do that we just watched him close and kept up on diaper changes as soon as he pooped. He finally one day just stopped.

Potty train. Or change the diaper as soon as its soiled. Take away to root problem, having access to the poo.

Teach them and make the. Clean it up.it does not have to be a perfect job but make them stay and clean it.

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No. But curious about potty training an almost 4 yeat old… I have advice there.

Hafsa Osman I’m legit fearing this age now lol.

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Early sign of ASD sometimes

They usually do it at night so you can’t always put them on toilet right away. We had one but not ours so I couldn’t make him clean it up but I wanted to. I would add gloves. What I did do because he did usually do it at night was put is footes PJ on backward zip up back and pin it. So he could not get it off to get to poop. Then I put pictures up where to poop picture of toilet and the don’t poop here traffic sign( like do not enter) one arrow pointing to bathroom. Picture trail story to bathroom and where you do your pooping business. He didn’t have good communication skills the words to go with the potty training so with pictures he had a idea of where he could and could Not put his poop. He would poop under a bed, in the trash can in his sister room, in a closet, so if I put a no pooping sign over those area he no longer went there and finally understood the only place to go was in the bathroom on a potty. Do you know why he chooses to decorate your walls. Some children I have had do it because they get to it with play dough at school (same texturefeeling), some because they are mad at you, some because it is paint for your walls, some because? Who might ask why it might be a totally good reason in their little minds thinking. If you can give them a better reason different supplier and better place it may stop. You could then maybe go about potty training if they are ready or it may have nothing to do with toilet at all.

I wish I did. We’re not at that stage yet lol

My daughter did this briefly during potty training. She stopped by herself i think she knew it was gross. Id say be patient and learn your childs poop times. My girl would hide behind her bed and poo in her panties so from then on she wasnt allowed to walk away and if she did she was inmediately instructed to go potty. She also liked to poop while daddy and i showered so she would sit on the toilet until she pooped or until we were done which was usually about 30 minutes

Give sensory toys/ play such as playdough, kenetic sand, water etc smearing for most is sensory


I had one of those good luck I tried everything

Make him clean the shit up and disinfect the area, every time.

We use Velcro G Diaper covers over our daughters regular disposable diaper at night. They Velcro in the back where she can’t reach.

He’s bored with his toys